우주소녀 연정이 무명가수 버스킹에 난입!? (감동주의ㅠㅠ) | WJSN | 가수가 된 이유 | 시크릿싱어 (Secret Singer) | Cover | 커버

우주소녀 연정이 무명가수 버스킹에 난입!? (감동주의ㅠㅠ) | WJSN | 가수가 된 이유 | 시크릿싱어 (Secret Singer) | Cover | 커버

(why are people crying) (while listening to a song?) (Secret Singer) (In front of so many people) (She will touch people’s hearts) (Secret singer comes out to the
streets in secret identity) (Who is the singer?) (A shopping center at
Hapjeong-dong for busking) (today’s heroine is practicing)
(nervous) (and here’s an actress to lip sync) Oh, she’s out (the actress is delivering her story) I’m a singer who made my debut 4 years ago
(who is that?) I’m… (this story is about…
an idol singer who debuted 4 years ago) (hello, my name YEONJUNG
and I’ve been a singer for 4 years) (When YEONJUNG was a trainee) The first time I found out about Idols was when I was in grade 3 Idols who sing and dance on
a stage in a group I found out when I saw Girls’ Generation That’s when I started to
dream about becoming a singer And it haven’t changed since ‘My story told by
another person’s lips’ (days when I sang my heart out
to become a singer) (finally debuted in 2016) Since my debut, I always
sang at given locations So I envied those who sang in places where they liked I envied that kind of freedom The song I want to sing to you is ‘The Reason I Became a Singer’ (nervous) (‘The Reason I Became a Singer’ -YEONJUNG(WJSN)) Since all I can show here is my song, I hope my song can give strength to other people (YEONJUNG starts singing through
the lips of the actress) When I type my name on the internet my song comes out now
(lip syncing) (wow) Do you know why I became a singer? (she must be a singer) (she’s really good) There’s only one reason
why I wanted to be famous I wanted you to see me,
hear me, think of me So I sing in TV so you could see me If you hear me, if you see me that you might look for me So I sing with all I have For you back in the days when I couldn’t (give you my all) (so I sing) (The first ‘Secret Singer’ YEONJUNG) (I’m coming to see you) I’m worried if there aren’t any people but I’m also excited about
doing a busk which I wanted for a long time (what?) (what’s going on?) I wanted to show my colors and skills for music as singer YEONJUNG (huh?) (it’s YEONJUNG) (it’s her)
(wow) (it’s really YEONJUNG) (YEONJUNG) (wow, it’s YEONJUNG) (I can’t believe it) You were always with me back then So I’m being all honest It’s the story of you and me My own song makes me cry I think you know the reason I’m sad and going crazy (my heart is pounding) So I’m singing in TV So you might see me If you hear me, if you see me that you might look for me So I sing with all I have For you back in the days When I couldn’t give you my all (YEONJUNG is giving her all through a song) (and the stage carries her sincere voice) (can you hear my heart?) I hope this becomes an opportunity to
let more people know about me I hope this short song and its plain lyrics reach your ears and echo inside your heart I pray so you’d listen to this song I’m singing in tears so you can hear me so you can come back to me (she sang truthfully) (‘The Reason I Became a Singer’ by YEONJUNG) (Secret singer’s challenge continues!)

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  1. Yeonjung = ❤️ , beautiful, young and talented with her vocal, feeling and emotion! Her V-1 at tvN vocalist competition cover was another legend. https://youtu.be/lfDBgXP2urA

  2. wow!! so so beautiful 💗
    is there like an official release of this cover?
    I love Yeonjung and her voice and I wanna hear her without all the interruptions 🙂

  3. 연정아 앞으로도 계속 오랫동안 예쁜 목소리로 노래해 줘 늘 응원할게 데뷔해 줘서 너무 고마워!

  4. I bursted into tears specially when you know what she went through when you know her whole story this is heartbreaking. How Koreans weren’t fair with her and couldn’t admit her real talent there is no debate to have she is one of the best vocalist of this new Kpop generation. She deserves so much more than what she has. Give to my baby love your entire complete and unconditional support thank.🥰

  5. 연정아 너무너무 사랑해ㅠㅠ 가수 데뷔 해줘서 너무 고맙고 내 인생의 빛이 되어줘서 고맙습니다ㅠ❤❤❤

  6. 간만에 조은 컨텐츠!!! 연정양 노래 너무 잘 들었어요 생소한 환경에서도 저런 실력이라니 역시 가수 맞네요
    솔로 앨범 내줬음 좋겠어요 기대할께요

  7. Love Yeonjung singing the Song The Reason I Became A Singer so much love Yeonjung voice showing that she loves to sing.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. 연정이 언제 우리동네 왔어ㅠㅠㅠ 연정이 목소리는 보물❤️ 우리 연정이 늘 응원해!!

  9. 연정이의 '마음이 하는 일' 라이브 클립🎤👉https://youtu.be/L2EFL1D_W70

    🔈 원더케이 꿀잼 소식을 받아보려면👀?

    Subscribe Now!👉 http://www.youtube.com/1theKOriginals?sub_confirmation=1

  10. 자기만의 색깔로 노랠 잘하면 좋은 가수지~“ 근데 어찌 이리 노랠 상큼하게 부를수 있을까~~` 어려서? 음색이 깨끗해서? 그도 이유가 될수 있지만, 이아이만의 독특한 감성이 있다. 초기 오디션 시절보다 프러그래시브 해졌고, 깔끔하고 파워플해진 비브라토가 특히 좋았고 , 솔로로써 성공 할려면, 노래방에서 자유롭게 놀듯이 오히려 감성 오버가 필요할듯~~“이아인 정말 미치도록 이쁘다~`

  11. 5:23 ㅠㅠ 누가 너를 몰라 연정아 ㅠㅠ 아이오아이 우주소녀 메인보컬 연정이를 왜몰라

  12. The best. Our cider vocal, baby bear delivering the sweetest sounds a person can make.

    Starship has WASTED Yeonjung's talents up until now… I'm hoping with all her recent activity it shows they've had a change of heart.

  13. 와..난 콘서트에서도 티켓팅 성공은 했지만 멀어서 잘보지못했는데..이 분들은 바로 앞에서 연정언니 라이브를 보게되다니..ㅠㅠㅠ부럽당…ㅠ

  14. 진짜 내 가수는 연정언니 인거 같아요 아이오아이때 부터 우주소녀 지금까지 수도 없이 많은 아이돌을 좋아해 왔지만 이렇게 오래 좋아한 가수 혹은 아이돌은 연정언니 인것 같아요 항상 사랑하고 오래도록 많이 예쁘고 좋은노래 불러줘요 항상 사랑해요❤️

  15. 연정아ㅠ 7일의 왕비 오스트도 너무 애정해듣고 있는데 이쁜 목소리 너무 보물이고 솔로로 한번 세워주세요.

  16. I'm really glad PD101 didn't rigged too much. Even though she will debut as wsjn anyway but it's sad if we didn't even see her in IOI

  17. This girl almost didnt make in IOI. Dead last in 11th place. Either things are rigged or Korea needs to evaluate their meaning of talent.

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