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“Jaguar!” “Jaguar!” “Jaguar!” “You’ve got the speed of a jaguar, you man, you roll like a jaguar.” “Jaguar!” “You’ve got the speed of a jaguar, you man, you roll like a jaguar.” “Jaguar!” “Jaguar!” “You’ve got the speed of a jaguar, you man, you roll like a jaguar.” The city’s temperature is quite cold today. […]

The Top 3 Jeeps Of SEMA 2019 – Throttle Out

Joe: I’m Joe from ExtremeTerrain and on this very special episode of Throttle Out we’re at SEMA 2019. So, we’re inside the Convention Center at SEMA 2019. I’m super excited to be here. It is a great day to be a Jeep fan but I got to tell you guys 2019 is gonna be the […]

2017 BMW S1000R Real Life Test. In-depth Review

What a day! What a lovely day! In fact, what a lovely week. And I think I just found the perfect place for this bike. But first, let me show you how it all started. Guess who’s back! DriveMag Riders is back and we have a brand new motorcycle to test. This is it. The […]

I Broke a Ferrari and I’m an Idiot

NOO NOO! So yeah, this is not actually a very good situation. What happened? I thought the bonnet was properly closed and as you can see, once I started to drive the bonnet opened and crashed into the windshield which is cracked. This is actually the first time that I actually damage a car! I […]

What Happened To The Hummer?

In the early 1990s, one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars pestered a U.S. defense contractor to sell him a truck the American military had famously used in a war with Iraq. And so America got the Hummer. The angular, militaristic go anywhere truck became an emblem of 1990s pop culture, a coveted status symbol sought […]

Inside Japan’s Underground Custom Lamborghini Crew

Meet Shinichi Morohoshi, the leader of Fighting Star, a car collective in Japan. The group customizes supercars and drives them around Tokyo at night. He’s known for his LED customizations and flashy exteriors. During the day, the cars sit in garages or homes, but at night they come alive on the Tokyo Expressway. His customers […]

How Tesla’s Model 3 Compares To Volkswagen’s New EV

Volkswagen has unveiled a handful of electric concept cars since 2017. Now it finally has a production-ready EV, the ID.3. It’s a compact hatchback designed exclusively for the European market. Due to the ID.3’s size and affordability, it’s poised to be a fierce competitor for Tesla’s Model 3. Here’s how the two cars stack up. […]

2018 Honda CR-V Diesel 1.6 SX AWD – Full Review

Honda has among the widest variety of crossovers in the market today. But, all those models owe their existence to this the CR-V The 5th-gen CR-V takes a more evolutionary redesign. That said, it follows the current design language With its slim, upswept headlights and bold grill Onto its side, it’s been re-profiled. But it’s […]

2020 Honda Odyssey // Forget SUVs; THIS is What Your Family Needs!

What’s going on YouTube? As you know many American families are choosing to drive crossovers instead of minivans but for those of you most serious about having an Uncompromised family machine minivans are still the only way to go that’s why we are checking out the latest version of Honda’s Odyssey at gates Honda in […]