Chandelier (Sia Cover) | Kellyoke | The Kelly Clarkson Show

(crowd cheering) ♪ Party girls don’t get hurt ♪ ♪ Can’t feel anything, when will I learn ♪ ♪ I push it down, push it down ♪ ♪ I’m the one ‘for a good time call’ ♪ ♪ Phone’s blowin’ up, they’re ringin’ my doorbell ♪ ♪ I feel the love, feel the love. Hey! […]

Snowmobile Powered Sports Car Gets Custom Drivetrain

Entertainment Earth – We Focus on Fun!

First Star Wars action figure I got was a birthday gift. We ripped open the packaging and then later that same day I took the packaging and taped it back together. I might have known something back then about future collectibility of the action figures. He started collecting them and then keeping many in the […]

(Weekly Idol EP.306) IKON Random play dance FULL ver.

IKON’s just came back with a new album And it has two title tracks? – B Day and BLING BLING – BLING BLING And BI was… Yes I wrote those songs I wrote BLING BLING in a short time I didn’t put too much thought Great songs are usually composed in a short time It’s […]

Hotel Transylvania 3 (2018) – DJ Battle Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

Drac! Van Helsing’s beats are controlling the giant octopus thingy! If there’s one thing I hate, it’s an evil DJ! We need… POSITIVE ENERGY! [Gets equipment out without looking at anything] Get ready for a DJ battle! You just carry all that stuff around with you? Once a bar mitzvah DJ, always a bar mitzvah […]

Singing Telegrams Yorkshire Soul and Motown Grams

Welcome to Real Singing Telegrams UK This is Rebecca, our new singagram performer based in Yorkshire You can book her to surprise a loved one or work colleague anywhere in Yorkshire, for birthdays, weddings, hen parties, anniversaries, retirements, leaving, apologies, thank yous, declarations of love, congratulations or any reason you can think of. You can […]

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer Spoof – TOON SANDWICH

She’s tranq’d. OK. Come on. Whoa whoa whoa! Are you OK? I’m OK! Are you sure she’s doped? Yeah, of course. I gave her the full dose. You were standing right next to her when I did it. Yeah, I know. I just… It’s weird: I- I don’t actually remember seeing the needle go in. […]

Visit the 1000 Islands and Rideau Canal: Leeds Grenville, Ontario

We invite you To experience our world famous 1000 Islands Marvel at the Rideau Canal A world heritage destination Share in what the locals know Enjoy what’s natural Explore in your own way In the land of the Great Spirit