Britain’s Got Talent Auditions That Went Horribly Wrong | Got Talent Global

Britain’s Got Talent Auditions That Went Horribly Wrong | Got Talent Global

Finally and the beautiful sea I choose to be happy you and I you and I Well, I diamonds in the sky Oh The energy are saturated I saw the line so shine bright You wind up With beautiful diamonds in the sky shine bright like a diamond shine bright Shine bright like a diamond beautiful Sorry mother’s English palms rise to the universe As we moonshine and Molly feel the warmth. We’ll never die We’re like diamonds in the sky first The energy I Ocala miiniwaa I was I Was talking to some press the other day and they were kind of saying, you know I think you’re the red-hot favourite to win unless you know what until you get on to the final? That’s when you really show what you’ve got. Now you’d fell apart the first half of the song you lost your words You lost your timing Luckily on the second half of the song you picked it up All I can say is I hope that people judge you on the second half not the first up because I do think you’re a Really really good singer, and I think you I think you really deserve to be here tonight But that’s only a good thing you’ve got a fantastic voice There’s something very very haunting when you sing and you really sound like a recording artist and it was the first performance line I thought this guy could win Watching you tonight we’ll be able to relate what just happened to you. It happens. You know what it’s done You have the most magical voice when you sing. It does something to me You see and I think that you’re gonna have the biggest career and I hope that people pick up the phone and vote you deserve to be in this competition you Said nerves just show that you care. You did a great performer. No, please don’t tell yourself foreplay meaning And also Calum as well It’s it takes a true star a kind of mega mistake at the beginning Get back into it identity to the like next level like you did in the second half. Yeah Non-stop, I’m very familiar with the weight. I just tried to just pick it up I just made a mistake and I’m sorry I’ll do them They said you picked it up and you got off with it well done Good evening People often ask us how we realize we could read minds in truth We started thinking thoughts at the same time when we started our journey here on Britain’s Got Talent Amanda We asked you to think of a context on your phone and we told you who it was Simon We went on an imaginary journey in your mind and revealed every decision you made Amanda would you stand up for me and join me at the other side of your chair? Everyone will give you a really big round of applause We’re going to generate a random number You’re going to verify When the number goes into the calculator will set what gets set out out you’re going to verify it goes into the calculator Simon I like to think back to a significant moment in your life in years. How old were you? Seven seven puppet and we’re going to go times and Alicia. I’d like you to think of a random four-digit number for me Seven six seven six seven six seven six times by when Pete this bit between us and Amanda I’d like you to put in the pin code to your mobile phone in the four digit bingo Cheeky We’re gonna press equals now I’m gonna turn this towards the camera We’ve generated this number at random and I’m gonna ask you to write down this number on the board in the center of the stage Amanda starting from the left I want you to say the digits out loud one at a time and I will write them down to seven to zero For one for one Thank you and thank you and thank you David. Yes here I have two of your books I want you to choose one and whichever one you choose we’re going to use which one Could I ask you to stand up and come and join me at my side in a moment? I’m going to flick through the pages Anytime you’d like please say stop for me stop right there Yeah, would you like to use the left hand page or the right hand right hand the right hand page I’m gonna put my forefinger at the top of the page and I’m gonna move it from the top of the page to the bottom I’d like you to say stop for me anywhere that you like Stop on this line here. Yeah here This line here. Yeah, I’m gonna move along the page Along the line scuse me, please. I’ll stop here. Yeah, I’d like you to think of that word. Okay Just concentrate on that word for me just say it to yourself in your mind David I’d like you to hold the book against you. Please keep the place In fact, you can take a seat for me. I want everybody here to understand what happened. They’ve been one of his own books He chose a page at random you then selected a line at random and you’re thinking of a word. That’s your own choice Just concentrate on that word for me. You must agree. You could have gone for any word on that page Just say it in your mind over and over again. I need Darren to be able to tell you what word you’re merely thinking of David’s without looking at the page you stopped on. Do you know the page number No? For the first time, please look at the page you stopped on and say out loud what page number is 31 31. I Want very close I’m gonna change it. I think it 81. Excuse me, but David you stopped on a word a word at random I’m gonna write down the word. I think you stopped on In a loud and clear voice police out loud. What word you have lady lady? That’s exactly what I’ve got We generated a random number and that lamb what number was written down has been on full view since we began The last time we were on this stage, David We asked you to think of a word We told you where that word was in the dictionary and it was on page number 1 4 1 4 and if you look here we have 1 4 1 4 Since we began our journey on Britain’s Got Talent Four judges have made decisions every step of the way Amanda in our audition. We asked you to think of a number on your telephone It was your sister Debbie and the number was four one five Simon we then asked you to imagine a door and the door number you imagined was seven one Seven if we add those numbers together those numbers equal twenty nine if I go like this and like this if we add the numbers to Seven and twenty. They also equal twenty nine now you may think that’s a coincidence, but it’s not Since the moment we met you we’ve been influenced in every decision you’ve made if I go like this and like this I’d like to show you something interesting every single letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number, too Let me give you an example a is one Kissimmee looking confused B’s to CS 3 – he’s b7 he’s g20 is t4 is day 14 is n1 is a Every single decision that you have made since the moment. We we met you and we now end our journey here at Britain’s Got Talent We are DNA Before I demonstrated skills, I Hope it goes better than that Simon This time you’re safe But I do need some help Alicia – please join me on the stage Don’t worry you’re safe What I have here is what I like to call crossbow roulette. Let me explain As you can see I have 5 crossbows and mounted to this which