1. This sound is one of my favourite parts of ice fishing. Nice to take a break from fishing and lay out on the cold ice with the warm sun on one's back. I wonder if the desert lakes of Utah sing a different song to those in Sweden?

  2. You literally inspire me to live far away from society! I’m a white witch who’s trying to move away into the wild alone and free x

  3. I think it’s hauntingly beautiful but being there in person must be a bit scary. 😘😘😘💚and as the drone pulls away at the end the silhouettes from the tress, outstanding !!!!

  4. such an amazing video! i love the end editing and you singing with the ice, it add so much to the imagery took. beautiful! id love to listen to what youve recorded of the ice, is there any way i could purchase a packof samples of them at all?

  5. Or, if you liver in Florida, watch on YouTube…a ferocious crocodile eat a woman with a crocodile purse. 46 sec long😨😮oh my goodness…

  6. Thank you for the video! <3 I was being exhausted, and felt like I have no idea how to keep going on, with my school, my work and everything. But when I was watching the video, hearing the sounds of the ice and your words describing your thoughts and feelings. I felt excited again for the things I do and I begin to feel that my soul finds its power again. Thank you very much again! <3

  7. This is a wonderful video. Every time that I see this unique picture of nature and see how brave you are to move to such beautiful but also a harsh place, when I see that you go at night to the frozen river and forest to get all these sounds, that you've share with us… Well, this is really amazes. This brings a peace of mind. Thank you for this wonderful work! Greetings from Russia!


  9. I just finished watching your vlog about the ice from last year then you upload this :). There is something about the ice, snow and cold weather that appeals to me far more than sun and sand. I am not sure what is it; in a strange way it feels like 'home'.

  10. I hope someday, somehow you'll do a collaboration with AURORA. My life would be complete to see your two beautiful souls and hear your two otherworldly voices come together. <3

  11. Living in the Canada, it is always impressive to see how Sweden is cold enough to make the lake frozen but still having little snow! My favourite sound of the winter is listening to the snowstorms. Where the snowflakes dance with each other… That's just truly magical for me! But I must say that listening to a frozen lake is something quite unique! I wonder if we have those here in Canada hmmm

  12. Jonna instinctively knows that "life is art" (love), not business (greed). "Appreciating" (loving) the beauty around us…even if it is in the middle of the wilderness in the middle of the winter. This is the secret to how she accumulated so much and light and warmth to become the really bright star that she is. Keep shining Jonna! It keeps me warm and creates free clean energy called "joy".

  13. Thanks for sharing your piece of the world. What drew me to your videos were your kulning vids. By any chance will you create a album or something to purchase. Thanks

  14. It is so beautiful. It reminds me of the sounds of the ocean with whales. Weird, I know. The magic that water brings to the world 🥰.

  15. Many people are commenting on your perspective, the sounds of the ice and to the music. All of these are truly serene, but it was the amazing camera work that really caught my eye. Loved the beautiful stills of nature, the under the ice shots and the drone flyovers. Stunning!

  16. The sounds made by the ice are like the soundtrack of a science fiction movie (think "Forbidden Planet") — and who's to say it's not the voice of spirits of the land and water? The aerial views of the frozen lakes look like a cross between veined marble and moss agate… lovely!

  17. wwhat abouuut … a other 1Hour ice song for this new winter ? yey !!!!!
    The ice seems to sound like a sparkly wirework this year or is it because it is the begining of the frozing process ?

  18. This is an absolute masterpiece created by a sensational person. Jonna, you might not know me but I can tell you that you have made such a difference to my life. You inspire me every single day to follow my heart and to express my emotions through different forms of art. I hope one day I can be as Inspiring and influential as you.
    Mycket kärlek från det skotska höglandet 🏞️♥️

  19. I cannot live in such a remote place. (YET) However, you can show me how nice it is in Sweden, and my father is surprisingly similar to you. I want to meet you because your music, and all that extra stuff is just so fascinating, especially you.

  20. This is so amazing Jonna I had no idea the ice can make these sounds! It really does speak to my soul. Take care and thank you for all the great video's you make.

