2020 Land Rover Defender Reveal & First Look

2020 Land Rover Defender Reveal & First Look

Land Rover Defender has enjoyed cult
status in the US, mostly because of its incredible
off-road capabilities. But also, it’s been
forbidden fruit for us. But that story has changed. It’s coming to the
US in full form. And this is it– the only 2020 Land
Rover Defender. The Land Rover
Defender will come to the US in the spring
of 2020, initially in 110, which is the
long-wheelbase version. The 90, the two-door
shorter wheelbase, will follow it to
market in a few months. Prices will start between
$50,000 and $80,000 depending on what model
you get and which engines. Speaking of engines,
you have two choices. The first base engine is a
2-liter turbocharged four cylinder that puts
out 296 horsepower. The upgrade is called the P400. And that has a turbocharged V6
with an electric supercharger and a 48-volt
mild-hybrid system. Both are made into an
eight-speed automatic with permanent all-wheel drive. Before I get too deep into
the Defender, do me a favor and hit Subscribe below. We have a ton of great
content coming your way. This Defender is instantly
recognizable as a Defender. It has all of the main
traits that you expect– the rounded headlights, the big
square grille, and big uprights as well. The difference this time around,
though– it’s a little softer. It’s got rounded corners. It has these beautiful,
integrated, flared-out wheel arches. And really, it might be a
little too soft for my taste. I was expecting something a lot
more burly and mean-looking. But considering that
they have to appeal to a much broader
audience nowadays, it does make perfect sense. That said, it probably still
has all the capabilities of previous Defenders. The exterior theme for design
carries over to the interior. As you can see on this door,
it has body-painted elements, as well as these big,
chunky torque bolts. Now, they also lend
that industrial look. But they actually serve
a function as well. They’re not just there glued on. There’s a lot of
grab handles, which is great for a big
off-road car like this. And they’re all really beefy. They actually said that
this whole dash piece here is one magnesium piece. And in a pinch, if you
need to push this car, you can actually push it
against these grab handles. In this particular
trim, the X, we have this really rough
hewn piece of wood here that’s also a great grab handle. And across the
entire dash, you have a lot of places to hold onto. And when you’re off-roading,
that’s pretty key, especially if you’re a passenger. You have a lot of what is
latest from Land Rover as far as electronics– touch screens, a virtual
instrument panel. And almost everything is run
through the touch screen now. We’re not seeing any of the
terrain response buttons that we’re used
to seeing anymore. That will clean up the design. But it might also
complicate operation. You have a lot of options when
it comes to passengers, too. The Defender 90
holds five people. But you can add a front-center
jump seat right here that bumps it up to six. The Defender 110 starts
out as a five-passenger. But you can push
it to seven if you order the optional third row. There are a ton of
storage options as well. You have big, deep
pockets and bins and more bins and more pockets. And they’re all
really well-sized. You even have this huge tray
here for your personal effects. And when you’re out in the wild
or even just on a road trip, all these storage
options pay dividends. Under this bin, you
can specify an option for a refrigerated box– not a cold box, but an actual,
legitimate refrigerated box– that will keep
things cool all day. Not surprisingly, with the
boxy shape of the Defender, there is a ton of
second-row space. I am not wanting for head,
foot, or knee room at all. Adding to that space is
the sense of airiness. You have three
different roof choices– a panoramic sunroof,
regular roof. And the kicker for me is
a retractable canvas roof. So you can go safari style. They’re saying that it
rolls back far enough where second-row passengers could just
stand right up out of the roof. It’s pretty cool. Also adding to the
airiness is, they included the traditional
alpine windows. These are these little cutouts
here that just let light in. And that’s especially
helpful if you go with the third row option. If you opt for the five
passenger Defender 110, you’ll have over 15
cubic feet of cargo space behind those seats. You also get some great
under-floor storage and this really good, almost
modern take on diamond plate texture. And it’s also carried out
throughout the rest of the car. It’s a nice design motif
that lends ruggedness. But it’s also a
little more modern. Go with the air suspension, and
you have height-adjustable load floors. And with the
Defender 90, capacity will drop to right around
10 or 11 cubic feet. Another heritage design piece
is the rear-mounted spare tire. Now, they mount it there
for a number of reasons. One, well, it helps
with departure angle. If you have it underneath,
it’s going to sacrifice that. And it’s also going to bump
into some of the mechanicals back there. If you mount it on the
inside, well, then you’re going to sacrifice
cargo capacity. Overall, honestly,
it just looks cool having a spare tire
mounted back there. And that’s good enough for me. Other design elements that
tie it in with past Defenders is the tail. This abrupt chop-off
is pure Defender, as are these industrial-looking
square tail lights. Overall, though,
I have to say, I think I like the back of
the Defender a little better than the front. There is a lot to say about
the Land Rover Defender, perhaps too much for
this first-look video. We don’t even have drive
impressions, which should be coming in a few months. For more complete and up-to-date
information on the Defender, as well as its competition,
head on over to edmunds.com. To see more videos like
this, hit Subscribe.

