Cat asking for help

Cat asking for help

25 Şubat 2017’de bir sokak kedisi çok sesli
bir şekilde miyavlayarak kapımıza geldi. Sol arka bacağı yaralıydı. Veterinere götürdük. Veteriner kediyi
muayene etti ve röntgen çekti. Sol arka bacağındaki kemiklerde bir hasar
olmadığını, muhtemelen başka bir kedi… …tarafından ısırıldığını ve yarasının
enfeksiyon kapıp şiştiğini söyledi. Ayrıca vücudunun sol tarafında bazı eski
yaralar ve sol ön bacağında kırık olduğunu… …bunların muhtemelen birkaç haftalık
olduğunu ama iyileşmeye başladığını söyledi. Veteriner antibiyotik tedavisine başladı
ve kediye iç-dış parazit ilaçları uyguladı. Çünkü üzerinde çok sayıda pire ve kene vardı.
(Sanki yeterince sorunu yokmuş gibi. Soyunuz kurusun kan emici parazitler!)
Kedi iki gece klinikte kaldı. 27 Şubat’ta tekrar kliniğe gittim. Yara temizliğinden sonra kediyi eve götürdüm.
Antibiyotik tedavisini evde sürdürdük. 5 gün boyunca günde 2 kez kas içine iğne yaptık.
Başlarda sol arka ayağının üstüne basamıyordu. Günde 3 kez antiseptikle
yarayı temizledim. O kendi günde 30 kez
temizledi. Sonra koşmaya başladı. 5 günlük tedavinin sonunda tekrar veterinere
gittik. Yaranın iyi gözüktüğünü söyledi. Antibiyotik tedavisini bitirdik. Kedi artık dışarı
çıkmaya hazırdı çünkü Mart ayındaydık… …ve onu içeride tutmak zorlaşmıştı.
Bu yüzden dışarı saldık. Şimdi diğer kedilerle
beraber bahçede yaşıyor.

100 thoughts on “Cat asking for help

  1. Hi, thank you all for your kind comments. It's a little late but here is an update on this cat's situation:

  2. Cats, like us, ask each other what's up, where's the food, & where to go for help. All directed him to you. Happy ending. 😇

  3. I wonder why is NOT an, emergency medical help pay with government founds. Especially in N..Y city, we're is so many stray cats,thanks, God,we no longer have dogs. This what happened, when I start carting, for this little animals. I was in the corner of flushing ave and, BUSHWICK, ave in Brooklyn ny. A black, gold and white cat got hit by a car, while ceasing, BUSHWICK,,the cat spend more than two hours ,jumping and ,mewing, alloud ,until it stay still PEOPEL look and, said, how sorry they waa but is a poor ,neighborhood, and no body, have,3,000 dolards, to, spend, in a, stray cat, even if, is the cat, that you see ,EVERY, days going true the garbage. That naigt, when, i came, home and realized what I had, witness, i cry beterly, for the, poor, creatures.The next,morning, I pick,the body ,which had ,expires from .pein ,I took it and, burry him in, highland park. Since then I adop and care the much,I can for them.

  4. Your commitment to helping these cats is truly admirable.. God knows it isn't cheap, especially in instances such as this one..

  5. I hate to see any puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats suffering. I will always give a puppy, kitten, dog, and cat in need a permanent forever home.

  6. Merci infiniment pour tous les sauveteurs ! On a le coeur brisé puis après, les voir revenir à la vie et la joie de vivre est extraordinaire ! God bless you !

  7. That is amazing, you can tell he new youd help him, they say cats can see our auras and your heart and intent shows up in certain colours, he read you right…..bless you for helping him…..

  8. Thank you for helping this poor guy out. I love lovers of animals and HATE animal abusers. I love love LOVE happy kitties and dogs. 👍


  10. He sure knew the right house to go to. Well the massive number of cats hanging around on your lawn was probably a big clue.

  11. Cat was like, "Generally I'm a self-absorbed narcissist, but since I need your help I'll acknowledge your presence and ask for help."

  12. In the start of the video I feels so tragic 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  13. God bless u aper..I kiss your hand for being soo kind..if u r nearby swing by I’ll be your chef & make u mean veggie food..I’m taking care of 12-14 cats & have lost 20 lb cuz I have to share my food w them..I don’t want money pleeeeese help w food..take’em to James Kim @ 2210 w. Manchester blvd la..he’s honest mechanic & changes the oil. Pls help..I live where cats r dying left &’s disgusting

  14. This happened to begin from being OUTSIDE so afterwards he was put BACK OUTSIDE???? 😪 The logic. So many issues and harmful possibilities from being outdoors and this could have been a clear example of it.

  15. I think the poor guy got hit or was begging for food & had run in with a nasty human… 😿 …. People who hurt anything living…. Shame on you…. Thank you Cat Lovers!!!

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