  21. Honestly speaking it's a horror movie noise like someone calling from the deep inside the solitary depth of ice water as if calling for attention in its own language to be far away as the crack may swallow one silently.

  22. Hey Jonna I love your attachment to nature, you touch my soul again and again when I see your videos. I wish you all the best for your life, many greetings from Germany.

  23. Beautiful! Thanks so very much for sharing this with us all 🤗 whoever edits and puts your videos together is a master! Highly creative! Very Beautiful and magical! 💜 so much!

  24. All of creation gives a clue as to who the creator is. (Romans chapter 1 verses 19 through 23 speak of this.) Very few people have ever experienced true salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Organized religion is what most people think of when they hear the word "Christian". Yet there are very few people who want to experience who God REALLY is.

  25. This is pure magic… Mother Nature is incredible! Thank you so much for all the time, effort and love you pour into making your gorgeous videos! ❤️

  26. Such a beautiful video in every way. Can you tell us the name of this lake? Also please tell us the name of hills, rivers etc in your videos. Swedish place names are so charming. Also the Swedish names for the the difft trees, snow, ice, rain and so on that you tell us about.

  27. That's incredible… Mother Nature is a true magician… I wish I'll have a chance to hear it someday. This sound is a song of the Winter itself, greeting us. Love from Poland ❄

  28. i love youuuuu jonna❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌pleaase show us your morning and night routine❤❤❤❤ i'm so exiting to see it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  29. You are so calm and peacefull. You have to make asmr videos. So you can heal the soul from people. And give them a little rest. 😴🤗

  30. Beautiful, magical and to think I had never heard of it before you mentioned it the first time, what else am I missing?😳 I could have listened and watched the beautiful scenery for hours, but many thanks and blessings for the video you made, it is truly art! 🙏

  31. I remember hearing this noise a few years ago, I live in a busy town and it was the slight quiet after the lunchtime rush. I opened my window and I remember calling my sisters and telling them what I was hearing, I had no clue what it was. To think now that it was ice, just amazes me, and calms me for that it wasn't aliens like I'd thought haha.

  32. Wow. Truly amazing. It made me realize that when we begin our surface exploration of the ice covered ocean moon Europa, we will likely discover such sounds and phenomenon on a grand scale. Look up images of Europa, it's surface is all cracked and changing just like your lake in Winter.

  33. Praise God for His amazing creation! "By Him was everything created which is in heaven and in the earth: everything that is seen and everything that is unseen, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or rulers; everything has been created by His hand and in Him" (Colossians 1:16). "For from the creation of the world His invisible qualities, both His eternal power and divinity, are clearly seen, being understood by the things made" (Romans 1:20). God bless you, Jonna!

  34. This woman is so beautiful in many ways that are much more significant than the flesh. She is more in touch with nature than we are with the clothes on our backs. Jonna chooses to spend her time by gifting us these precious little gifts that nature has to offer but we never seek for. We are all physical manifestations of the universe moving in an ecstatic motion, however only a few of us are actually willing to explore that.

  35. Hi Jonna, How do deal with the small amount of sunlight in winters? Do you have sun lamps? Just wondering… Love this video! So peaceful.

  36. Beautiful ☺️✨ I like your videos. Good work and a lot of interesting stuff. Always happy when a new ones comes. ❄

  37. Thank you for introducing this to me, I'm so fascinated by the sound, and since i heard it I've been meditating with it ,I can notice how much it has influenced my inner peace, thank you, blessed be by goddess Jonna. )0( )0(

  38. Looking forward to the hours long video. I’ve used your older one for when I need to concentrate on work but can’t focus in silence. It’s perfect as it’s not intrusive, but pleasantly in the background. I was hoping you’d make more! The ice has not frozen where I live yet, but will go out to listen for it this year.

  39. I have never lived where it got cold enough to freeze a lake, so I would not have been able to experience the sounds if you hadn't shared this. Thank you!

  40. Thank you Jonna for inspiring us each single day,and for letting us remember how fascinating and magical our world is,and how our souls are set free by nature💖

  41. I really love your Videos Jonna! And i also love to read all the positive, kind and heartwarming comments! Such a big and positive community all anound the world!

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