2019 Porsche Cayenne Review | Test Drive | Edmunds

2019 Porsche Cayenne Review | Test Drive | Edmunds

the all new third generation Porsche Cayenne. We’ve come all the way
to Greece to drive it. But before we do that,
let’s talk about what’s different between this version
and the previous generation. Up front you have new
headlights for the new character and the lights. You’ll see more and more
headlights of this style across Porches as they come out. But the big difference
is this wide grill that runs almost the
entire width of the body. But this visual
appearance is something that makes it feel a bit
wider than the previous model. You also might not
notice until you look up close is the Cayenne
now has staggered wheels. The front wheel and tire
are a little bit smaller than the rear wheels. You have a light
bar that now runs across the entire of the rear. That’s something that you
would see on the 911 Carrera 4, and it’s a nice
little design element that brings some cohesion
across the Porsche brand. And, of course,
this is the turbo so it gets unique
exhaust pipes– [CAR ENGINE] –and up around 540 horsepower. So we’re inside the
new Cayenne Turbo. Of course, we’re
driving the Turbo model, because who could say no to
540 or 550 odd horsepower? The first thing you notice is,
of course, the acceleration. There’s a ton of it. This thing delivers power
very quickly– immediately when you crack the throttle–
and it’s very satisfying. The second thing that’s
really impressive about this particular
Cayenne is the steering. There’s an immediate
sensation of rotation that comes from the vehicle when
you start cracking the wheel. But the real thing I’ve noticed
with driving this Cayenne is the nimbleness
that Porsche has managed to find in what
effectively is a large SUV– a large, powerful,
and heavy SUV. There’s just an eagerness
that the Cayenne displays as soon as you turn the wheel. It feels very satisfying. Not a lot of feedback
coming from the road itself, but the control you get
through the steering wheel feels really good. Now, there’s a couple of things
that could be helping that. This vehicle– this Turbo– is optioned with rear
wheel steering that’s going to turn the rear
wheels in and out of phase with the front wheels
depending on the speed you’re going which can help you
turn in tightly like we just did there or keep you
stable at high speeds. We’ve also got a
Torque Vectoring Plus system on this vehicle
that’s selectively overdriving the outside rear
wheel to help the thing rotate in corners. Now, one of the reasons I
appreciate this nimbleness is because we’re driving this
car in Greece and their roads are basically a lane and
a half wide and don’t have center markings on them. And as we’ve been
going pretty quick, it’s been I feel like I can put
this vehicle exactly where I want it to be in each corner. That’s something you
don’t expect from an SUV so it’s nice when
it delivers that. Of course, this is
a Porsche so there is a higher expectation on
the sports car-like behavior. And so far it feels like
the Cayenne is delivering that experience quite handily. But the road quality
gives us a chance to talk about the suspension. All the Cayennes we’ve
been driving so far have the optional
air suspension. And when you take it
out of sport mode– like I’m going to do right now– the ride does calm
down appreciably. It feels like a very
smooth riding vehicle. And that’s impressive because
all the cars we’ve been driving have 20 inch or 21 inch wheels. That’s a lot of wheel
to be moving around and a lot of weight to be
moving around and controlling. But this air suspension–
this adaptive air suspension– seems to do a really good job
on rough roads like this one. Another thing I’ve
noticed driving this car so far is how quiet it is. We have optional acoustic
and thermally treated glass. And right now it’s
doing a great job of eliminating a lot of the
wind buffeting, exhaust sound, and other exterior
unpleasantness that you would not want
to hear in a luxury car. It’s a very quiet experience
inside this vehicle and that’s nice because this is
also a luxury car with a luxury price tag. The vehicle we’re
driving right now is optioned up to
about $155,000. A lot of money but
you’re also getting a lot of car for that money. We should also talk about
some of the brake options. You have the normal
breaks like you would on any standard vehicle. And then there’s this
carbon ceramic brakes– like you’d expect from
a Porsche sports cars– but in between there’s a
tungsten carbide coated brake option. Now, what that is
there’s a coating on the brakes that helps
them last longer, provide more braking force,
and reduce brake dust. And Porsche says they
should last longer than the standard brakes. So hopefully the ownership
costs won’t be as long either. A lot of the stuff that’s come
from the most recent Panamera has looked really nice
and worked really well. Down here at the bottom there
touch sensitive controls for most of the
vehicles functions and when you
touched them there’s a little haptic response,
or a little feedback, that you get in the
form of a vibration. It works generally
well, of course I would prefer real buttons
but this is what you get. The only downside I
can think of so far is that this piano
black finish is going to attract all kinds
of fingerprints, smudges, and hairs and oil and stuff. So you want to keep
some kind of cloth with you if you want
to keep that clean. With this being
the twin-turbo V8 you would expect
massive performance out of the Turbo model. The base model and the S– which use V6s– the base model
has a single turbocharger, the S has a twin
turbocharged engine. Both of those supply
decent acceleration too. You’d probably be totally
fine with the base model, although the GPS is
a little bit faster– as you would expect from
having 100 horsepower more. That turbo is just ridiculous
in terms of acceleration. But again, that’s
what happens when you have 500 plus horsepower. Cayenne’s nimbleness is
quite an accomplishment but that’s kind of what we
expect from Porsche these days. This is a company
that keeps making extraordinarily high
performing vehicles that have less than 400 horsepower. So they keep setting
the bar for themselves. And they keep overcoming it. This being a large SUV,
it’s important to talk about things that may not be
as exciting as horsepower. There’s plenty of head,
leg, shoulder room in both front and rear seats. The optional sports seats
have the head rest integrated into the seat back– kind of
like what you would expect out of a sports car– but they don’t
seem to affect the rear seating space at all. It’s pretty comfortable
back there– at least for the outboard seats. There’s little bit more cargo
capacity in the back as well. So if you’re concerned about
hauling a bunch of stuff there’s a solution there. One of the other
features improving the handling on this vehicle
is an active anti-roll system. While previous Cayennes used
a hydraulic actuated system, this one is
electronically controlled by the 48-volt system
that Cayenne now has. What does that mean? Well, it means it works and you
can’t really feel it working. You just notice
the vehicle stays flat in corners and stays
pretty smooth on the road because that would be the
advantage of adjusting the anti-roll. Where it doesn’t work when
you’re going straight but it works when you’re
in the corners. But you can tell that it’s
working because there’s a little display in
the gauge cluster here that tells you, hey you’re
getting some active anti-roll here and some here and here. But other than that you just
notice that this vehicle just handles really well. As far as performance
goes the base Cayenne Porsche says will do
zero to 60 in the high fives. And the S and Turbo
models will do zero to 60 a second faster than each. So you have high
fours and high threes. That’s a lot of
performance, especially out of the Turbo vehicle. But hey, again, it’s a Porsche. Overall this first impression of
the Cayenne is a very good one. And we’re eager to test
it more once it shows up on our shores in some time next
year– like July or something. [MUSIC PLAYING] Well, thank you for watching. If you would like to see
more videos like this, keep it tuned right here and
be sure to visit edmunds.com.

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