2017 Honda Civic Hatch Sport Touring Better than Reg Sport?

2017 Honda Civic Hatch Sport Touring Better than Reg Sport?

well good afternoon everybody
how y’all done pretty good here I have a new ride to show you guys today this is
the 2017 Honda Civic Sport hatch touring my mother’s new car anyway we’re going
to walk up take a look and see from the outside it’s pretty similar to my Civic
at sport but mine is not the touring has the same wheels has the same trim of
course it has the dual exhaust you notice it says sport touring mine of
course doesn’t say that and it also has a sunroof
and a right side camera which of course mine doesn’t have now it’s not that mine
is feeling insecure anything it’s just what I wanted anyway
let’s let’s take a look inside so of course it has the hands-free doors this
is the rear it has all leather and a cup holder in the middle I don’t believe I
have that want to look I don’t remember as far as the hatch goes that’s pretty
much the same as the rear sliding privacy screen of course I have that oh yes it can be reversed my mother points
out there anyway let’s take a look inside a lot more goodies in here than
what I have first of all you guys can see down here it has electric seats it
has Lane control broken a finger now it has lane control and also I believe this
is like a proximity control for when you get too close to another car ah let’s
see here we have of course the like I said the sunroof up there which I do not
have um let’s turn it on it has push-button start which I wish I had so the screen boots up different than
that than what mine does of course it has this nice big radio touch screen
which of course I do not have this is a automatic still has the break hold and
the electric parking brake on it has the same kind of trim inside I call that
full carbon fiber ah this does have heated seats which I wish I had the dash
or the center console looks to be pretty much the same a little bit different she
has this sliding tray in here I don’t have that I just have this little tray
here in the back so maybe I’ll have to pull that out and take it with me Shh I
wouldn’t do that ah the sliding cup holder here in the middle that’s the
same as mine and then room for another cup in the bottom there I don’t have
that but I do rather I’m sorry of course again a better sound system if we turn
that on and then we’re going to want to turn the volume down a very nice sound
system I do like the touchscreen with all this stuff on it it does have
navigation so that’s pretty cool and all kinds of other things I guess the
glovebox looks to be pretty much the same and then just more speakers you can
see some speakers over here and the pillars are right before the pillars on
the doors take a quick 360 around in here pretty darn nice pretty
darn nice we’re going to take this out for a little Drive I’ll be interested to
see I’ve driven the CVT before but after having mine for a while now it’ll be
interesting to see how they compare so we’re going to take it out then and see
so stay tuned alright we are driving down the road now in the 2017 Civic
sport touring hatch feels pretty similar to mine so far ride wise steering wheel
might be a little nicer actually maybe a little thicker
tighter it gets up to speed pretty quick I’m up to 41 already and didn’t realize
it in a 45 do you think it feels like minded how it
has the right side camera that automatically comes on which your right
turns it has let’s see 152 miles
and you’re coming back yeah it gets up to speed pretty quick
we’re we’re at 46 now and it’s one of those kind of cars you don’t realize how
fast you’re going I think which can be bad of course all
right we’re going to get into a higher speed limit here so I just felt the lane
departure I went to get over to the next Lane and the lane departure came on and
it kind of felt like the car was breaking or or trying to stop me from
going over to where I wanted to go that was strange that I don’t like you can
turn it off but we don’t mind you know I want okay we’re going to try that again
here we’re going to intentionally swerve over a little bit see what it feels like
so to me what that means is there’s some kind of a radar or camera that’s
watching centerline as you drive start the vehicle towards that I suppose
you don’t put your turn signal on it wants to take over so we’re going to see
what happens okay we’re going to try that yeah it gives you a message in the
screen it says Lane Departure and then the steering wheel starts to wiggle okay we’re going to do it again wow
that’s pretty wild I’m going to take the camera here watch
the steering wheel and the center console here since this car gets past me
I’m going to let it ease over to the centerline here we go there could you
see that there’s what the right side camera looks like pretty clear one lane
road that’s what it says looks like a two-lane road to me but okay yeah hand
swing that bucket around and conk right into the side of the or yeah again hmm
did you feel it that was me it’s got a couple of things on the
screen sure what that’s for oh yes I am she had the econ button on
the econ button you watch my channel you know I hate that button only they told
us to keep it on and get better gasps oh yes you’re supposed to get better
mileage with it on but I want the performance all right these cars get
buyers here we will do all right plenty of pickup he left
yep plenty a pickup in this little car can you really get on it you can really
feel it that’s nice all right well I just wanted to get on here show you guys
the new 2017 Honda Civic sport touring pets back otherwise known as mom’s new
car as usual appreciate you guys watching
please click subscribe if you have before and we’ll see you next time on
the web have a good day you

89 thoughts on “2017 Honda Civic Hatch Sport Touring Better than Reg Sport?

