(intense electronic music) (cheering and clapping) – All right, what’s goin’ on guys, welcome back to the channel. On today’s video, we’re hoppin’
back into our ’17 Audi R8. Now in the previous video we
drop it off at Auto Select so they could fix a ton of
codes that were on the car. And now today we are checkin’
back in with Auto Select, picking it up, taking it
over to the dealership to get the passenger occupancy
sensor taken care of. And then after that, we’re
bringin’ it back here and doing an oil change,
wrapping everything up, and then the car is gonna be
completely finished today. All right, so as you
guys can see behind me, there are the two cars
that are under the cover. At the end of the video, we’re actually gonna be telling you
guys what these cars are. They’ve been in the background of videos, people have been typing
in the comments section askin’ what they are. Today’s the day you guys finally find out what’s under the covers. So make sure you guys do like this video. Stay tuned to the end to find that out. Let’s hop to it. (upbeat electronic music) – [Cameraman] Oh snap,
it’s already outside, boy! – Hi.
– How’s it going? – Good, how are you?
– Good. – Good morning.
– You’re missin’ one. – [Cameraman] He’s editing,
so he’s still in there. – This is the MAP sensor that we replaced. It’s basically a MAP sensor, but Audi calls it something
a little bit different. This is the sensor that was bad that we swapped from one bay to the other to make sure that the code
followed to that other bay, and it did. So we replaced that sensor. We fixed that wiring that
I sent you the pictures of inside the steering wheel,
that little connector. And then the blown fuse, or
two blown fuses, I believe. So everything is set to go on there. Oh, he did do the alignment
after you guys left. – Perfect.
– So everything’s all set to go there as well. The two things that the
dealership has to do is calibrate the steering angle sensor. That’s a dealer-only thing. And then calibrate that
passenger presence module for the airbag system. Those two things should take
care of almost all the codes. You might have a couple
stragglers at the end. Once you get the dealership
to do their part of it, bring it back and lemme just
clear everything else out and make sure everything
is happy together. – Sure.
– Cool? – Hell yeah.
– Awesome. (upbeat electronic music) All right guys, so we
got the car all loaded up here at Auto Select. They were able to take
care of all their issues. They found a sensor that was bad, some small wiring issues that
were in the steering wheel, which was very odd. Not sure how that happened. But actually, a connector was pulled out, like the pin was pulled
out of the connector. So they actually had to separate the whole wheel to find that. But other than that, they were able to solve all of our
little gremlins we had. Now we’re just down to a
steering wheel calibration and a passenger seat sensor, which the dealer has to do. The diagnosis that we
needed to do on this car kinda exceeded our capabilities. We don’t have the software
to do the deep dive on it. Some of the things were, you
know, a little more obvious, other things weren’t as obvious. So, money well spent. Lesson learned, and onto the next thing. – [Cameraman] Yeah! (upbeat electronic music) (engine revs) – [Narrator] One week later. – [Audi Rep] Audi Volkswagen
Service, how can I help you? – Hi, this is Blair calling
back about the ’17 R8. – [Audi Rep] Oh yes,
how’s it going, Blair? – Good, how are you? – [Audi Rep] Good, thank you. So with that airbag light that
you’ve got on the vehicle, it looks like it’s in
relation to the clock spring in the steering wheel. We did test that out and
all the outputs on there did fail the testing telling
us to replace the clock spring. With that being said, we
would have to order it. Parts and labor on the clock
spring would do roughly, with the installation, $900. And the part is priced
down to what you guys would pay for it, too. – Okay. – [Audi Rep] Now for that
steering angle calibration, that would be in regards
to the clock spring, but there is a code also for the housing on one of the air bags that is also causing the
air bag light to go on. – Yes, the passenger seatbelt. – [Audi Rep] Yeah, and we’d
just need that housing on there. For parts and labor on that housing, for everything it’d be $420. – Well, I’m gonna wait on that because we sent that out to get repaired. It shouldn’t have been an issue. So we should be able to
get that fixed for free. Yeah, let’s just proceed
with the rest then. – [Audi Rep] Okay, sounds good. And then I’ll get that
clock spring ordered within the New Year this year. We’ll probably be looking
at it Thursday, Friday, but hopefully we should have it done within that same day
at the end of the day. – Okay. And you were able to program
the passenger seat sensor? – [Audi Rep] Yeah, it should be all set. As soon as that housing gets done, then it would be programmed ’cause it’s just that code
that’s not allowing it to be all programmed. Yeah, but as soon as that
housing gets taken care of everything would be able
to get cleared on that. – All right, sounds good. Not decent.
