Alexander Skarsgård Teaches Jimmy the Swedish Midsummer Dance

Alexander Skarsgård Teaches Jimmy the Swedish Midsummer Dance

-Do you ever get a chance
to go back to Sweden? -I go back all the time. Yeah.
-You do? -Like, well,
as often as I can, yes. A couple of times a year,
I try to go back, yeah. -I heard of this thing
they have in Sweden. Tell me if I’m making this up. Where it’s like a celebration of
summer or something like that and everyone goes outdoors?
-Yeah, Midsummer. -Midsummer.
-Yeah. -And they dance?
And they dance around a pole? -Well, it’s an old
pagan holiday. It’s basically, you stick
a 30-foot pole, wooden pole covered in leaves and flowers
into the ground. -Uh-huh.
-A very phallic symbol. And the symbolism is obviously to fertilize the soil,
fertilize Mother Earth. So we celebrate this
once a year. [ Laughter ] And what you do is —
It makes perfect sense. -Oh, so far.
Yeah, I’m thinking of doing it. What you do is basically —
You get together. And you eat pickled herring. You decorate the phallic symbol. You stick it into the ground.
You drink Aquavit. And then you dance
around the pole and you sing a song
about, uh, tiny frogs. [ Laughter ] -What is the name
of this holiday? What is the name
of this celebration? -Sma grodorna.
-Yeah, uh-huh. Now, if you play that in
reverse, it’s the exact — Smol-googa?
-No, sma grodorna. “Sma” — little.
“Grodorna” — frogs. -Oh, really is little frogs?
-Yeah. So, you basically hold hands
and you dance around a pole, and then you do these, uh… So, the song is basically —
-You want to just show me? -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] But the thing is —
-This is the pole. -Well, let’s say —
-This is the pole right there. -It’s supposed to be like — There’s supposed to be
like 40 people. Like, and you hold hands. So, let’s say your desk —
We need some space. -Oh, we need space? Okay. -So, then you go —
If you just follow my lead. -Okay.
-You start with… [ Speaking Swedish ] -Obviously. -And it means “little frogs
are funny to look at.” -Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-So, it’s like… [ Singing in Swedish ] [ Jimmy singing gibberish ] -[ Singing in Swedish ] And then you turn and face
each other, and then you go… [ Singing in Swedish ] -[ Laughs ] -[ Singing in Swedish ]
-[ Jimmy singing gibberish ] -That means
“they don’t have any ears. They don’t have a tail.” -Wow.
-And then after that, you go… [ Singing in Swedish ] -You’re making this up.
You’re making this up. -[ Singing in Swedish ] ♪♪ -Wow! Oh, my gosh. Fantastic.
That is how you… That is how you do it.
That is — -“Smalgolgia.”
Thank you very much. -This is not —
This is 100% a true story. If you google it,
you’ll — it’s — -Yeah, or if you can, smagoola. -Sma-google it. Yeah. -We’re here to talk about
your film “Hold the Dark.” This is pretty intense. -This is going to be
a great segue from — -I know. Going from that to
how crazy this film is. But —
-I got a bit winded there. -I did, yeah. Right?
A little bit. But I was into it. I want to do this, man.
-I was really into it. -I loved it, man. It was fun.
-Yeah. -Dude. We’re like —
-You should all try it. [ Laughter ] [ Tuba plays foghorn ] Oh.
-Hey. -Did I leave you
hanging there? -Yeah, you were
much cooler than me. It’s fine. It’s like… I went right back
to high school. -I was connecting
with the audience. Right back to high school.
Mr. “Tonight Show,” big-time. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Still won’t be as cool as you. Let’s talk about
“Hold the Dark.” -All right.
-Sorry. So, yeah. Describe this film.
Describe the movie. -“Hold the Dark”
is basically a meditation on the futility of existence. -Ooh. -So it’s fun for
the whole family. -Explain a little more, though. -So, it takes place in Keelut,
a small village in Alaska. It starts out with a woman who believes her son
has been taken by wolves. She contacts a wolf expert
down in the lower 48. And she asks him to, “Please come up and find my son
or the remnants of my son. I want something to bury.” And this man played by
Jeffrey Wright shows up. And when he shows up in Keelut,
this little town — It’s not even a town.
It’s like a hamlet. A couple of houses
in the middle of nowhere. He realizes that
there’s more to the story than she told him
in the first place. There’s some darkness there and some stuff
that she’s not told him. Meanwhile, my character,
Vernon Slone, has been fighting a war
in the desert. Could be Iraq,
could be Afghanistan. He gets wounded
and finds out about his son, the disappearance of his son,
so he returns home and is very motivated to find out what happened
and find his son. -So it’s almost like
a revenge movie kind of. -Yes, it’s a —
Yeah, but there’s — What’s good —
What I loved about the script, it’s based on a fantastic novel
by William Giraldi that I highly recommend. It’s an extraordinary book. What’s interesting about it,
it starts out — You think it’s going to
be like a classic “man versus nature” story
or “man versus beast,” but then it turns out
it’s more of a man versus himself in a way, and it gets very dark
and very mythological. -Wow. I love this guy.
I want to show a clip. Here’s Alexander Skarsgard
in “Hold the Dark.” Take a look at this. -You killed a person before. -Who told you that? -Mama. My teacher said
it’s bad to kill people. -Yeah, you’ll hear that a lot. -So it’s good? -If you have to. -Why? -To protect what you love
and what you need. -Come on. That is —
This guy knows how to do it. Alexander Skarsgard, everybody. Check out “Hold the Dark”
on Netflix.