100 thoughts on “2020 Land Rover Defender Reveal & First Look

  1. I presume the same kind of 'commenteers' below think that a Singer doesn't work either because someone's re-imagined it ? Look how unsuccessful that's been….

    Frankly, Frascella & McGovern are the best design team on Planet Automotive right now…and that includes Michael Mauer over at Porsche/VW and Callum at Jaguar. I just don't get the whingeing complaints. If Slovakians (and ABB and Kuka robots) can build this as well as Austrians are now building the Jag I-Pace, this Defender is a winner. Brilliant re-imagineering.

  2. Lol that interior looks anything but rugged. That big LCD and no radio buttons, and no lever for changing to four wheel. They lost it already to Wrangler. They are gong for New Yorker and a California cool, not the rugged outdoors, good luck with that sales model.

  3. Millions of Defender owners are still in mourning….this is not a new Defender it is more like a new Disco. Expect the continued success of the customis-able Jeep Wrangler..!

  4. I LOVE IT! My only problem is trying to decide what other car will I buy so I have something to drive while it’s in for service once a month.

  5. Not sure if I like having everything go through the touch screen, if that goes out you are screwed. Very nice, refrigerator for your beer right in the center console. I like how they did the back, the front looks to much like a cartoon character with those hug bug eye headlights. Overall, I think it will work for who it was designed for, those who want a rugged looking vehicle but will never take it off road. Its a great looking pavement princess.

  6. Nice looking, but was expecting a bit more rugged exterior. Liked the interior, but that front center jump seat made me laugh – no way I am driving like that. Refrigerated box is pretty damn cool.

  7. Looks roomier and more comfortable than a Wrangler (door pressed against my side and dash/steering wheel crammed too close are my dislikes, I wish my Wrangler cabin was more like my Ram cabin) but beyond that Defender is inferior, yes you Land Rover! I had a Disco1 and never again especially due to lack of parts support as it aged not to even mention price.

  8. In the past 35 years I've owned and operated a significant number of Land Rovers all over the world so I'll reserve my full opinion on this new Defender until I've had chance to get underneath it and into the engine bay see how it's put together and what with (something most of these car reviews never do). However some first thoughts are; the fact that it is no longer based on a chassis will make it a lot less versatile and all that gadgetry and 85 ECUs threaten to make this a maintenance nightmare …. two things that will fail to make it attractive to the extensive military markets of the world. Those pretty one-piece body parts look like they will be expensive to repair when used fully off-road. Nevertheless this looks to be a fantastic development ………….. because it will make my current collection of Land Rovers even more desirable and their prices will continue to hold and quite possibly rise! If I'm wrong they'll sell like hot cakes ………..

  9. What a ruin!!! They have made it a car…it was never meant to be a car…the defender was a tractor! That is how I loved it! But trust they are just responding to the liberalist market forces…nkt!

  10. Pretty nice, but doesn't feel like and look like a true Defender. A little less rugged than I prefer, but I do like the interior.

  11. It does not look like a Land Rover Defender at all… If nothing else, it looks like a beefed up Land Rover Discovery. I bet the Toyota 4Runner TRD and the Jeep Rubicon beat this thing at its own offroading game in a minute. No chasis, you kidding me???

