31 ESSENTIAL First Time IRELAND Travel Tips

31 ESSENTIAL First Time IRELAND Travel Tips

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  1. Well done guys. Nice video. Few pointers … Galway is pronounced Gawl-way, Sláinte is slawn-cha, Moran's is More-ens, McMahon is Mc-ma-hun.

  2. Loved your video…the best most complete and informative i have ever seen so far…..good job u guys…
    Just one question….how many days do u recommend?

  3. This is an AWESOME video and is a lot of help. We are taking our first trip next month. One question related to budget. You mentioned 100 Euros a day and 150 if you want to live large. Does that include hotels/B&Bs? Our trip has that included in the price and I'm trying to figure just eating/drinking/spending money. Thanks!

  4. The Irish language is actually gaeilge. Gaelic is the native language of Scotland and some other Celtic countries. Common mistake though no worries👍🙂

  5. Bit on the nose at times! Best video I’ve seen about Ireland but just so y’all know, the north isn’t as violent as it was but there’s still an undertone of unrest so be careful, and we all take paddy’s day serious enough, those American parades got nothing on us!

  6. These guys no nothing about Ireland if they say st paddy’s day isn’t celebrated in Ireland r ye having a laugh

  7. Not one mention of Kerry, widely regarded as the most beautiful part of the country…disclaimer; not from Kerry

  8. I'm Irish and I never knew we had a cuisine, potatoes and anything is what we usually eat. It tis a very beautiful country especially the west coast there's a mythical mystical atmosphere to it.

  9. ‘Go raibh Maith agat’ pronounced like gu-rev-mah-agut (: also hello in Ireland is dia duit ‘dee-a-gwitch’ (difficult to explain how to say it :/)

  10. When Irish people say pounds they mean Irish pounds not english pounds,as in punts, that was our currency before the Euro

  11. I keep re-watching this video because it's my all time favorite country. I went three years ago and got to see County Kerry, Killarney, Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Northern Ireland and Galway. Can't wait to go back again. Keep up the great work with the amazing content!

  12. Here lads as an Irish local the main thing u need when heading to a plave like irelan is always bring a rain jacket always no mater how nice the weather is

  13. Never ever plan trips like this, just walk around go in to a pub and ask the locals where you should go and what to see 😁

  14. Great video, guys! I travel there every year for 2-3 weeks in the fall. I watched this video with a bit of skepticism; however, you pretty much nailed it. The only comment I can add is if you are Canadian the costs after euro exchange is relatively similar to travelling within Canada. Enjoy!!

  15. Rain jacket yes! Umbrella no!
    You'll come to discover that umbrellas are pretty much useless in Ireland due to the strong winds from the Atlantic.

  16. Very disappointed that you made no mention of Limerick city which has King John's castle , The walls of Limerick, the treaty stone, Adare Manor (host of the 2026 Ryder Cup), some of the best golf courses in the country, Bunratty castle is 10 mins from the city along with the famous Durty Nelly's, Killaloe village the list goes on. Limerick is also a great place to base your trip from as it is significantly cheaper to stay in with hotels that are just as good if not better in terms of quality and cost. You can fly to Shannon Airport direct from many American city's and every major city including Cork, Dublin and Galway is a 1 to 2 hour drive from Limerick city

  17. If you like that video, check us out about investing in Irish whiskey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pae28QLBrA&t=6s

  18. Summer temperatures typically 15-20 degrees celsius (60 -70 degrees fahrenheit). Hot summer weather occasionally reaches 25 (80) degrees for a few afternoons in the Summer.

  19. Would not recommend Galway if you want to see Irish Music or Culture… It is effectively Irish Disneyland, very fake and touristy to me… Go to Dingle… Two dark Horse Irish cities I like are Derry and Limerick, The have a lot of the history that will help you understand Ireland better…

  20. Brilliant tips! I've lived in Ireland for 18 months and you've inspired me to get out and explore more of my new home country. Thank you!

  21. Ugh, can't wait. Best vacations are spent either in cafes, pubs, or people watching from some bench in some town. I love that this video isn't filled with sightseeing crap. Just about the people which is what it's supposed to be about.

  22. Great video. But '20 quid' in Ireland never did or does refer to the british pound. '20 quid' refers to the Irish punt, the old money before Ireland adopted the Euro.

    You also forgot to mention that you get MUCH better value for money in Ireland. Things may be a bit more expensive, but the quality is also much better. I am Spanish but my husband is Irish. Believe me, Ireland offers more for you money.

    And lads! Please learn how to pronounce Irish surnames correctly. For people who obviously love Ireland, you nearly pronounce all Irish surnames incorrectly.

  23. The British never ruled Ireland for 800 years, you will find that it was the Normans (French) for a very long period of that 800 years, you know the same people who invaded Britain.

  24. LOL, "Ireland is not as expensive as the UK" you must be having a laugh, Ireland is way more expensive than the UK in every possible way.

  25. You can be on a budget when in Ireland …. accom. Can be between €16 – €40 in hostels ( per night) if you do your homework 📚 ( 4 bed dorms) and food can be bought at a supermarket for around €20 ( not in fancy restaurants) … if you’re there for only a few days, then yes 😉👍🏼 spend money and have fun ( absolutely) but when you’re a world traveller, then every penny counts , peace out ✌🏼

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