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Today I am on board an Audi TT mk3. I feel a little at home sincerely as looking at it, both internally and externally, the lines are more or less the same. Inside the instrumentation has mainly changed with this cockpit which gives us all the information on this screen just in front of the steering wheel. The dashboard is minimal with the air outlets a bit bigger. The central tunnel is a bit lower, the gear lever is similar and here we have an S-Tronic, while my TT is manual, but if one has an earlier version, it is practically found here. You can easily upgrade. What I’m driving is the 2.0 TFSI with 230 hp, covers the 0-100 in 6 seconds, has 370 nm of torque and a top speed of 250 km / h. I’ve been driving it for a few minutes and what surprises me is comfort. This mounts an Eibach Prokit trim and although it is rigid, and I know something about it, on well-paved roads I find it still comfortable. The engine is the 4 cylinder, very well known and renowned… Holy s**t we know the 4-cylinder but here is another story. This TT is not really stock, it has a motor map and Stage 1+ gearbox by Revo, it has a VR600 suction that you can hear a lot, Amazing.. in 5th at low revs you can feel all the aspiration! When you have a road, you have kept a nice straight … Holy s**t.. I had to say a lot of technical things but I’m not saying anything because I’m extremely surprised by this TT. It’s a lot of stuff. C’mon.. c’mon! …the driveability .. we return a little serious because it ends up entering the Adria International Raceway, which is near here, and throw down a few laps, the desire is that. The driveability: this car is based on the Golf frame, the body is completely redone in aluminum to save weight, we are about 1300 kg. Compared to the mk2 that I have, it is a little shorter, 4.18 meters, and this detail improves the problem of front-wheel drive typical of all TTs. This, fortunately, has the Quattro drive and the car is completely different. In the curve that I took before it kept me in trajectory to perfection, it is glued to the asphalt. I’m not even pushing that much, the tires are road and not at optimum temperature, it has an exaggerated grip. Another positive aspect, which I thought was good, is instead of very high quality, it is the gearbox. I really appreciate the DSG, here is the brother, the S-Tronic, has a disarming precision and thanks to the modifications made this car earns so much in malice. It doesn’t look like a TT at all. It has a completely different supply than what you might expect, with very few changes it really flies … it’s practically always at 6000 rpm, I didn’t think it was that bad. Ok the S-Tronic, ok the 2.0 TFSI, but goddamn … this on the track must be crazy, what a hard trim! The steering is super intuitive, it goes where you want, what beauty, what beauty! This car was aesthetically modified in an excellent way, I do a little advertising for Carrozzeria Azzolin. The livery is that of the Audi S1 ​​Quattro which ran Pikes Peak in 1987 with Walter Rorlh. The Audi came as a debutant and not only won the competition but also destroyed the track record by lowering it by 20 seconds. Pikes Peak is not one of the simplest races, it is one of the toughest in the world, it has been softened over time by paving dirt roads. In 1987 it was a real undertaking, Audi did an exaggerated job. I really like this livery because it goes well with the lines of the German model. It is very apt, to make such a covering livery is not easy either in terms of execution or in terms of choice. This new TT costs just over € 50,000. It’s a nice figure because it comes close to the cost of a Porsche, but if you like it – and here the set-up is at the top – it’s to be taken. I wouldn’t buy it new, just like I did with mine. I would buy it with a few km as the build quality is very high so such a car, even after 40 / 50.000km it has only stretched the bones. Look for used and the S-Tronic combo with Quattro traction is something exceptional; this car has some really light modifications, the TFSI can withstand far heavier ones, the performances are these and you don’t expect them from a TT. I think this is the video where I talked less. I tried a lot of cars so far, even very powerful ones, I thought I was less involved with a TT and instead I got off my own, I got on this one, an improved car from all points of view. The air vents I might have made smaller but they are really insignificant details. I find myself practically in my car, more powerful, with a better trim, capable of incredible delivery, it’s fantastic. It’s a perfect upgrade of the mk2, and it’s also white: D. It doesn’t look like a TT, f**k, it doesn’t look like a TT, like the exhaust central sings … it starts a 200-cell downpipe and is handcrafted to the terminals taken by TTS. Originally it would have the two central exhausts. How she sings, my god. Feel the suction … the VR600 is really big, at low revs it can seem a bit empty, while in fact you think it may be unreasonable you get a kick in the crazy back. The turbo goes under pressure in a moment. Attention, there is a guy who was working but wants to make us a video .. and then we go .. It’s an exceptional machine, I always liked the TT as long as I bought it, this mk3 would be a really good alternative to mine. I often think it’s a bit awkward and I wouldn’t know which to replace it … obviously with another TT! I really like this 2.0 TFSI. The house consumptions are declared at 16.9 km / l and you don’t even dream about them, they are much lower, the CDB informs me that we are traveling on 9 km / l. All in all it is not a bad value on such a car, which looks like a TT but is not, the TFSI is really optimized perfectly, with mine if I push it to 6 km / l, do the 9 km / l here is even too much. I liked the car and I think we saw it, it is scary, it has a seemingly boundless power. So much, so much, so much stuff. Thanks for watching the video, if you liked it put like and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done it yet, Hi!

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