10 Famous Singers Rejected By American Idol

10 Famous Singers Rejected By American Idol

I thought your voice was almost annoying. Oh really? American Idol is in its last season so today on Listed we’re looking back at ten singers who were initially rejected by the show! famous nd rejected But who went on to become megastars in their own right. American Idol has turned dozens of hopeful singers into worldwide superstars but the judges haven’t always called the right shots when it comes to choosing which talents to move forward on the show At number 10 on our list before she paved her own way to successs by forming a band called Lady Antebellum, front woman Hillary Scott auditioned TWICE for American Idol and never even made it past the preliminary rounds *It’s a quarter after one* *I’m all alone and I need you now* You guys! That means the judges never even got to hear those pipes which helped her win 5 Grammys in 2011. Talk about a major overlook! Coming in at number nine is the sweet sweet songtress Colbie Caillat who was also rejected twice by American Idol. *wherever it goes* *I always know* *that you make me smile please stay for a while now* *just take your time, wherever you go* Colbie even sang her, now famous, original song, Bubbly on her second audition which may have been passed by the judges but became a massive international hit for Colbie later on. So she’s probably not to torn up about the rejection? Number 8 on our list is Glee alumni actress, and singer Naya Rivera who auditioned for the show in San Francisco but was cut in the first round *she is the best thing* *that’s ever been mine* Fun fact: the song she sang for her Idol audition, Emotion by The Beegees is the same song that landed Naya her gig on Glee. So is singing a subjective talent or what? At number 7 on our list is Mary Lambert who most famously lent her vocal talents to Macklemore’s inspiring hit, Same Love *and I can’t change* *even if I tried* *even if I wanted to* Mary was rejected by Idol when she was 16 and we’re grateful that the little bump in the road didn’t stop her from sharing her talent with the world. So coming in at number 6 now, it’s another Glee diva, Amber Riley *And I will always love you* Amber, A.K.A Mercedes Jones on Glee didn’t even make it past producers on Idol But thanks to her delightfully sassy performance on Glee, we’re guessing those producers are feeling pretty dumb for passing her up. Right about now. Number 5 on our list is the singing duo who defined “Singing Couple Goals” Yes, that’s a thing! Is Alex and Sierra. *I’ll wait* *Our love is here and here to stay* *So lay your head on me* The pair were rejected separately by American Idol but later decided to showcase themselves as a duo on season 3 of The X Factor which you might remember. And clearly worked out because they won. Number 4 on our list in Colton Swon who made his way into our hearts with his very big hair and even bigger voice. *I feel no shame, I’m proud of where I came from* *I was born and raised in the boondocks* Colton may have gotten a good-bye from Idol but he went on to make it into the finals on The Voice with his younger brother Zach as The Swan Brothers. Now those coaches know what they’re doing, no offence Simon. Number 3 on our list is one of Idols hottest heartthrobs, Alan Ritchson who stole Paula Abdul’s heart with his gorgeous smile and southern charm *You are the sunshine of my life* *That’s why I always stay around* If it was a competition on who can make Paula swoon the hardest, Alan clearly would have gone all the way. Alan went on to have a successful acting career but is probably lying awake at night about what could’ve been between him and Paula. Or not. Coming in at number 2 is Mickey Guyton, A.K.A 2015’s breakout country star. *Baby I don’t think, you know me anymore* *I’m better than you left me * If you watched season 8 of American Idol, you probably wouldn’t even notice Mickey before she was cut before the live shows. Luckily Mickey kept going after rejection and now she’s one of Nashville’s brightest stars. And finally, our pick for the number 1 famous singer who was rejected by American Idol. It’s a Grammy 2016 nominee, Tori Kelly who has had so much success this past year and deserves all of it. *So hold me, wrap me in love, fill up my cup* Sorry Simon but the last way we would ever describe Tori’s voice “annoying” And she’s now getting like millions of fans who agree. Right now though I wanna know who your favorite American Idol reject turned superstar is So let me hear all your thoughts in the comments. Right after that click here to check out the 5 hottest covers of Bieber’s Love Yourself. I love that song! I’m Missy Kingmod, thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Listed Be sure to hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you next time. Click to the right for 6 songs you didn’t know were written by Ed Sheeran and to the left for 12 celebs you forgot were on reality tv.

100 thoughts on “10 Famous Singers Rejected By American Idol

  1. So you're telling me that Carrie Underwood doesn't count because she was accepted after she auditioned for the second time?
    Dumb people, she was rejected from American idol during her first audition.

  2. Bobby Valentino (aka Bobby V) was in season 1. Made classics with Lil Wayne and Timbaland. That would be my favorite.

  3. We have to hink about it this way…if they hadnt been rejected…we never would of seen their talents elsewhere. They never would of had the drive to keep it going nd prove Idol dead wrong

  4. I couldn’t believe tori got rejected that girl voice is one of the BEST/GREATEST she has such a powerful voice like so unique I love it when she sings I’m always in shock 😩!!! Like how could one have such a beautiful voice Simon obviously doesn’t know what he was doing who is he to judge he can’t even sing

  5. i think everything was based in their actual performance and they were just probably lifted to strive more to pursue their dreams 🙂

  6. Who the fuck cares it's a bunch of women for fuck sakes talk about this bull shit thing called feminism, lets just make every single person on this POS video a woman but one!

  7. Still don't have a clue who any of these generic 'musicians' are. They were nobodies and still are. American idol was okay during it's first 2 seasons. After that you realize most of these contestants have that generic voice with little to no personality never making any of them famous exceptions of Kelly and Carrie who had like 2 years of Fame before falling to obscurity. It made no sense to watch American idol especially after the internet came out. Most of these people had a record deal for a debut full length and these debuts were not as big as mojo claims them to be. All the winners fell into obscurity and were instantly forgotten because they all sound the same and are just generic.

  8. They should have put in Daniel seavey he got rejected in season 14 but Now he is apart of a world famous band called WHY DONT WE and 8f you never heard of them try hearing them and just so you know thu ou can see the whole band in my profile pic and user

  9. Because Their Real Voices Were Terrible Anyone Can Sing Using Computers And Auto Tune Voices I Support Judges For That Whatever You Think

  10. I was waiting for Daniel Seavey or Jack Avery to come up…and then I realize they still aren't considered as famous because why don't we didn't even form when this video was made


  12. I'm sorry but can Simon sing?!!!!🤷‍♂️NOOO!!! THEN WHY THE FUCK IS HE A JUDGE??!!!! DUMB AS FUCK YOU PEOPLE ARE. 🤦‍♂️

  13. Well good for them american idol is just a try a start a step that u atleast be on a stage. And there are more places n people waiting for you talented people. They have shown us that u never stop believe in yourself💪👍💪👍

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