500cc Camaro Go Kart Gets Side Pipes

500cc Camaro Go Kart Gets Side Pipes

100 thoughts on “500cc Camaro Go Kart Gets Side Pipes

  1. You guys gotta get that CV carb off of there…throttle response will always be crap. Needs a TM40 or FCR! Another great build though fellas!

  2. I saw this at sema 2 days ago actually a buddy of mine texted me a pic of this micromaro and thats what got me to drive down. Im a las vegas local. I wanted to talk to you guys but u were busy.

  3. You guys should find a cbr250rr mc22 engine, 45 hp, 20k redline. Man that'd be a blast. Wicked fun bike to ride, and the sound, my god the sound

  4. 9:20 – 10:19 что за трек ? ребята
    преревел описание =) вопросов нет. все круто! особенно джип

  5. You guys should really thing about changing gearing you can make it have the same top speed but just get there quicker

  6. Can't watch your videos in the morning or at night.I have to turn it up to hear you guys talk and then blast the house awake with bass from the music. I literally have to keep my finger ready on the volume button the whole video. Other than that, everything is amazing. Love the builds and all the fab work involved.

  7. shop tip: try to not drop your cut pieces on your grinder cords when cutting. this will save your cords and keep them from fraying.

  8. Get a black skin to go over the red filter, hell you could even paint it yellow lol, just make sure you take it off before riding it


    P.S. Dreamed for Camaro for nearly all my life, but our days Camaro with 2.0 litres engine is a piece of crap, and I should say this small one is a lot greater than modern ones!

  10. That is One Mean Looking little Car . That thing looks like Its ready to Kill Something . Bet It will Eat them little Jr Dragsters Alive. Id Grudge them Jr Dragsters with that. You might need a Wheelie Bar to go Get Em. Boy thats Really Some Little Car. I like it.

  11. I think the only thing cooler than the side exit pipes, would have been to have them dump into chrome fuelie headers and figure out a way to do a rev limiter so you can shoot some fire out of them.🤣 Excellent build you guys!!😁👍

  12. Best you tube channel around .
    Real people doing real things
    Legends yiewwww.
    Do you think a super charger or turbo could be on the cards 🤗🤗🤗

  13. Have you guys considered a 4X4 off road build? I know it's been mentioned multiple times on this channel,but a diesel 4X4 off road power wheel would be serious. Any of the new trucks Ford,Dodge,Jeep or Chevy would be equally great in my opinion,hell even a four wheeler would be bad ass as long as it's a true 4X4. Just a suggestion that I know a lot of people would like to see in the near future.

  14. i blame the toy manufactoring industry, how can they produce such little cars when there are young male humans with grinders and welders out there, this had to end in such madness

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