2020 Lincoln Corsair Review: The New Compact SUV Standard

In 2020 the definition of American Luxury has shifted from the oversized traditional sedan to the well-appointed SUV. The next generation of American Luxury starts with Lincoln’s line up of extraordinary SUV’s and the baby of the family is the compact Lincoln Corsair. This may be Lincoln’s smallest SUV offering but it is packed with […]

2019 Toyota Avalon How-To: Drive Modes | Toyota

(gentle instrumental music) – [Narrator] The 2019 Toyota Avalon is available with some of the most advanced drive mode features Toyota has ever made. These settings have the ability to completely transform the Avalon experience, all at the push of a button. All Avalon models can switch between Normal, Eco and Sport modes, except for […]

Loud Exhaust Battle !! BMW vs Audi vs Nissan.. LOUD Exhaust competition 2015

ok, who starts? people must help me .. first one and then the other car who start? ..left or right car First one then another car .. brother .. let’s go! …Push! the two cars at once! who is louder? the girls or the bmw you no !! you are the friends of the girl […]

2013 Volkswagen Passat: How to Connect Bluetooth

In this video we’ll be showing you how to connect your Bluetooth to the 2013 Volkswagen Passat. Start by making sure your Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone. Now open the Bluetooth menu on your device and select your vehicle. If prompted, enter the PIN 0000. once the devices are paired you can use the […]

Custom VW T6 | ABT 120 years special edition | Volkswagen Transporter

How’s it going everyone? We are in Kempten, Germany at the headquarters of ABT, so Richter Sports and ABT very kindly brought us over to Germany to go round the showroom, look at several vehicles, it’s been amazing so thank you very much to the guys at Richter and ABT for that. One of the […]

Audi A3 TDI – ‘Fast Forward’ Process – Protection Detail – Detailing Moray

Hey there guys. So in this video we have an Audi A3 TDI that came in for an AMDetails Protection Detail. First time we have shot one of these. Also had The Gtechniq C5 wheels off package and Gtechniq G1 Smart Glass. So we have shot it all for you, the outside there is a […]

Audi RS7 review

Boys and girls, we’ll be driving the RS7 today. What a presence. The interior has always been very important for Audi. Fantastic finish. Look at these edges. There’s enough room in the back. I can sit behind myself. This is LED and carbon. Light weight. This is LED. This is LED as well. This too. […]

Volkswagen Passat R Line 2016 In Depth Review Interior Exterior