Carjacking Victim Shoots Both Carjackers | Active Self Protection

Carjacking Victim Shoots Both Carjackers | Active Self Protection

(intense music) whether in a car jacking, an armed robbery or another encounter you’ve got to used the opportunity that you have, to get ahead of the game from the bad guys and cover your ASP. Hi everyone this is John with your Active Self Protection lesson comes to us out of Brazil, and its a thwarted car jacking or potentially an armed robbery. Kinda hard to tell its a very brief video but it shows us the importance here of using the opportunities that you have, of waiting for the right time, of counter ambush and of drawing and shooting multiple targets very quickly to protect yourself and those you love. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it the first go through the guy next to the car is the off duty officer and these guys come to rob him and they are at least armed, one of them. when he turns around he blasts both of these guys and drives them off and its over and it happens just that quick so lets back up and learn a few lessons here from these guys and I see a couple of them Number one when the off duty officer sees these guys coming you’ll notice he uses a leveraging arm there he gets an arm out in front of him, his support arm out in front of him and says nope you can’t encroach past this to give himself a little distance to use his firearm. now hes talking to them, and now you notice that he has got his hand in his pocket on his gun he is using his body to draw from concealment. He’s carrying appendix and so he uses his body blades his body away from them so he can get the gun out and get it on them before they know whats coming you see right there hes now drawn his firearm and hes got just a little tiny bit of distance and he’s about to turn around here and i want to see about putting shots on target very very quickly and the first thing we can see number 1 is you can see that that is a point shot the gun is definitely down below his eye level and that first shot at that distance is very effective and point shooting at these kind of distances 1-2 yards bad breath distances is great now the gun comes all the way out to full extension, and the first one you saw there i think missed but the second one certainly didn’t, and we talk about marksmanship being very important cuz the first one to get shots on target wins. Now here we see him as he follows up and he’s going you can notice that he’s one handed on the gun. so i would really strongly encourage you to continue on in your firearms training and make sure that you try to keep both hands on you gun when you can cuz thats the way to get accurate shots, thats the way to drive bad guys away. I think this guy did a great job of covering his A.S.P. (intense music)

43 thoughts on “Carjacking Victim Shoots Both Carjackers | Active Self Protection

  1. Good job, carjack victim. A lot of these incidents happen at night, but I hear more and more personal assaults being committed in midday. There's no "safe" time, but I still think nighttime is when the evil people feel most at home.

  2. Too bad you dont have more information on this case would love to know if the robbers were killed , that would be awesome .

  3. Most people aren't cool under pressure and I might be one of those but to anyone who tries to defend and help another person is so courage and honorable but also who knows the law when it comes to that? You will just have to believe the law will be on your side

  4. Commentary in 2016: "i think he did a pretty good job in covering his ass"

    2019: full analysis with details and raccomandation

    You improved a lot 👌

  5. So let me ask this question it's like only 2 types of job in Brazil off duty cops and robbers. is they teacher doctors and lawyer's are do you just kill all criminals

  6. I say sir, a proper pistol marksman shoots from the dominant hand only and places his opposing arm on the small of his back for balance.

  7. LOL…where these robbers come from???…are they aliens or what???…how is possible that they can continue walking and running after been shot???

  8. Really? The first thing we see, as you mention a Point Shot, it's actually the first shot executed by the would be robber, not the undercover cop, as the undercover cop first shot happened after full extension …. I believe the cop got shot.
    Why don't you go make some videos in the Philippines, and show the citizen shooting the drug dealers and criminals …

  9. Damn, what’s he shooting? I’ve never seen a fireball like that come out of a semiauto 1:45 (the fireball that’s about 3 feet long)

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  12. Keep both hands on the gun WHEN YOU CAN…Don't ask your assailant to wait while you strike a pose, though. LEARN TO SHOOT WITH ONE HAND AND TO SHOW WITH YOUR OFF HAND. This can allow you to shoot when you have something in your other hand, or are shooting from behind cover. Too many people spend too much time practicing for a best case scenario. Remember this: In a best case scenario, you are sipping a cocktail on a beach and don't need to defend yourself from anything but a bevy of hot women who are hungry for you – no firearm needed.

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