2020 Audi Q5 // BIG Price DROP & CHANGES to Audi’s Best-Seller!

2020 Audi Q5 // BIG Price DROP & CHANGES to Audi’s Best-Seller!

31 thoughts on “2020 Audi Q5 // BIG Price DROP & CHANGES to Audi’s Best-Seller!

  1. Now that the GV80 is set to be revealed on Thursday, I'll really have options to weigh. I kinda want to go with the X5 since KBB agrees that it's pretty good. Hopefully Genesis will have an equal or better offering.

  2. Great video. I find the Q5 to be much more boring than the GLC and X3, but that’s just my opinion. I used to own a 2010 Q5 and loved it. Great video btw!

  3. Excellent reviews, but please eliminate the "audio demo", no one wants to hear the terrible "music" example. It is not helpful for buyers. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dang it, guys! And here I thought I had my final list of what my next car would be. Drew and Mason do another awesome review and now the Q5 joins the pack.

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  5. Howdy, great review as always! This is one of my favorite all time interiors on the market!😸😻😸 Y’all looked cold and I can’t blaim you, it’s cold in Lexington!😸😻😸

  6. In terms of power-folding mirrors, you DO NOT have to move up to a Premium Plus or Prestige variant. You can spec a 2020 Q5 Premium model with the Convenience package which will option the vehicle with power-folding mirrors.

  7. I test drove it and it had terrible TURBO LAG, which felt like 2 seconds before any power arrived; nice interior though. BMW X3 finally looks nice externally and it had the least turbo lag, which felt like 1/2 seconds before the power arrived.

  8. Can’t wait for the Audi Q5/SQ5 refresh next year. Hopefully it’ll look like a baby Q8 with its aggressive sportiness.

  9. Great cars until they hit 40k miles. If you want one lease one. These cars are money pits! As much as I like the brand my 2012 avant- just had the rings and pistons replaced because of oil consumption issues, with only 55 k miles on the odometer.

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