Billie Eilish – bad guy EXTREME | JUST DANCE 2020 1st try REACTION

Hello everybody! You voted for it… after already almost 2,000 votes you want me to discover “bad guy” extreme while dancing to it for the first time. So I tried dress up consequently I had no green. So I chose pink Hugo, who is in the other room, just told me I look like Billie Eilish So I think I should be good It’s not gonna save me from what’s about to happen I guess but I’m doing it for you guys I’m scared! I tried to dress up consequently What did you say about it? Because you watched it Because I did that. I know there’s this… “The gold move is gonna kill me”? I have no clue what I’m getting myself into It’s like the beginning of the normal one It’s… shapes?! My back!! It’s going fast! This! I’m surviving for now… I have to forget I have bones for this Got it! This was the gold move… ah, I missed it! Why do I feel like it’s… that something bad is about to HAPPEN!! Yes, of course! I survived through it. I don’t know if I went down enough… probably not enough like this First impression? You need to forget your bones to do that choreography Damn it’s hot. I don’t imagine the dancer recording this It looks like an improved… Pushed to the limit version of the normal dance, so I think it’s good very Billie Eilish, now that I know who Billie Eilish is I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Probably I did just a mess But it was genuinely the first time I was discovering it. So… I hope you liked this reaction dancing video I’m so hot Subscribe for more! Yes! You should have subscribed since the beginning of the video if you’re not subscribed Subscribe for more! Well, I’m not gonna rediscover it for the first time again, but… If you would like a real gameplay with me dancing it correctly write it in the comments as well! I’ll see you for the next video How was it again? Bye!

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