100 thoughts on “Alexander Skarsgård Teaches Jimmy the Swedish Midsummer Dance

  1. In Swedes don't take themselves too seriously apparently. When was the last time you saw a grown man skip and sing about little frogs with no ears or tails? Awesome.

  2. That sounds like witchcraft pagan holiday that's okay we sold our souls to the devil a long time ago

  3. Nicole cheats on her husband what makes you think she won't cheat on you once a cheater always a cheater she's a cold hearted b**

  4. oh my god! We sing this song in Brazil! when i was little all the kids loved that song! thats awesome

  5. I am the wierdest swede you've ever heard of.
    I have literally refused to do BOTH The little frogs and Foxy runs across the ice, since I was five years old.
    Well, because they're ridicilous, as you've just seen😂😂😂
    And I was a smart kid understanding that👍😁

  6. He's so beautiful and gorgeous that Alexander, and Bill skarsgars. I'd have both of them in bed with me. Xxoo

  7. Dude, Sweden is much more than just a Midsummer dance. You always talk about traditions as soon as a Swede comes on the show LOL

  8. sweden : let's dance around a pole covered in flowers to celebrate midsummer!
    denmark : let's fucking burn a witch!

  9. Oh my god! I'm from a tiny island in the Philippines and we have the song he is singing almost to the exact translation sang in the exact same tune!

    Bisaya version:
    Daghang baki sa may sapa
    Malipayon sila
    Walay ikog Walay ilong
    Kusog nga mokanta

    Ooooo gak gak gak o gak gak gak
    O gali gali gak
    O gak gak gak
    O gak gak gak
    O gali gali gak

    Sorry… no one probably cares but that was the randomest shit that I just came across in a very very long time.

    Anyway… Alex, you are delicious.

  10. Midsummer's day used to be celebrated on 24th of June which was also the Day of John the Baptist. So Midsummer Eve was celebrated on the 23rd. It's Midsummer Eve Swedes dance round a pole with leaves and flowers which is called a Maypole. This is daytime when children can join. In the evening grown people do their celebrating. Many get drunk in the night, and many children are begotten. Next day is Midsummer day. Before, when Christianity was still important, people went to church to celebrate St John the Baptist. Midsummer eve and day could fall on any weekday. In the middle of the 20th century, the government decided to move Midsummer eve to the latest Friday before the 24th of June. I do not know for how long people have celebrated Midsummer with a maypole. August Strindberg write about it in his Miss Julie in 1888. The maypole might have replaced an earlier custom of lighting a bonfire. In some other countries they still light bonfires on the 23rd of June, called St Hans's evening.

  11. As a Dane I laugh about the Swedes all the time, but when he said pickled herring, I was like….. oh, I'd take midsummer stuff more serious too then.

  12. We do something similar in England. We have a pole a "maypole" in the ground covered in flowers and ribbons and you dance round it and weave the ribbons around the pole. I like the Swedish idea about the song sounds like fun!

  13. Why Swedes are good at English:

    Swedish is a natural language which means it's the easiest for the tounge to pronounce natually, which gives Swedes the ability to easily adapt other accents using different parts of the mouth/tounge to pronounce words with. And also the Swedish education system involves really high levels of Swedish compared to most other countries.

  14. Why skarsgard family's all man is so handsome and talented? God… This family is gift from god. (Specially Bill ❤)

  15. It reminds me of the maypole dancing (on May Day or Pentecost) in England and America. Also of pagan origins. Not that different, except for the little frogs.

  16. Both Skarsgård brothers, Alexander and Bill, are so charismatic. They really know how to engage with the audience.

  17. Never seen Hold the Dark, but might have to just for Alexander Skarsgard. I loved him so as Eric in True Blood, he was the best thing about that show hands down.

  18. A bit different to what we do in Finland.. Drink yourself to oblivion, light up a huge bonfire and in the early hours of the next morning pass out into the red hot remains of the bonfire.

  19. Being european one would think he would have a British accent while speaking English. Hearing his yank accent is dissapointing to say the least.

  20. i ❤ alexander… but fallon's interruption is so annoying as fuck… all i here is a white man which sounds like a girl grunting

  21. Being the Danish neighbour, I have no idea of what tf they are doing. I thought I knew them. Seriously Sweden? Really Sverige? lol

  22. Love him so much ever since his awesome acting in trueblood as Eric damn I wish it never ended loved him so much as eric it’s hard to believe he’s so nice once you see what a badass he is

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