is are aimed at that wall Which is where I’m gonna be standing for our aim to miss me one is not he has amazing eyes carry on And all these crossbows completely Have a string tied to the trigger which goes to this funnel. They’re mixed up and then attached these levers We don’t know which crossbows go to which lever. This is where you come in. I’m Gonna give you the option to pick four of these to fire anyone on your choice while I’m standing over there What you do is you pull the number off you throw it on the ground and then on my cue you pull the lever back Okay. Got it. Yes my heart is pounding Okay, Alicia Anyone, look at the numbers? Yeah, pick one and pull the number off I’m a full. I know Mike you pull the lever on my que Ready? Now! Oh, you got two at one time here, but that’s okay Okay Now you actually have two more choices since you’ve already fired two Number three look at the leavers and on Mike you pull it when you’re ready. Okay ready? Now You know what? This is fun. I’m not gonna lie. Believe me when I say I’m Way more nervous than you are Okay, there’s one more left Number one. Okay on my que pull the lever Ready? Now That is You’re done.yes. thank you very much? well done?that was it Hello, hi Simon, how are you nice to see you? Okay. What’s your name? My name is Harrell umbels but he’s short for bombas Where you from? I’m a Greek Cypriot from Cyprus And I’ve lived all my life in Cheltenham. What’s your full-time job? I Got ice cream van. So what’s that called again teas? Well, it’s called a bazooky Listen, we have the best audience tonight. Good luck. Yeah Come by bus For free please. Say we get a plate. Can we get a plate? Yes. Yes Over there when I’m playing you should throw it over there Showtime This is a traditional dance Love you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank Two six two six two six two six everything. Okay, we’re gonna just stop it there little one just had a few. Oh Just a couple of technical issues our first act of the semi final Already are we ready to go ready for anything? Well, are you ready to go then? I used to buy To push me past the breaking point Everything Already My boys hear that sound like thunder gonna shake the rocks they’ll beat Dad But then everybody’s welcome done Crushing the judges put in a sound issue daddy couldn’t hear the truck so we did let them start again David What did you make that performance? I thought it was fantastic I’m well, we recovered from that little technical hitch because I know those things but some of those throw people but it didn’t throw any of you at all and a choir like this only works If every single one of you is giving a hundred percent and singing with passion and you all work and it’s fantastic to hear kids Singing a song as a choir that they would actually want to sing so well done Never easy and I can’t imagine how nervous you all must feel But I look to every single one of your faces and you look like you were having the time of your lives And that was a fantastic performance great song choice. Like David said we should all be so proud You should be extremely proud of them. Well done Your school beautifully and of course Island and I love the song choice it was absolutely brilliant the actions were fantastic Honestly, it was felt joyful and hopeful and in the light of absolutely all the trauma We’ve been through over the last week or so. You were a breath of fresh air. So well done What was making me laugh is that I know the chaos that was going up in the gallery where they trick the show When this was going wrong, and you were like so calm. Yeah, this is normal. We’ll start again First half was kind of like you got back in you like getting your groove Second half is when you got your confidence to choreography. You sounded amazing. You know what I love about you lot. I love your personalities Individually, and that’s what makes this quite special to actually Hello hi, who are you I’m ma honey and this is Robbie And what make is Robbie he is a Maltese terrier. Why have you entered this show? What are you gonna do today Doge I teach toga toga So yes that yoga is yoga for you and your dog wicked. Oh So you gonna watch the act that’s a good point rocky watches that why I’ve got to see this, right? Okay Wow Breathe deeply Seen an out through your nose Connect with your dog And bow Place your dog on the top of your thighs I can’t place me dummy thighs the size of them and rise up In two boats, your dog is the Sailor and you’re the vessel And we’re gonna finish in hotdogs place your dog on the top of your thighs Yarmulke Hello They’ve all got their dogs as well, come on, let’s go You gotta take your shoes off and you stop wait Oh I’m not Yeah, I Think I let the little dog carry on I will go bonus on stage Well That’s what you thought of reactor. Okay, let’s do the upper pop. Oh all of them rise up Now ready gently fold forward in loose dog position just yes Support your dog There you go, very nice breathe don’t forget to breathe Bring him back into the center. Well, not everybody peanuts enough doughnut for one day Bobby Davis : yogurt, there’s literally way everywhere. I think someone needs to get more whose dog was it? With audio carrier guys, you are we’re thinking Souls the singing trolls Sorry the singing so souls. Okay. Tell me honestly girls what’s the sort of dream here? Who who do you want to be like in seven or eight years time? Spice Girls anybody could outsell them Well, I like your ambition, okay girls best of luck Thanks a lot of stage presence Girls can I be honest with you? It’s one of the worst groups I’ve ever heard in my life. You wanna sing Simon? Girls here’s the deal you sing. I judge. That’s the way it goes you sing and I’ll judge you I can just be as bad as you like you are grounded bite me The other two does look a bit like let’s get out of here So stop making it worse Oh girls you sounded like three cats being dragged up the motorway It was just awful You know and to compare yourself with the Spice Girls, it’s just crazy spice girls couldn’t sing anyway Jude I’ll take you Donna you can’t be rude sometimes I know it’s what you say is true, but I can be rude Yes, you’re right you can’t you can’t be rude well actually you put it much better than your friends so I accept that Yeah, you should be the reviews should be the spokesperson We just swap places with lippy

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    They are not lip-syncing, in singing you have a recorded audio. You sing along with it. It makes it sound better and it’s not cheating, all singing acts have it.

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  13. There were at least a couple of acts that did went kind of wrong for example Hollie Steel back in Series 3 of BGT when the nerves got the better of her semi-final and was luckily given a second chance to reperform, Nathan Wyburn's Semi Final Disaster in Series 5 of the BGT Semi Finals, Craig Ball in Series 10 of BGT Final where he mixed up some of his impressions.

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