Bali Nightlife – Will You Survive? | Safe Travels | World Nomads

Bali Nightlife – Will You Survive? | Safe Travels | World Nomads

Theres no doubt about it, Bali can get pretty
crazy I know about magic mushrooms… he thought
he was dead actually Look I think a lot of them do things here
in bali that they wouldn’t normally do at home… Alright, we’re not going to sugar coat it.
One of the main reasons people come to kuta is to party hard. Its no surprise then that
some people go a little overboard, and if you push it too far, you could land in some
seriously hot water. Craig Beveridge, head of the BIMC hospital
in Bali has seen travellers do some mind boggling things under the influence. Yeah look I think a lot of them do things
here in Bali that they wouldn’t normally do at home. As an example riding a motorbike
without a helmet, you know you just wouldn’t do it at home, and the roads are certainly
no softer here. The thing is you can really hurt yourself
on these things, especially if you aren’t wearing shoes, helmet, or pants. So if you
find yourself in Bali not wearing pants for all the wrong reasons, you might want to get
yourself a four wheeled vehicle, at least you won’t need to worry about complicated
things like, you know, gravity. Oh, and if you have travel insurance, you
can forget about making a claim if you are seriously wasted, it’s just not going to happen. If you’re drunk it will open you up to a whole
bunch of other problems too. Drink spiking is always a bit of a problem
in places like these, so its vital that you keep your eye on your drink at all times,
if you’re not careful, who knows what might happen… Yep, theres no doubt that Kuta is a pretty
crazy town, with practically everything on offer Ecstasy, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Marijuana These are all drugs that you can get very
freely in Kuta. What you can also get very freely are jail sentences of up to 30 years,
and you could face the firing squad if you are caught in possession of drugs, awesome. What have you heard about drugs over here? I know about magic mushrooms, and I had bad
experiences. My boyfriend had, and it was not good. What happened to him? He thought he was dead actually and i had
to convince him that he wasn’t. And that wasn’t very fun at all Its pretty easy to go crazy here, the rules
are very lax and its a hedonistic atmosphere, but its like anywhere else in the world. If
you’re going to get off your face, you could find yourself in trouble. So if you have any memories left, and you’d
like to take them home in one piece remember this Excessive drinking can lead to exaggerated
egos, poor dancing, vomiting and fighting, usually in that order. And avoid the motorbike taxis if you don’t
want to add full body gravel rash into the equation. Keep an eye on your drinks spiking is pretty
common, and seriously, 20 years in a Bali prison with a cellmate called brutal, its
just not worth getting high for. So get out there and explore your boundaries,
but remember to stay safe.

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  1. can't the rest of world visit Bali in the off season and support the Balinese tourist industry. Majority of Aussie's do the right thing all year round.

  2. Just remember that it's Bali (Indonesia) itself that promotes and benefits from the "industri pariwisata".. imagine if there's no international traffic at all. that's right..think first before you speak

  3. as you said, not all of them are bad. And recently, there never seem to be an 'off-season' anymore. the types of tourists who came rotates. It's now which tourist-season kinda thing. Kinda weird when you think about it.

  4. The problem with what you said is that it's the majority of Balinese (or the goverment,if you will) that opens the what you said as "sacred island and culture" location to the public as tourist attraction, and they benefit from it. Sure, there are a**holes that need to learn to show the proper respect for such places, but it's your and their mutual responsibility. What you're saying is just selfish and immature

  5. club tourism makes no sense, if u go to bali (or any other place in the world ) only for the purpose of clubbing, why bother? Clubs in bali are just the same as any other clubs anywhere else

  6. you Aussies are completely useless, you are "CASHED UP" and still cheap and very poor..
    just wait 3/5 years.. Asians will come down there to obliterate yall!!

  7. the only thing you should be careful in SE asia and that no one talks about is : do not take yaaba (thai name for methamphetamine)

  8. Welcome to paradise, huh?
    Well jesus said that the kingdom of god is within you, and doesnt come with observance. If they say "here" or "there it is", dont beleive them.

  9. banyak bgt bule nya neng…. hahaha…. kayak luar negri… i mean there are lots of whites there that look like european country…. haahaha

  10. good thing i'm not end up in nightlife :3 ,here is my video to bali 😀 ,i'm not visiting kuta beach ,but there is few place i visited in bali  , Trip to Bali (Indonesia vacation)

  11. If you are headed to Bali, Indonesia, there is every chance you will end up in the nightlife mecca of Kuta – a no-holds-barred party strip filled with cheap drinks, pounding clubs and endless mayhem at practically every corner.