  1. Congratulations to your mother. Looking forward to getting mine in June. Same as your mother's but with a manual transmission and same color as yours.

  2. Nice car but Honda really needs to offer the manual in the touring trim, it would be nice to get the LED headlights with the nice 6 speed.

  3. I have to say I love how the white contrasts so well with the black all over the car (that's why I got the white one myself) ever notice if you look from the side the front end looks like a predator, a jaguar or a panther? Head lights = eyes the black bar looks like the nose and the bottom looks like and open mouth with top and bottom fangs

  4. MOM! Love the car. It has more in common with my car than it does with Robs. In case you didn't know it, the nav is by Garmin. You get 4 more free updates to it. You do have a speaker on the dash that I don't. Wouldn't mind having that at all. Good luck with it. On another note, you should consider doing one of Rob's live chats. We would all have a lot to tell you. . .

  5. Very nice car for your mother Rob, you seemed a bit jealous LOL, that has a lot of goodies in it! She'll have to join you on Saturday night live!!😎

  6. To make the story short,it has all the bells and wistles.
    Rob im not saying this to make you feel good but i love the Civic Hatchback Sport in Manual Trans so technically you still have a better car,drivingwise.

  7. Hi Rob, I got the same model like you mom's and the same color as yours. Your videos was the deciding factor in getting one. Thank you for your posts. During the time of my research, I always watched reviews from from Honda sales people. Off course they will say anything good to sell the car. But your videos were the true user reviews. Thanks again!

  8. congrats to your mom. i have the sport touring in Aegean blue metallic and i love mine. Has a nice stereo system and many other great things.

  9. Your Mom'sTouring, and your Sport Hatch's are very nice, I traded our '15 Si coupe for a Black w/Black Ivory two toned Leather Sport Touring Hatch, thought I'd miss the 6sp. because of the CVT, but I miss it only 33% of the time, I shift it into Sport and "row" the paddles almost all the time, besides my wife doesn't have to complain about driving a clutch now, keep it going Rob!

  10. wow that place looks so clean lots of green…very pleasing to the eye….i live in los angeles poor area….very different LOL

  11. awesome car for mom!! mother's day gift? anyway, did you feel any lurching or jerking with the cvt? I know i've asked before but now since this is auto… could be different

  12. Gonna open up a Civic dealership now or what? 😉 that car is exact same as Canadian "sport" hatchback minus only the navigation and leather interior. Does that one have a built in sub? How does it sound

  13. forgot to mention all the led headlight etc. , just pointing out there !! those Sport Touring is getting real close to the Si

  14. Rob! You are supposed to drive the car gently to break in the engine… Btw, there is a button on top of the screen, try it out.

  15. I drove a Toyota Corolla once as a loaner, and I had to play with the lane separture assist. I did it several timea in a row, then the screen finally popped up a message that said "Take a break!" along with a picture of a steaming cup of coffee! I thought that was hilarious! I must say though, that I didn't care for it, as it felt wierd to me too.

  16. that lane departure add on feels like a dude is reaching for ur zipper and ur like wtf are doing dude….lol

  17. wow thats nice ur mom got sport touring package but it seems like that car is very youthfull….so i guess ur mom will be hanging out with the cool kids afterschool at ur local highschool j/k hahaha

  18. gangster mom haha. my lx in Canada cvt literally has everything as your mother's touring except: leather seats, dual exhaust, sun roof and push button start as well as fog lights haha.

  19. also when you left your lane did the sensing beep? because mine just vibrates (I got the sensing package on the lx) wondering if I should take it to the dealer to have a look

  20. Mom could have saved some money and gotten the Civic Hatch EX-L Navigation with Sensing.
    I did and saved at least 3 grand over the Sport Touring with basically the same features.
    the only real big difference between mine & hers is the styling & larger wheels outside, that's it.

  21. I really want the civic hatch sport touring but I can't stand having no blind spot monitoring (lane watch is stupid and not as great) and I can't stand that cvt! Does it do fake gear shifts at lower rpms?

