Best BTS Dance Practices | HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2019

Best BTS Dance Practices | HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2019

100 thoughts on “Best BTS Dance Practices | HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2019

  1. My friend:Who's your favorite disney princess
    Me:Princess taehyung
    My friend:that's not even a prin-
    Me: bish i said princess taehyung
    My friend:i think i have the wrong friend (whispers)

  2. 6:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣 me reí demaciado en esa parte. cuando junkook disfrazado de conejito tierno empieza a golpear a Jimin

  3. All of this was hilarious!! They are awesome with their costumes choices, though I have to say they scared me with costumes for the "war on hormones" dance practice, especially Suga.😱😱😱😱
    But it was great either way.😊

  4. 6:11 you have released the inner kookie of Halloween 6:50 YEAH!! I'M GONNA TAKE MY JIN AND HORSE TO OLD TOWN ROAD!!

  5. I miss their Halloween Specials, they are very BTS : cute, funny, chaotic, crackhead culture – and I love it 😂💜

  6. What a great video. Boys are just a silly gooses. I so love it. Love to watch them clowning around and happy. I just hope they do love doing their crazy videos like this or each events. It brings me a big smile and for everybody too. ☺️☝️🤗😍❤️

  7. Its honestlt shocking how taehyuumg being one of the most mainly of them all has to be the princess lol.

  8. Does anyone get who jimin was supposed to be besides me? I think he is Charlie Chaplin. Idk maybe it’s because I’ve been studying dance for so long but hey it’s perfect for jimin since he is a dancer and Charlie Chaplin was too.

  9. ハロウィン🎃🙅‍♀️🌻

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