🎈 Pennywise (IT) vs. The Joker | Battle Of The Clowns

🎈 Pennywise (IT) vs. The Joker | Battle Of The Clowns

He thrusts his fists against the posts… …and still insists,he sees the ghosts. He thrusts his fists against the posts… …and still insists,he sees the ghosts. Leave me alone or I’ll break your bones. I guess I’m not in Arkham Asylum anymore. Is this really Gotham City or am I dreaming? These people don’t even recognize me… I know what this is…this is a bad joke. Hey there! Come give daddy Joker a hug! Did you miss me? This is really starting to piss me off. Harley? Why did you wear that stupid outfit? Harley? What the hell is going on? Are you even listening to me! ”THE JOKER? DO YOU REMEMBER?” ”THE QUESTION MARK GUY. HE IS DEAD?” ”NO. NOT HIM.” ”YOU KNOW WHAT…IT DOESN’T MATTER. LET’S FORGET ABOUT HIM AND MOVE ON! ”YES. LET’S FORGET ABOUT HIM AND MOVE ON!” No one is forgetting me! HARLEY! ANSWER ME! Someone is in big trouble… Hi, Joker! What did you do to her? Do you want a balloon? How about a gun? Show yourself! Stop playing with me! GET OFF ME! What the hell are you? Time to float. Oh..shit. You’ll float down here, motherf*cker! What are you doing here? Jason? OH YEAH! HIT ME! I’ll kill you clown boy! Okay clown boy, you got what you want. Do what you want with me… C’mon. You can’t attack me with my own crowbar! GET OFF ME! You make me crazy! Puddin’ how could you? Simple really… Like this!

100 thoughts on “🎈 Pennywise (IT) vs. The Joker | Battle Of The Clowns

  1. When Pennywise tired off jokers arm his arm was still there what that makes sense why don’t we do it in real life idiot

  2. I don’t like this pennywise should win I know There’s a balloon at the end but that doesn’t mean he’s not dead >:(

  3. Penny wise is stupid stupid stupid
    Joker love to take pain the more he is hurt the more he be come insane and he try to scare him lol
    Joker don't fear…fear is fear from joker penny wise u r stupid stupid stupid

  4. The bit I love most was when joker used his hand shaker then stood up and went ballistic while shouting “YOU CANT ATTACK ME WITH MY OWN CROBAR” Moral of the story kids, don’t try and kill joker with his own weapons, you won’t see the end of it, but he will have the last laugh

  5. If joker really fight pennywise he wuld win because u can't scare someone who always take everything as a joke!

  6. Jaja it sigue vivo~! ,Aunque Joker si caería en el juego de it (cuando se convirtió en harley) porque la ama mucho y aunque supiera que no es la verdadera… ni quiere ni pensar que la mata el mismo.. gracias por ver!! 😀

  7. Битва века,но Джокер(милаха) здесь выглядит страшнее чем Пеннивайз…

  8. joker just laughing when pennywise tries to attack him should be enough because if joker is not scared of pennywise then pennywise is nothing more than a baby

  9. Pennywise could do mind tricks like turning into jokers abusive father then turning joker into a weekend kid and taking him down.

  10. Pennywise is not dead because you can see the balloon rise up that means he regenerates so no one wins in the end

  11. The Easter of worlds doesn’t go out with a bomb that would just slow him down, eventually he would annoy joker sooo much that he would fear him, everyone is afraid of something, it could even be yourself, your never not afraid of something, you just learn not to be as afraid of it, eventually Pennywise would’ve eaten him, and or torn chunks outta him to kill him, jokers an easy opponent for Pennywise

  12. WTH!
    IT can be anything !
    It can be Thanos
    It can be Darkseid
    It can be anyone
    IT should be win !

  13. Pennywise kills because he needs to be alive, he wants to be alive like a tiger kills a gazzle or a cat kills a rat which is so normal, so boring but joker?? He doesnt have a plan he kills because it's abt sending a message, Everything burns!!!!!!!!!

  14. For me pennywise could easily kill joker but if joker kills pennywise, pennywise will be back 27 yrs then joket will become older and older

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