Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans | Just Dance 2020

Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans | Just Dance 2020

Yo, I’m Billie
Eilish, and I am here about to surprise
some fans who are going to be playing Just Dance
2020 that I helped design. [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: Come on in. Excellent, thank you. I’m going to have you two
come over right over here. Great, like that. Perfect. My name’s Dakota. I’m from San Diego. I love Billie Eilish so much. She doesn’t, like,
cover up the truth. Her personality–
she’s very carefree, and she’s just really funny. I didn’t really have friends
for a really long time, and I would cry a lot. I felt really bad about
myself for a really long time. But then, like, literally
the cure to any bad moment, I would just play Billie Eilish. And then I would just,
like, sing-along and go back to my, like,
weird-like quirky self. [MUSIC – BILLIE EILISH, “BAD
GUY”] Oh, wow. Yeah, that looks– That looks– –really cool. –awesome. This is one of
my favorite parts. He’s the same
guys on my shirt. GIRL 1: Very unique. GIRL 2: Yeah. GIRL 1: Yeah. Like, the kick in the
beginning, that’s like– that’s her, yeah, and
her favorite color green. GIRL 2: Yeah. GIRL 1: Of course. I also just, like,
love her energy. [LAUGHS] She’s, like, puts me
in such a good mood. [LAUGHS] BILLIE EILISH: [SNORT] Oh! Oh my God! God! Hold the– oh my God. Wait. [LAUGHS] Huh! Oh my– Ah! Hello! (HIGH PITCHED) Oh my god. Huh? Oh my– [LAUGHS] No! No, can I hug you? Huh, oh my gosh.
(HIGH-PITCHED) Oh my God. Oh my god, oh my god. Can I give you a hug? [INAUDIBLE] (CRYING) I love you. [LAUGHS] [DING] [SCREAMING] Oh my God! Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Hold up. Oh my God. What’s up? Hi! Oh my God. Oh my God. I’m like– BILLIE EILISH:
You’re so beautiful. You’re so– you’re just– you’re my everything. Shut up. I feel like I’m not
even alive right now. I feel like I’m– [LAUGHS] Should we dance? We should dance. Can we dance? Oh my God. [MUSIC – BILLIE EILISH, “BAD
GUY”] I mean, this is so crazy. Oh! I can’t move in this jacket. [LAUGHS] Are you
wearing the same thing? Yeah! I don’t [INAUDIBLE]. I’m just like– [LAUGHS] Oh, you got me. Yay! Oh my God. I can’t believe– Jesus. Oh my god. Oh my god. Thank you. I love you. Take care [INAUDIBLE]. You’re so beautiful. Shut up. Look it! I love you. I love you. BOTH: I love you. That was so unreal. [MUSIC – BILLIE EILISH, “BAD

100 thoughts on “Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans | Just Dance 2020

  1. I love how cute is Billie with her fans.
    Like they ask if they can hug her and she just opens her arms and is like "COME HERE"
    Sooo sweet 💚💚💚

  2. I appreciate the people making the younger generations feel happy just like my favorite artists made me happy 💕 :’)

  3. At 2:50 lmao. When the girl notices and the other girl still dances because she's having to much fun 😂😂 Honestly me when im having to much fun and don't notice someone is watching me 😂😂

  4. I am trapped in a Billie binge. She is seriously the coolest most down to earth celeb ever. Man I would have loved to be one of the girls in this video. Love u Billie

  5. Lol green trashbag walking 😂 knowing me I would turn around right away at her crinkle sound and hug her too. That's sweet of the people that asked for a hug

  6. wow, I actually cried a bit when Billie surprised the girl with the sad story about no friends, hit too close to home. <3 love when people get to complete a dream, hope that girl's situation gets better.

  7. Давайте посчитаем, сколько раз в этом видео произносили фразу "О МАЙ ГАААД"
    (я знаю как это переводится если что)
    Люблю Биляшика🌺💕

  8. 2:49 girl on left notice Billie.😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

    Girl on the right: I AM DETERMINED. ⬆⬇↗↖⬅↘↙➡↔↩⤵↕↪🔄🔁🔀⤴🔃↘↗⬇⬇⬆⬅➡↙↪

  9. Когда ты хочешь посмотреть, но не знаешь английский(но я смотрю

  10. Shes so genuinely happy to meet them and is so chill and sweet. You can always tell shes just being Billie. The way she kept saying I love you to the last girl 😭

  11. I like how the last girl in blue just kept dancing not paying attention to her friends reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol she’s a mood 👌🏻

  12. the one girl just looked at her while the other girl was dancing and the other girl then she just kept looking then she screamed and bro i was dead💀

  13. I actually really wish this was me it’s my dream to see Billie I love her and she helps me through all my problems and I just really wish I would get to see her

  14. Как бы я хотела оказаться на их месте❤️. Билли такая милая. А реакция фанатов такая клевая

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