  22. u r mom got a better car man… infact the colour is better too😎 i got civic touring sedan week ago and preety satisfied with the performance also u didn't describe about the sport mode gives it extra horsepower.

  23. I love both, the Sport and Sport Touring for different reasons. I watch a mall overnight where I live, and a local Honda dealer rents part of our parking structure to store some of their vehicles, and the have an identical white Sport Touring there. I would get the Sport Touring if U can afford it when I'm able, but the Sport if not. certain things I would add in to both, but the Sport will get a full blown Rockford Fosgate stereo system using the stock radio, if I go that route. I originally wanted the Sonic Grey Pearl as a must have, for that serious stealth, no nonsense performance look, but now I like the Aegean Blue Metallic better. I will have to choose when that time comes, maybe depending on what's available. As you know, on the outside, both are identical except for the Sport Touring with the full LED headlights, the black panel next to the left foglight for the Sense system, the turn signal lights and Lane Watch camera on the outside mirrors, the sunroof, and of course the Touring badge on the hatchback lid. Canada of course offers more options in the Sport, and the Sport Touring with the 6 speed manual, but won't sell to US residents dye to warranty and other business stipulations. Either one is a winner. The cooling system recall is good the discovered it, and an easy fix, not a major defect like many other cars.

  24. If your Sport Trim does not have front heated seats, small speakers on the 2 front doors and the arm rest/cup holder for the back seat; why does mine have all these and mine is just the base model?

  25. Great video. I have been watching for a while as I am re-considering Honda after over 15 years. I am a fan of wagon. But nowadays, the only thing comes close is a hatchback.
    Could you comment on whether it is worthwhile to give up the clutch for Honda Sensing and a sunroof on a Civic Hatch? Or should I just have to bite the bullet to get a Mazda 3 GT for all these combined ($27K)?

  26. I keep forgetting the Sport Touring is automatic only in USA; in Canada the Sport Touring can be optioned out with the 6MT or ~$750 more for the CVT.

  27. I have to go with the manual transmission, they are much more fun to drive. Plus, I prefer the stereo on the regular Sport which has a volume knob.

  28. The car looks great! Is it possible to make a short video using the paddle shifters in the sport mode? I wondering how good they hold the gears when you shift up and down.

  29. it seems like the only color interior you can get in new Honda Civics is black, which is great if you like black

  30. Thanks for the comparison. I was going to go with the hatch sport but after this video, I am choosing the touring sport

  31. Well you go head mama with your beautiful white Honda Civic hatchback Sport touring 💯👍🏾. I may just have to look into getting me one but I’ll probably get an all black one.

  32. I have the hatchback sport in black . the only thing I noticed is the sport is lighter than the touring. so it's a bit fast . but I'm jelly ur mom riding in style

  33. It will keep doing that unless you use your turn signals. If you don't use them, the car will pull you back into the lane and even sometimes slow down. You can turn if off if you'd like, but of course the car will not help you stay in your lane. Thanks for the comparison by the way.

  34. I can't believe you didn't try 'S' mode. It completely changes the responsiveness of the CVT. Turns it into a sports car 0-60 in 7 seconds!

  35. Can I ask where did you get the wing spoiler for your mom's honds civic sport touring?. There's a bunch in ebay but Im not sure where to order the best quality at least. Thanks robbmuch appreciated.

  36. I have a 2018 Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback. It is very good for everything but what I don't like is both side mirrows are blocking my view for pedestrians.

  37. Here on Canada the only difference between the touring sport and the regular sport is literally the leather seats, I have everything in my sport than the touring model on the video has? That’s weird.

  38. Mom may wonder about the HR-V that is coming out with the Sport Turbo engine, same as the Civic Sport. The HR-V is not so low slung as the Civic so easier to access, also with the so called magic seats. However the HR-V Sport (Turbo version) doesn’t have a sun roof, so Mom may not like it after all. The Sport Touring is nice, if you’ve got the money; but the Sport is great. I’ve had one a year now and I’m appreciating more and more as time goes bye. I’ve learnt that it appreciates being warmed up before enjoying that pick up with the turbo. I enjoyed your video by the way. Cheers, Pete

  39. The only thing i wish my sport had is a sunroof 🙁 other than that i don’t care but 30k is too much for the little goodies it gives you that the basic sport doesn’t have

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