– Not decent, that’s terrible. – There goes the budget. Anytime Audi can fix an R8
and our bill is under $1000, I guess it’s not that bad. You think it could be
worse or would be worse? – [Cameraman] Plus it’s already there. I think it’d be a little
different if it was here. But with it already being there. – Right. Yeah, I’m sure they have it
all disassembled already, so they’d have to reassemble
it for us to pick it up. So we’re paying for them
to put it back together for us to take back apart, it doesn’t really make
sense to do it twice. But whatever. Would’ve been nice that we would’ve known it was a clock spring, ’cause otherwise we would’ve
just done it all ourself, but. Oh, that’s interesting. The blue car didn’t have
a clock spring issue. It had more airbags go
off than the white car. – [Cameraman] Guess we’ll keep waitin’. – Yay. – [Narrator] One week later. – [Cameraman] Bud,
what’re we about to go do? – We are about to go pick up our R8. – Hell yeah.
– From the dealership. And then we’re gonna get it in here and do the stuff that
we could’ve probably had the dealership do cheaply, but we’re poor and over
budget on everything so we’re gonna do as
much as we can ourselves to save a little bit of money. We’ve just got, what, the oil change. – [Cameraman] Trays. – The undertrays.
– That’s it, then we’re done. – The oil change, I think that’s it. And then it’s ready to get delivered. (upbeat electronic music) (engine revs) – All right guys, our 2017
Audi R8 is finally back home, and all we have left to do
now is do an oil change, which could be a tricky process. We haven’t done one yet. But there’s like, a
ton of plugs and stuff, so they’re gonna go
figure that out right now. And then once we’re done with that, we’re gonna install the undertrays, and then this car is done,
ready for delivery, good to go. Super excited about
that, so let’s hop to it. – Hello. – [Cameraman] Dude,
you got this car dirty. Look how dirty it is. – Well maybe if we didn’t have to frickin’ trailer it everywhere, it wouldn’t be in a vortex of
(bleeping) spinny (bleeping) on the back of a truck. – [Cameraman] And we got it
back right before an ice storm, so that was–
– Yeah, during the ice storm. Gotta get the oil outta this so that we can put new oil in it. The dealership told us
there was five plugs, they gave us five crush washers. The internet’s telling us
that there’s eight plugs. So I guess we’re just gonna have to do some good old fashioned learn
as you go kinda stuff on this almost $200000 MSRP car with
this exotic dry sump engine, which is very expensive to replace. So I guess let’s get it up on the lift and see what happens.
– (laughs) – [Cameraman] You worked
on a lot of supercars. – A lot. – So many.
– A lot. – All of the supercars.
