Alessia Cara Sings Rihanna, Michael Bublé, and Destiny’s Child in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

Alessia Cara Sings Rihanna, Michael Bublé, and Destiny’s Child in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

– Because it’s so beautiful, and I always have dreamt of
someone singing that to me, because I feel like it’s just the epitome
of sweet, happy love. Hey, I’m Alessia Cara
and I’m gonna be playing Song Association with Elle. So basically, I’m gonna be given a word and I have to sing a song with that word in it in 10 seconds. So, let’s see how I do. (Alessia blows raspberries) I’m ready. Love, uh, c’mon…
(timer ticks) ♪ So this is love ♪
(timer dings) ♪ Mmm mmm mm mmmm ♪ ♪ So this is love ♪ ♪ So this is what makes life divine ♪ Cinderella. Wild…
(timer ticks) ♪ Wild, wild, wild ♪
(timer dings) (snaps)
♪ Wild, wild, wild thoughts ♪ Rihanna. Here…
(timer ticks) You guys are tryin’ to get me to sing my songs. ♪ I asked myself what am I doing here ♪ (timer dings) ♪ Ohhh here ♪ Some weird artist, I don’t know. I don’t know her name. Happy
(timer ticks) ♪ ‘Cause I’m happy ♪
(timer dings, Alessia snaps) ♪ Clap along if you feel
like a room without a roof ♪ ♪ Because I’m ha, clap along if you, mmm ♪ ♪ Happiness is to you ♪ Pharrell. Real?
(timer ticks) Oh no. Um, can I do like a underground-ish band? ♪ Real love ♪
(timer dings) ♪ Real love ♪ ♪ Real love makes your lungs black ♪ ♪ Real love is a heart attack ♪ Big Thief, “Real Love,” check it out. (whispers) Sky.
(timer ticks) ♪ The skies above are blue ♪
(timer dings) Does that count? At Last. ♪ The skies above are blue ♪ ♪ My heart was wrapped up in clovers ♪ Everything…
(timer ticks) ♪ ‘Cause you’re my everything ♪
(timer dings) (snaps and hums) Michael Buble, “Everything.” Always?
(timer ticks) Oh no. ♪ Always (laughs) ♪ Uh… Uh… (laughs) Oh no!
(timer buzzes) No! That was not 10 seconds. Cry?
(timer ticks) Uh… ♪ It’s my party ♪
(snaps) ♪ And I’ll cry if I want to ♪
(timer dings) ♪ Cry if I want to ♪ ♪ You would cry too if
it happened to you ♪ Deep.
(timer ticks) ♪ How deep is your love ♪
(timer dings) ♪ It’s like the ocean
(snaps) ♪ Mmm the ocean, mm mm ♪ People.
(timer ticks) ♪ Ah, look at all the lonely people ♪ (timer dings) The Beatles, right? That’s how it goes, right? All the lonely people? (hums a few notes) Eleanor Rigby. Pain.
(timer ticks) Uh… Pain. Uh, there’s a song,
there’s a band called Refs and it goes–
(timer buzzes) I did it! I had to preface what the song was ’cause then you guys are gonna say it’s not a real song. That, that counts. I’m getting a point for that. ♪ My pain goes away ♪ ♪ Call me anytime you want ♪ ♪ ‘Cause my pain goes away ♪ It’s Refs, look it up, it’s real. I just had to preface, ugh. (laughs) Boy
(timer ticks) ♪ My boy ♪
(timer dings) ♪ My boy ♪
(snaps fingers) ♪ My boy ♪ ♪ Don’t love me like he promised ♪ Billie Eilish. (timer ticking) ♪ Girl ♪
(timer dings) ♪ I can tell you been lyin’ ♪
(snaps) ♪ And you needin’ somebody to talk to ♪ ♪ Girl ♪ ♪ (Hums) Sayin’ that he’s
faithful and loves you ♪ Destiny’s Child. One?
(timer ticks) Uh, uh… ♪ I’m the one, yeah ♪
(timer dings) ♪ I’m the one every mornin’ in the dawn ♪ ♪ Know you wanna ride now ♪ Yeah, Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled and 50 other people (chuckles). I think it was… I actually thought it was
gonna be a lot harder. I was very nervous for
this because I feel like I blank out under pressure, but I think I did pretty
well, considering. I think I got nine, but
that’s okay (laughs). Never mind, it’s 15? So I think I got 14 instead of 13, but, you know what? We’ll let it go, let it slide, and I had a really good time. Thank you guys for watching. Thanks, Elle, for letting me play. If you wanna check out my new album called The Pains of Growing, you can. It is available right now and also, subscribe to Elle’s YouTube channel. Since you’re already here, you might as well subscribe.

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  1. Thanks for watching Song Association, friends! We take note of ALL of your comments, and ALL of the artists you'd like to see next. Stay tuned… we've got a few more episodes before the year ends, and a slate of new contenders who are coming to play in 2019. xx

  2. OH MY GOD so do this thing like I watch this vids with no volume and I play myself and on word "Boy" I sang "my boy" too (i'm Billie's stan) and when I looked at screen and saw that she sang it too I was so freaking exciteed 😂😂💓💓 now I love her 😁♥
    she listens to Billie too 😁💓

  3. Me @2:07 was totally thinking "Cry Baby" by Melanie Martinez and then she sings a different Melanie Martinez song but yet not hers? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐 I'm confused

  4. "It's my party and I cry if I want to"???? Bruh that's in Melanie Martinez's song pity party and she says those exact lyrics wtf

  5. I like her— Eleanor rigby .. was impressive.,talented chick.. as well as Etta James song and underground band..

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