«ЗЛОЙ» хот-хэтч Toyota GR Yaris: 272 л.с. и полный привод!

«ЗЛОЙ» хот-хэтч Toyota GR Yaris: 272 л.с. и полный привод!

At the Tokyo Motor Show
debuted charged GR Yaris – the second car
Gazoo Racing division after Supra coupe and rally car for
public roads in which the spirit of the Celica GT-Four is alive. Developed
racing division Toyota Gazoo Racing with
Tommi Mäkinen Racing team, differences from the base car
quite a lot. Attentive viewers probably
already noticed the main external difference … Toyota GR Yaris has a three-door
body, while normal Yaris is represented only
in five-door format Baby Yaris as if went over
with steroids and flaunts their wheeled wheels
arches. Also, for the sake of reducing
mass hood and all three doors made of aluminum, and the panel
roofs – reinforced carbon fiber reinforced plastic. In size, GR Yaris is even ahead
regular five-door hatch. Length – 3995 mm (+55), width
– 1805 (+60), height – 1460 (-10), wheelbase – 2558 (-2 mm). Michelin Pilot Tire Size
The Sport 4 S is the same on both axles: 225/40 ZR18. But GR Yaris is strong and with technical
points of view. First and foremost, he has
there is a four-wheel drive GR-Four! Four driving wheels do not
always meet senior class hot hatch
C +, and even on compact models Class B + is completely exotic. Transmission simple: in
rear wheel drive installed multi-plate clutch however
it always works with a preload. Even in basic mode Normal
on the rear axle goes to 40% of input torque
moment, and in Sport mode this the indicator can reach
70% The most extreme
preset Track implies imitation of constant full
drive: playing degree lock clutch electronics
distributes the moment between axes equally. installation of all -wheel drive
caused the replacement of the back pendants: instead of the “beam”
here is an independent double lever. The hatchback has ventilated
brakes “in a circle.” The stabilization system
There are Sport and Expert modes that allow deep slip mounted
traditional “handbrake” instead of electromechanical
in the base model. .Front panel is almost
entirely moved from stock Yarisa, but the three-door have
own analog tidy, bucket chairs and decor in the form of
GR attributes with red stitching. Package offered for surcharge
High Performance, which includes limited slip differentials
Torsen front and rear sprinkler intercooler radiator
(for more effective cooling) forged wheels
BBS, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and something on the little things And under the hood installed
new three-cylinder G16E-GTS turbo engine
1.6 L with direct fuel injection. The unit produces 272 hp. and
370 Nm, Acceleration to hundreds should take 5.5 s. Maximum speed – 230 km / h. The new model has a six-speed
“Mechanics” with automatic crankshaft speed adjustments
when switching. start of sales in Japan
scheduled for summer. GR versions will be released
apart from civil hatchbacks – at the Motomachi factory,
Already accepting online applications to cars in the welcome
First Edition version: standard Toyota GR Yaris costs 36 thousand dollars,
and with High Performance – 42 thousands. Export deliveries begin

20 thoughts on “«ЗЛОЙ» хот-хэтч Toyota GR Yaris: 272 л.с. и полный привод!

  1. машина на один выезд, дв 1.3 лошодей дохера, прохался и на капремонт))))

  2. Как всегда молодцы тойота что придумали такую машину так держать!!

  3. В такую пушинку запихгули полный привод и почти 300 коней но едет она не лучше обычного голф gti.
    А максималка и то меньше да ну нахер ее с такими характеристиками и тримя цилиндрами

  4. наверняка найдется 10 человек. которые приведут 10 примеров. что можно взять за 2.2 млн))

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