Ричард Хаммонд садится за руль Porsche GT3 R, ч.1 (Русские субтитры)

Ричард Хаммонд садится за руль Porsche GT3 R,  ч.1 (Русские субтитры)

this is the Portimao circuit in Portugal it’s hosted World Superbike races f1 cars and more recently a Holy Trinity of idiots but for the next few days it’ll be home to the Falcon Motorsports team who are here tire testing for the 2019 season and same as I know this track so well I thought I’d come along and offer my services I don’t mind them leaning on me for a bit of inside advice I remember that corner down there it’s a it’s right and this is the car will be fettling they’re brand new 911 gt3 r it’s based on the road going gt3 RS but all that’s left from that a bits of the chassis and the engine which has been tuned to produce 550 horsepower everything else is now hi-tech motorsport stuff like ultra-tough ultralight carbon-fiber an f1 style steering wheel and the gearbox that can shift in under 100 milliseconds and as you might expect from a tire company it sits on custom-made racing slicks full of nitrogen Vulcan might be better known to some fertility but they’ve been in German endurance racing for over 20 years in the 2018 season they racked up two wins and seven podiums but their main goal is victory in the prestigious Nurburgring 24 hours thanks Adam II along today obviously I know a bit about tires but why do you have to test them why do we have to test the tires it’s a brand new car so it’s always important we have to do eight left for the nürburgring race which is about 125 miles and the tires have to last these hundred 25 miles so it’s all that precise the temperature window for the tires is not that big so we have to be within five degrees to have a tire switched on or switched off in order to hopefully win races but switched on switched off you mean it’s working at its best all ours now and it’s just a question of some degrees either side of an optimal temperature yeah for sure it’s a puzzle at the end of the day for you may have to get every single piece together in order to be good in order to precise in order to be on the podium well I hope I can pay you so part of that process for you how good is your experience in this kind of racing cars yeah yeah I’ve got experience I have experienced racing cars okay yeah I’m ready now or later later okay the devaluating something else that’s one of their usual test drivers in there right now I’m guessing he’s gonna take it out warm it up give it the old proverbial kick at the tires [Music] they really don’t just bring the car out and have a go with it it’s work constantly they’re testing tiny variances in the compound of the tire and just crunching numbers and processing data tons of it it’s busy [Music] they hit well driven fast Porsches before gt3s gt3 RS is but their Road cars I’ve never driven an actual race car and honest [Music] they’re right straight on then I’m on the back this is the Baxters is a backstreet this is it this is the one I’ve been waiting all day I was worried about the light but I think I’m gonna get my go in we go I think it’s getting dark stay tuned for episode 2 to see if they actually let me behind the wheel

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