Big Hit Entertainment Calling for a Crackdown on Bootleggers | Billboard News

Big Hit Entertainment Calling for a Crackdown on Bootleggers | Billboard News

(“Fake Love” by BTS) – We all know fake Louis Vuitton
bags are bad for business. And your bogus Gucci belt
well it isn’t gonna win you any fashionable friends. And now the BTS boys have
their own bootleg merch drama. Big Hit Entertainment, the
South Korean company behind the blockbuster K-pop band
is calling for a crack down on bootleggers. (“Boy with Luv” by BTS) And a complaint filed in
California district court April 25th Big claims an
exclusive right to the BTS trademark and is calling
for court authorization to seize and destroy any
unauthorized merchandise being sold outside the group’s
concerts by the U.S. Marshall and other law enforcement. The company states bootleg
tour and program books, t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts,
hats, visors, buttons, posters, and other such
items are likely to injure the reputation of Big
Hit Entertainment and BTS due to its inferior quality. Hey, stop talking about those shirts. I worked hard on them. And BTS and their team are
doing this at the right time because the boys are about
to kick off an extension of its hugely lucrative
Love Yourself Speak Yourself world tour this weekend
starting May fourth and fifth at the Rose Bowl
in Pasadena, California. (“Idol” by BTS) BTS is currently up for best social artist and best group honors at the
2019 Billboard Music Awards and they’ll be hitting the
stage tonight so be sure and tune in to NBC at eight
p.m. for that and way more. BTS’ recent album Map of
the Soul Persona debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. The band has also spent 124
weeks at number one on the Billboard social 50 chart. I’ll be covering everything
from the BBMAs tonight so make sure you keep it locked right here on Billboard News. For Billboard News I’m Tetris Kelly.

100 thoughts on “Big Hit Entertainment Calling for a Crackdown on Bootleggers | Billboard News

  1. Who else watched their performance and they killed it with Halsey, they also won the best social artist and top duo group awards, I’m so proud 🎉🎉🎉

  2. Congratulations BTS!!!

    Top Group/Duo🏆
    Top Social Artist🏆

    I AM SO PROUD😭👏💜

  3. When you can't watch them live because you are at school and NBC doesn't air in your country ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

  4. It took Big Hit long enough, as this has been going on for a while now … parasites trying to leech off of the hard work of our boys! 😡

  5. U know this all started with BTS panties if y/ns weren’t this disgusting there would not be any suing

  6. Comment section is almost filled with comments that in no way relate to the video lol. But this decision of BH was correct, illegal selling may not only harm BTS' image but it can also effect the sales of their authentic merch. I hope their tour goes smoothly and no problem occurs 💜

  7. Good luck crackin down on bootleggers their all over the US and Ebay worldwide. Kinda like a rash you get rid of that keeps coming back but in a different area.

    Yes yes yes and yes they right i wanted this so bad thank good

  9. i hate to admit this but most of my merch are bootlegs…

    but one day if i find a more stable job i would purchase the legit one…. sorry BTS

  10. There was a lot of people selling fake BTS merch outside the venue in prudential center which I was kinda surprised bc there's none of them during the wings tour. And we all know why are they doing it!!!!

    I'm glad Bighit are making an action about this!

  11. 주류밀매자를 강력탄압했다고? Bighit가? crackdown on bootlegger가 무슨뜻인지 아시는분?
    What does that mean?

  12. Look it all cool that these people want to ban all other merch because the are leaching money of these people but we fans also should have access to official stuff to!! I want BTS to make it global!! Please army let's make it it happen 😩

  13. I'm glad they're doing this. It's not right for others to make big money using their name/image. They busted their asses to get to this level and deserve to reap the reward for all their hard work.

  14. So what will happen to the fanmade buttons that people worked so hard on? Are they going to get destroyed?

  15. Stop selling or purchasing illegal stuff ! If you love BTS and wish them survived forever, dont take advantage of them~ they have struggled for years to become so popular and worldwide well-known !

  16. Sorry buttt… Big hit ur current us merch material is the same as the boot legged ones. I miss the old quality :/

  17. I don’t think it’s working cuz yesterday the bootleggers actually got inside the stadium and were selling to fans already in their seat before and while the show was going on 😂

  18. I read my notif as BigHit Entertainment Calling for a Crackhead and I internally combusted with laughter

  19. The crazy thing is I think this is the first time there are official shirts on sale…which means ALL the others are bootlegs…which means everything we have worn to previous concerts were too 😅what we supposed to do…

  20. Does anybody actually buy those shirts that ppl sell outside the venues? I always see them whenever i go to concerts and like i dont get why ppl would buy them

  21. I wish they would have done this last year. There were so many people trying to sell their bootleg shirts outside of Prudential that they were literally blocking the doors on the way out.

  22. Maybe if bighit made merch easily and affordably available to people outside of Korea and Japan then people would be less inclined to buy fakes😍

  23. Ironic how bootlegs like these are supposed to be coming from the endless "Made in China" jokes yet the dupe merch are being made in the U.S.

  24. Ok but is that necessary? Just kick them out of the venue. Don't need to take and destroy anything.

  25. My friend went to their concert on Saturday and when she sent me videos of the concert I cried 😭 I literally attacced her in Monday to tell me all about the concert 😂

  26. Makes sense, there were so many people selling BTS merch for $5 that were not official. While some of it was good, a lot of it was bad. I know BTS wants ARMYs to have nothing but the best so I agree

  27. Maybe I'd buy bts merch if it came in my size??? I buy unofficial merch bc none of it fits lmao. Fix the sizing and price and you wont have this issue.

  28. I went to the la concert and when everyone left there were people selling shirts and flags for five bucks

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