    Join Jesse Perez from the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub for a trip into the belly of the Bali beast, to discover a few of the pitfalls you might encounter – and how to come home with (some of) your memories intact! #party #nightlife #indonesia #bali #travelsafety #travel  

  12. looks played out .. and spring breakish . i live in LA tons more fun to go to vegas. you can choose your level of party plus free beer

  13. More than likely once you land in Bali, you will spend some time in Kuta. A polarizing travel experience, is Kuta a drunken Tourist Ghetto or great night out? World Nomad's Jesse Perez gives you the low down:

    – Magic Mushrooms in Bali
    – Riding a motorbike without Helmets – why you shouldn't do it
    – Drink spiking – watch out
    – Other drugs & Balinese jail sentences
    #travel #bali #kutanightlife #party #indonesia #travelsafety

  14. its not a secret so many Australians dying in Bali.. they come to Bali to dig their own grave,, just browse in the internet.. its all because of their fault.. sorry to say this,, but as Indonesian,, i feel pity to let people die in my own country.. you guys Australian better take care of your self.. think about your family first….

  15. Yea, and I found the best cheapest hotels that are safe, nice, and good retreat, is at yukstays. So need to be carefull when in Kuta Beach, but most importantly, get a good hotel from The Tirtha and Rabasta hotel group. No drugs in the hotel though! Party outside.

  16. 1996 Brian rapp we surfed kuta beach lawalong bungloes we were the longboarders waterways teamriders Brian rapp sean Murphy Andy barton and dana mansfield my claim to game is the play my waterways gland occy lupo gland surf movie at tubes surfers bar canyonlocalfilmscom

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  18. I have visited Bali 10 times since 2005 to 2011.  I was part of KangGuru Indonesia based in IALF Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali.  I knew Kuta , Sanur and some part areas of tourist communities in Bali area quite well.    I was very happy during my good times in Bali ever since.  Your video is very awesome, and reminds me of Bali in every way.   Thank you so much for presenting this video    I hope you can be my friend  Keep up the good work mate..

  19. Looks like a bunch of morons acting disrespectful in a beautiful foreign land. Makes me not want to visit Bali. If I wanna see this crap I'll go to Panama City Beach, Fla.

  20. I went to Bali to get away from Australia and do something different, and as soon as I landed found myself surrounded by….Australians. Got to Kuta and found myself surrounded by young Australians of the lowest denominator. A massive waste of my time and money and not going there again. I would recommend Thailand for the true "getaway" south-east Asia experience.

  21. Only because there are too many rules in Australia… shops close too early because those in power want you to go home go to work go home go to work…. FUCK THE SYSTEM!!!!

  22. more islands to explore, not Bali only. we have more 18000 islands to explore, not just for night club please every country have night club. try something different is better.

  23. #wonderfulindonesi
    IG : @rivayfai

  24. hey yeah, thanks for the upload.. but really, what did Bali ever did to you for exposing the negative side that can exist in any part of the world? you forgot to mention the good side of bali like the people, the weather, the islands, and the affordable goods.

  25. The kuta bombing happened 3 days after I left, sitting Singapore, many people just said – it's only Aussies dead no loss!!!

  26. Bali is good to visit only if you want to live at a reduced accommodation charges and cheap massage services. All other things are extremely expensive and the locals are not polite but expect you to pay as per their fancy prices. They just want foreigners money.

  27. Kuta in south bali already lose it own identity with balinese culture., easier to find westerner or aussie there than the local people.,
    You create party with annoying music while beside your party zone there are local people still pray in temple.,
    That’s why i choose ubud when visiting bali., easy to find balinese with great ceremonial in ubud
    Bali night life should be silence and peaceful, this is bali, not thailand..,

  28. Staying in Bali is great, just need to control our self more cos here lack of rules. as long as u don't bother another you can do what u want. Just Be more careful while enjoying your life here,

  29. Spiking drinks is common? How can you enjoy yourself if you can not have the peace of mind of the enjoyment of a drink? I guess that a person should stay in America. That isn't a problem here.

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