Count to 1000 in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS – [Viewer’s Choice]

Count to 1000 in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS – [Viewer’s Choice]

100 thoughts on “Count to 1000 in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS – [Viewer’s Choice]

  1. It helps me way better, and im a beginner and i did not know anything until i watched you sing them and i think when u sing them i can sing with u and remeberize it now😂❤thx so much

  2. Diez


  3. estar vs ser would be a great 1..ur videos helped out our whole family when we were overseas in central kids actually got excited to learn spanish because of how fun you made it

  4. I love you Basho
    I learn Spanish at my school
    And we always put your songs on 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Love the video however while using this in class my students noticed some spelling errors. Could you correct them. Gracias amigo!

  6. I really, really appreciate these videos and all the hard work and time you put in. Short and concise videos, PERFECT! THANK YOU!!

  7. Gracias por crear estos videos divertidos para los chicos. A mis estudiantes les encantan tus canciones y ritmos pegajosos!

  8. You guys are awesome, my classmates and I love your videos. When ever I take a quiz or test now, I can't help but hum the songs. You songs are a real help. Thank you so much!

  9. Hi Basho! My K-5 students all love your videos (especially the alphabet and both number videos). They asked me to suggest some video ideas, so here they are: how to count in hundreds by 1s such as 101, 102, etc, counting by thousands, sports, animals by category (zoo, pets, wild, etc), fruits, vegetables, school subjects, and classroom objects. Muchas gracias!

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