2018 Honda Odyssey EX-Navi Review – Behind the Wheel

2018 Honda Odyssey EX-Navi Review – Behind the Wheel

It is first a greek epic poem, written by Homer not Simpson, about the long journey of a man It is also defined as a voyage or a long wandering Now we, in the more populated areas in the Philippines know little something about long wanderings don’t we? Banilad man or EDSA, our traffic sucks But if you must and if you have the means Then the 2018 Honda Odyssey should be on your shortlist Now, this minivan has transcended from what was once just sucker mom’s car to now “Hey, nice wheels” Now, the exterior is based on Honda’s solid streamline which gives it a sedan-like stance and a 150mm of ground clearance which makes it easier to enter and exit the vehicle Especially for smaller children and senior citizens alike Except maybe for when you’re going over speed bumps in BGC those really really tall ones? Thats like; A large dark chrome grille is found upfront followed by several slash for air intake all the way down to the chin the front camera located here works in connection with all the other cameras around the car to provide the driver a 360 degree view when parking or when it’s activated for their advantage Now, the DRL’s, the headlamps and the foglamps are all LED affair so is too the extra lamp found on either side which activates anytime the driver turns the steering wheel or put the indicators on giving them a better advantage of the road its the small things Power sliding doors can be found on either side and controlled via the FOG. Now, Vincent over here has marveled about the indentations found on the door and I tend to agree I’m sure they’re not there for aerodynamics nothing as cool as the wingtips on the Honda Jet But you gotta admit, they look great and they do add character so do the 17-Inch tires Now at the back, you got a very wide taillight configuration for maximum visibility separated by well even more chrome come to think of it there’s so much chrome on this thing you got it on the front grille, the front chin, the side skirts underneath the windows, the rear chin, now back here are there some on the roof? No, no naman but there’s so much chrome on this guy that it’ll probably make Lil Jon jealous On a side note, that’s the 8th take already because Vincent wouldn’t stop laughing Sadly, no power tailgate, there’s already 2 power doors upfront 1 more wouldn’t have hurt, so that’s a bit of a bummer So too, is the 351L of space Now, there’s a lower bottom that can be found here but the configuration is a little bit weird However chucking a Maclaren stroller not a problem at all a Graco stroller because of its bulkiness that might be a problem depending on the leaning of the third row but it is a 7-seater after all, that’s not a second thought it’s a proper 7-seater and if you need more space, well check this out and bob’s your uncle Now, I’m not even sure how to calculate how much space there is back there but I’m pretty sure that you could fit a fridge full of beer back there with an Oompa Loompa See what I mean? The first thing that greets you when you get to the Odyssey is a very comfortable seat and instruments that rather mimic the past Civic and CR-V’s which is very familiar right down to the Krispy Kreme speedometer to the 7-Inch infotainment system, to the sunroof and also, the touch sensitive air controls There’s also the gear lever, no buttons on this one like the current CR-V which is well, maybe on the next update visibility on the Odyssey is absolutely great thanks largely to its massive windshield and huge windows Also the quarter windows upfront are pretty big as well Adding to the is that the side mirrors are not mounted to the pillars but rather to the side of the car increasing driver visibility There’s so much light that comes in here you could probably turn this place to a tanning salon and other people don’t like it I don’t mind it but this center armrest well it’s big enough to play to beer pong on In and out of the city, the electronic power steering is a joy to operate, its light and nimble and it really doesn’t feel like you’re driving a van that’s 4.8m long and 1.8m wide in fact, the paddle shifters on this thing might make you think that its track ready although I would advice against that just because diving fins are made out of kevlar doesn’t mean they can be use to stop a bullet anyway it really does feel like a sedan even though you’re carrying a 1,851Kg Now that weight is great stability but yup you guessed it it doesn’t go very well for fuel economy Even with its Earth Dreams Technology, this 2.4 7-Speed CVT gets 5.2km/l in the city and I’m talking about heavy traffic with a Eco mode on and a start-stop function off Sorry, just not a fan of that guy On the highway we we’re able to get 10.9km/l Now, this engine probably performs better in the Accord because that thing carries 309Kg less, that’s 6 sacks of rice or the combined weight of The Bigshow and the Undertaker whichever pick works for you However that being said, the Accord doesn’t have Captain’s chair Welcome to Honda’s modern suite room some of the toys you’ll find in here include a 9-Inch display for your HDMI and DVD inputs, you got your air controls located in the center, on either side 2 air vents per captain’s chair you got your privacy screen like so, you got 2 bottle holders per chair one on the door and one right next to you and most importantly the seats, decked out in leather and man are they subtle and of course why not when you’re in the mood pop open the Ottoman Very nice Now at the moment we’re driving around with the 3rd row seats up Now if you we’re to fold that guy down and position your captain chair all the way to the back you could have as much as 3ft of room in front of you that’s wider than the ledge of euphoria, Uy lumalabas yung edad easily access because of the the space found in between the 2 chairs of the second row leather continues all the way to the very roomy 3rd row as well as the side curtain airbags and airvents, you’ll also find a 12V power outlet and a HDMI port back here which I found a little bit odd. See, there is not HDMI port for the 2nd row and you’d think they’d give that importance because after all it is the captain’s chairs. Again, its just the small things Capable of moving 7 people in and out of the city or serve as an executive’s very large runabout. The Honda Odyssey EX-Navi comes in at P2,433,000 now others out there might choose the EX because it is after all P354,000 cheaper and it seats 8 However, you’re already there, you’re talking about a car that already cost 2 million pesos and the difference is leather seats captain’s chair, power doors it may not be the difference between the economy and first class, but its definitely business class and that is no small thing

