2019 Honda Passport – First Look

2019 Honda Passport –  First Look

We’re getting a sneak peek of the
all-new Honda Passport. If that name sounds familiar to you then
that means you were born before 1990. If not Google it. We can’t drive it yet, but
we can touch it. We can get in it. We can probably lick it if we ask them to, but
that would be weird. So why don’t we just look at it. If you
think it’s sort of looks like a Pilot you’re not wrong. So how is it different
than the Pilot? Excellent question. The Passport is six-inches shorter, but it’s
got the same wheelbase as the Pilot, which means great interior space. The
Passport’s got more ground clearance than the pilot, 8.4 inches on the all-wheel
drive model to be exact. More ground clearance means less
scraping and bumping of the underbelly when driving over stuff. It also comes
standard with bigger wheels – yes they look great but also they’re better for
grabbing at terrain when driving over stuff. Hey, I’m starting to sense a theme
here. Okay so we think what Honda’s saying is that the Passport is going to
be pretty good on dirt. Now while it’s not 4×4 capable, it does have some pretty
good off-road tools. It’s available with the same all-wheel-drive option as the
Pilot that includes Honda’s active torque vectoring system that sends up to
70-percent of engine torque to the rear axle and 100-percent of that torque to
either the left or right rear wheels when needed. There’s also a four-mode
traction management system that will adjust the independent suspension and
chassis settings for snow, mud or sand The Passport was tested in the desert
sands of Dubai and the tundra of Norway. Hey, why couldn’t we have done this there? Not invited. The only engine option on the Passport
is the same 3.5-liter V6 that’s in the Pilot, but again because this is smaller
we anticipate that it will be quicker. That’s solid math right there. The
interior is virtually the same as the Pilot. Same. Same. Same. Same. Same. Same. The Passport has a generous cargo area behind both second and first rows and
those seats are easy to fold down. There’s also a large underfloor storage
area here, and if you’re prone to going out and getting muddy there’s a
removable plastic bin in here that you can take out and wash, so you can put
all your gross stuff in here. That’s thoughtful. The Passport will be offered in
four trims; Sport, the upgraded EX-L, a high-tech, Touring trim and the fully
equipped Elite. All models except the line-topping Elite can be configured
with two or all-wheel drive and that’s just because on the Elite all-wheel
drive comes standard. Honda Sensing, Honda’s suite of safety features comes standard
across the board. Safety ratings, pricing and fuel economy numbers aren’t
available as of the making of this video, but here are some current numbers for
the Pilot and the CR-V, so it’s probably a safe bet that the Passport’s numbers will
be somewhere between those. That’s more good math. Deliveries are expected to
start in early 2019. Does the world need another midsize SUV? Maybe, maybe not, but
the Honda Passport is here, and it seems like this baby may be able to take you
to some places you can’t be piloted.

100 thoughts on “2019 Honda Passport – First Look

  1. Something is just off about this cars proportions.. It seems too short, and the Pilot seems too long. I don't know what it is, but its odd.

  2. We will be trading a Pilot (too big for our needs) and a Acura RDX for two new Passports this Spring. Perfect size for us. Thanks Honda

  3. I wish it looked more like the original passport, looks like a pilot and an explorer…personally don’t like the look of it.

  4. I won't be embarrassed to admit I was born before 1990. In fact, the Honda Passport has been my fave vehicle even at that time when SUV's were not as popular as the present. So I am exhilarated to meet you again dear Passport… and as I am about to buy my new vehicle (great timing!), I've now stopped looking at others and want to get you back into my life!!! Vrooom!!!

  5. So, Honda doesn’t have enough money hire designers? They don’t even bother to make changes and just make it shorter? What a joke!

  6. The Pilot looks like an Odyssey inside. Exactly. So the Passport looks like an Odyssey inside too.

    BTW, Honda transmissions suck. Especially Odyssey trannys. But Accord trannts suck too.

    Had 2 Accords, 2 Odysseys. All had/have trandmission issues.

    Next car will be a Toyota.


  8. I’m thinking they made the Passport because of Chevrolet doing small to largest, Equinox, Blazer, Traverse so Honda did, Crv, Passport,Pilot

  9. Notice how in every review video about the Passport so far they always compare it with the Pilot? "Bringing back" the Passport was a total unnecessary move from Honda especially if it doesn't have any resemblance from the original Passports in the 90s.

  10. Honda could have switch it up a bit with the interior design; why does it have to have the same interior as the pilot.

  11. I sat in this and got to really look around and play with the interior a lot at the LA auto show. It was a pleasant surprise and a welcome one. I think it’s going to really win over CRV enthusiasts. It’s just far more useful and attractive.

  12. Got tell you one thing never ever go alone to buy a car. If you are in first time buyer. There is bunch of fraud out there cheat you.

  13. Holy cow, is this a Kelley Blue Book evaluation of the Passport or a sales advertisement for the Passport. So what could Honda improve on? Lyn, you said you worked for KBB, sounds more like you work for Honda.

  14. Cringy, cheesy preview. Christ, just tell me about the claimed capabilities and options, costs and its rivals. KISS. Leave the annoying cringy joke attempts to cartoon network. And yes, I'm a millennial aka gen. Y.

  15. I think this is the vehicle that Ive been searching for. 1. V6(not on CR-V, no one looking for practical and reliable want a turbo) 2. 5 passenger(no need for cramped 7 passenger. if i had that many kids I would get a mini van. 3. awd. NOT for offroading(geez are there a lot of people really crawling up rocks?), but for good handling on snow , ice, and dirt rutted roads. 4. hope it has heated and ventilated seats!………If the Toyota Venza still existed I would get that, but really it doesn't exist anymore because if anyone wants an AWD wagon are they really going to pass on a Subaru outback? No, so make a good crossover instead!

  16. The SUV market has been stagnant for anything decent.
    While looking last year, far too many 4-cylinder engines with little power/CVT transmissions and weird, weird styling.
    The RAV 4 I rented last year was the worst vehicle I've ever driven, no power to pass on the highway and very cheap inside.
    When I jumped back into my GTI at the time, it felt like a Porsche.
    This Honda offers a V-6 with 280 hp, a good transmission and decent style, what's not to like?

  17. I was hoping it would replace my old Honda Element, which like a ninny I sold and have missed every day. I bought a Ford Escape and can't wait to get rid of it, but it sounds like the Passport is too big.

  18. Wow, can anyone say Honda Pilot Sport? I would saved the old Passport name for something completely different.

  19. I cant believe how un-exciting this car is. I cant wait to not buy one. Sad sad times we are living in if THIS is what car design has come to be in 2019

  20. it's like a ridgeline truck with a box, slapped with a problematic zf 9 speed tranny from the acura side + the mdx sh-awd + similarly looking accord interior…OMG…a new product is born called Passport.

    honda should at least tune the engine to have a more ft-lb of torque at lower rpm or use the new accord 2.0T engine + the 10 speed tranny.

  21. Honda designs are dead. They are lazy. Make a Honda pilot and cut it in half and call it a truck then make it smaller and call it a passport. Lmafo same gimmick as Apple phone.

  22. Honda dominated Toyota back in the late 90s early 2000s, but now Toyota is coming up with way better designs than Honda.

  23. it is small Pilot , and Honda is way behind to build any off road , only one thing i like in Honda they have good cabin , but buying something for off road , i will never shop Honda

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