  12. Its got written failiure allover it! For those prices you can buy 2 well equiped Suzuki jimny! Ohh and the jimny has live axles! This new land rovers are for the Soccer moms and the Kardashian clan!

  13. Uh you guys know that Land Rover is well known for their very poor quality right? Not to mention that replacement parts are through the freaking roof on price. I see Land Rovers on the road occasionally and always laugh at the people driving them as they've literally thrown thousands of dollars in the trash.

  14. After being initially shocked and disappointed I can honestly say the commercial version isn't too bad. Rather too much like the ugly DC100 concept LR revealed a few years back that they said was not going to be made but it appears they made despite the backlash of fans. The rear end is too ugly and the back door looks small. The rear reminds me of a Suzuki Vitara, awful! The pricing is all wrong too, it is far too expensive at £35,000+VAT (£42,000) for a 90 commercial! people can buy a top spec Ford Ranger pick-up for £35K all in. Sorry Land Rover, you screwed up!

  15. I think the name Defender was wronged in this car !!!
    I suggest that you classify it as a new sports car or add a sport to Defender.

  16. They lost me!!!. I was really expecting something along side of the Merc G class, Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4 runner with 3 locking diffs, 5-9 passengers type of vehicle but this?!.

  17. Kind of a fake jeep "renegade" clone at four times the price. POS. What part of front and rear live axles and lockers do these retarded asshats not understand?

  18. I’ll stick with my LR4 HSEV8. Yes it has had one air pump failure but otherwise bulletproof in 147,000 miles and still looks timeless Land Rover.

  19. Nice looking SUVs but for real world outdoor action in the bush. You go with jeep, Toyota trd 4 runner or the Mercedes G-550 not the bullshit g63 – that one is for puff s

  20. 👎😠👎 Did he say that it’s instantly recognizable as a Defender? Seriously? No thanks to this thing… call it something else and bring back the real Defender.

  21. Manual gearbox, high/low with lockers…..not auto, 85 ÉCUS and touch screens. Land Rover over landers might be a niche market but we are "defender" it is we who kept the icon going even when the bloody car didn't want to go. All we wanted was NCAP 5 and a fully customisable truck to our own specific requirements, not an iPhone generation view to 4X4s. Toyota will be feeling happy with the new #Offender

  22. No matter what they say, how good it is … exterior design is the most important thing for men who own defenders, what a bad decision.

  23. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that Gerry McGovern did a better job with the look of the new Defender than he did with the new Discovery. But that's not saying much.

  24. A stretch Kia Soul on bigger tires….I’ll stick with my 79’ 110. It looks like mater with all the rust but it’s paid off and does more than this mall crawler ever could.

  25. I've waited 23 years for the defender to be released.

    Congratulations, you ruined an iconic design to please soccer moms.

  26. JLR competing with itself. Unfortunately this doesn’t capture the Defender one bit, it competes with the Disco. Doesn’t grab the Rubicon Crowd OR the G wagon crowd for that matter. IFS on a defender just seems really wrong. I’ve been waiting for this release for quite some time but feel they missed the mark. Too bad, hope it does well but not sure I can see it helping the Overland market much. Suppose it could help with a new genre of caviar snack based overlanding 🙂

  27. I Like It But I Wish the Back Door was a Spit Hatchback Like the BMW X5 & Big Range Rover.   Other  than that Good Show.

  28. This guy is trying to hard…”Big chunky bolts”….bro those are not big the ones on center panel looks way bigger…HAHAHA!!

  29. Big mistake displaying it at the auto shows with large rim set up which is not suitable for off road. They obviously are attempting to appeal to the nouveau riche types with zero aspiration for off-roading. They should be displaying a hard core off road set up, with snorkel, winch, etc…

  30. Not sure what is happening. I've seen tons of reviews of the new Defender by now and all they do is the same… Not one negative point is being mentioned by any reviewer so far. Land Rover seems to aim at over-hyping this thing and/or reviewers are not allowed to discuss any questionable matters. Weird, all reviewers are doing exactly the same using L R marketing material without any critical notes. For me, that's an alarm bell.

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