– All of them, yes. – [Cameraman] Are you nervous? – Nope. – [Cameraman] ‘Cause
you’ve worked on so many. – So many. It’s just an oil change. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) We got a brand spankin’
new front undertray. So, bop. – [Cameraman] Just like so, huh? (upbeat electronic music) Oh, lookee there. That’s oil. Oh no. You’re makin’ a mess! – [Sean] Oh geez. (engine hums) – All right, let’s–
– So you wanna change out the (bleeping) oil on
your (bleeping) R8, right? – [Cameraman] Yeah. (laughs) – Well, there’s five drain plugs. So that’s pretty weird. The internet said this was impossible. It was pretty straightforward,
but there was no information. So this is gonna be the only
video you guys are gonna see of how to do this. It’s a dry sump engine, and what that means is you don’t
have a traditional oil pan, you have a canister and a pump and it shoots oil everywhere
just like it normally would but without an oil pan. And that’s gonna get rid of a lot of your, I dunno how to word. So a regular engine, a non-dry sump, your crankshaft splashes in the oil and that’s what kinda
moves some of your oil up into the bottom of the engine. And that actually creates
some frictional resistance. And so you’re gonna
rev up a little slower. And what this is gonna do is it kinda gets rid of that splash and it just distributes
the oil through ports from the oil pump. And that’s gonna let you
rev up a little bit faster, you’re not gonna, when
you’re on the race track, the oil’s not gonna move around, it’s always gonna be
going through your engine and you don’t have to worry about it. Race car stuff. But what that means is there’s
not a traditional plug. And so you have your feed
and your return of that tank I was talking about earlier. And those plugs are right there, way up there on that
other pipe that you see. From there, you’re gonna
come back over here. This is moreso the bottom of the engine. This is what kinda replaces your oil pan. You got one directly on
the bottom right here, this big guy right in there, and then there’s one on the end. And that’s all you really
gotta know, I guess, from under here. It’s kind of a mess. You gotta take off a bunch of undertrays and then it drips all
over the frame stuff. But it’s doable. You can do it at home. It’s not too hard, it’s just
a little bit of a process. Audi recommends Castrol
Edge Professional OE, I believe it was 5W-40, and nine quarts of it, actually. So that’s quite a lot, especially
for not having an oil pan, but there’s a big canister,
it keeps everything cool. Race car stuff. – [Cameraman] Yeah. If you guys want us to do
a more in-depth tutorial showing you guys the whole process, I know our blue one has nine miles until it needs an oil change.
(laughing) We’ve been thinking about
doing an oil change on that. So if you guys wanna see that, definitely need to let us know down in the comment section below. We can show a full tutorial, ’cause I don’t think there is any information on the internet. – There isn’t. Like I said, I’ve
probably spent three hours on my own time at home trying to find a video
or a writeup or anything. And nobody, nowhere, couldn’t
find anything at all. (upbeat electronic music) – All right guys, so
there you guys have it. Our ’17 R8 is completely finished, man. We got it back from the dealership, we got fresh oil in it, and we got the undertrays done. The only thing left to do now is to reveal it to the investor. But other than that, she’s good to go. So in a previous video, we ended up going around the whole shop and giving you guys kind of
an update on every vehicle. And under the covers,
there are two vehicles, and we had you guys
kinda give your guesses on what you thought they were. But we do have someone who
guessed very, very closely to exactly what they are,
and that is Sergio Hurtado. So congrats, Sergio Hurtado. We actually have a carbon Vorsteiner lip. This came off of the ’17 Audi R8. This is a chunk that was
kinda blown to pieces when it crashed. But we are gonna send this to
you, so definitely hit us up, Instagram or the comments section, let us know your information,
we’ll send that out to you. But he did guess, he
guessed a 2010 Ferrari F430. And we actually have an
’07 Ferrari F430 behind us. And that is gonna be the car
that’s on the channel next. This car’s not gonna be like anything we’ve
done yet to this point. It’s getting full modification
from front to back. It’s gonna be super insane, so make sure you guys do subscribe and spread the word about this car, ’cause this thing is gonna be insane. He also said a 2019 Audi R8. It is not a 2019. We’re actually not gonna tell
you guys the year or gen, but yes, it is another R8. I know, a third R8. But it’s gonna be okay
because this one is also getting very modified. It was a crazy deal, we
could not pass up on it. We’ll tell you guys the whole story once that build comes to
life later on down the road. So that’s what we got for you guys today. I hope you guys did enjoy this video. If you did, make sure to subscribe
and hit that like button. And that’s what we got for you. See you in the next one. (upbeat electronic music)

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