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  1. Looks like an owner type jeep too much chrome..

    The best car review guy in asia, world class ang dating..

  2. Hi could you do a review of the foton toplander. I would like to hear your opinion about it compared to its rivals.

  3. For that price id rather buy the 4×4 fortuner. Same 7 seaters. Yes not as comfortable as this but 4×4, high ground clearance and towing capability and diesel. Fit talaga sa pinas 🙂

  4. Video quality is top notch
    Sad we can’t get this on North America
    We have the Odyssey but not like this
    It’s more of a soccer mom kind of car :/

  5. The Philippines 'Odyssey look nicer than the US 'Odyssey, especially the outside is much much good looking. Thanks, very interesting video. Like it.

  6. 😹😹😹big show and under taker bbboooooooooooom 1000 lbs wow ang laki parang wala na yung fortuner ng friend ko dyaan

  7. This is a great review! The Japan version (the one reviewed here) Has some cooler version than what I have here in North America version. The unusual thing for me is this version is a bit narrower and higher center of gravity than my 2018 Oddesey Touring

  8. I’m surprised that the fuel economy is somewhat similar to its north american cousin with 3.5 v6 paired to a 10speed transmission.

  9. Even for US standards is very expensive. It costs over 45K USD. I bought the 2018 US version of the Odyssey EX-L for 6K less, it is much bigger and more luxurious than this. Not a fan of the sliding door track which was eliminated in the US version of the Odyssey.

  10. dont like leather myself. my 2013 odyssey has leather and exposed to sun it absorbs heat plus does not move air when sat on. good review.

  11. I believe that Honda wants to leave the new signature shift buttons and power tailgate for the next (hopefully independent from thr new US) Odyssey. And is there also a S-trim with the 8 seat config still available?

  12. This is the kind of car where I prefer to be the passenger rather than be the driver. The captain chairs are awesome.

  13. The Odyssey is a typical family minivan in the US. I dont know if even this car will be considered as a luxury by some people here in the Philippines (as some people consider cars as luxury vehicles when its price ranges 2M and above especially this is a minivan its smaller than the SUV). I think its not even a luxury tbh

  14. the US version looks a lot better. Why does the asian model look different when both are 2018 models?

  15. I drove odyssey touring v6 here in canada and i love it the power man but for that one just 4cylender hill no man thats sucks

  16. I agree that this is really a car review channel. Compared to the other channel, we'll I might say that there are FEW real and deserving car review channel here in the Philippines, but Autodeal makes the difference. This is because you sell cars which is pretty awesome to do business while making a test on it, I mean where can you find this simple but realistic analysis compared to the other channels. Well I would say no more, hope you make more videos for us and probably we will be your next buyers.

  17. Surprisingly good. Funny and thoroughly researched , prepared , and presented. A new fan from the Middle East. 👍🏼

  18. Honda Cars are going to slowdown due to it's lack of newlooks and high maintenance cause and prize in the market. More Pinoy choose SUV Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest , Nissan Terra instead of buying this one old school look…

  19. I remember this oddysey when in tagaytay this Suv/Van killed a 2011 Mustang lmao believe me or not it does It was tunned up and really fccking fast

  20. Tsaka na ako bibili nyan pag my driver na ako…. hahahahaha what is the purpose of all that tech if you are the driver?? Hahahaha

  21. Ours is better than theirs. Because ours is longer in length and larger. Also has a power liftgate.

  22. My parents are both senior citizens. They cannot decide what to buy, this Honda Odyssey or Toyota Alphard. I hope mr. Caco could make a comparo of those two.

  23. The price is way too high for this van. exl nav/res here in the states is just $38,000 (thats, you dont owe sh!t price) and that is Php 1,900,000 only! Php 900,000 or $18,000 extra went to someone elses pocket.

  24. …and how big is your head?? the third row sit has an extremely large head rest and that is annoying for the driver because it blocks the rear view! so much to complain about. oohh yea… its a watered down soda!

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