Dance Moms: Abby Pits Kalani Against Daviana (Season 7) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Abby Pits Kalani Against Daviana (Season 7) | Lifetime

– You. And now go. To save me. Kalani is great at floor work. She can slither around on the
floor looking so feminine. Her legs look good. Her feet look good. Kalani is just smooth. I don’t know if the new moms
understand, like, the level of how much Abby loves Kalani. Like, I sat next to
her one day and she was watching Kalani’s solo. And she was like, don’t
you just want to be her? I was just going to say,
Abby wants to be Kalani. She wants to be Kalani. Kalani told me some
things from last week when she was trying on
costumes for her, or something. And she was like, ooh, that
with, like, a pair of boots and, like, leggings and– yes! And, like, Kalani was,
like, doing that to me. And I’m like, what? Now she thinks she has a
dancer that can beat Kalani. And she’s potentially,
you know, putting them up against each other
to see who she would keep? I don’t know. She always says that
she makes a rivalry to make one kid even better. So she could be
literally using that one kid to make Kalani better. JILL: Kalani needs redemption. Because she lost two times,
and now it’s her time to win. I just feel, if she
chokes and doesn’t win, it might be a little bad. [MUSIC – ANGELA PREDHOMME, “LET
IT FALL”] Do you do any
crazy, like, leg touch turns, and, like, that kind
of jazz, or not really? Yes? Let me see. (SINGING) A hopeless
shade of blue. ABBY: We need– yeah–
something pretty. They’re still trying to figure
out what she can and can’t do. Well, it’s really good that
she’s taking the time with her. Because that will help
her in creating a solo. JILL: Yeah, that’s good. That is good. Now, what amazing leg thing
can you do with the right? [grumbles] It’s going to be a
challenge for Daviana to pick up this choreography
and then get out there and perform just like
she performed that other solo that beat Kalani. She had months to
work on that one. Let’s see how she
handles the pressure. OK. You guys are finished. Go work. But you need to talk
about the story. You need to feel the
rain coming down on you. You need to be sad. You need to be emotional. Because she’s going to
capture it with her face. Like, all that stuff that we
did on the floor for Kalani, she’s going to
make it look easy. You’re not making it look easy. This is going to be the showdown
everyone’s been waiting for. Who’s going to be number one? I don’t know. It’s a head game right
now with these two. Are we done? No, not for now. Yeah. Abby is giving Daviana
an ultimatum– you win or you go home. That’s what she said. That’s how much pressure
she’s putting on her. So she’s really upset. Why are you upset? Because her solo is
obviously going to win. FERNANDA: Don’t you think
it’s all in your head? DAVIANA: No. If I’m seeing it, it’s
obviously not all in my head. Davi, it’s only
the first 20 seconds. DAVIANA: It doesn’t matter! The first 20 seconds of my
solo last year were amazing! Remember when you
beat her already? Was it so hard? I can do everything
that she does and more. So if she had my solo,
she wouldn’t be able to do seven turns into an aerial. But I can do everything that
she does, and my solo is easier! It’s set up to lose! She’s very competitive. She gets it from her brothers. She wants to win. I have to help
Daviana any way I can. Tomorrow, I’ll talk to Abby. I’ll handle her tomorrow. Let’s go. Hi, Miss Abby. Hey.
What’s up? Hi. Daviana wants to talk
to you about yesterday. I think you’re nuts. She’s rolling
around on the floor. You did– what– four
turns into a side aerial? You can’t do that. I mean, I don’t need to explain
myself to a 14-year-old. This is ridiculous. I’ll be damned. Nobody is telling me
what to do anymore. Why would I go out on
a limb and try to make her dance better than yours? Kalani walked out on me. You have the upper hand. You have to sit in
front of the mirror and you need to
sell this number. I already feel
like she’s winning. Why? (SOBBING) I just felt that
way because her choreography just runs smoother. And the stuff that
you give her, I feel like it fits her
better than the stuff that you’re giving me. Well, we don’t
know you that well. I’ve been working with
her for five years. If you could take all of this
emotion that you have right now and put it into the
dance, you’re gonna win. Does that make sense now? Is it better? And now you should be
worried if saying something offended us. Let’s go. ABBY: I think the kid
has a lot of talent. But she can’t let
them see her sweat. Daviana, shades of blue,
not shades of boohoo.

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Abby Pits Kalani Against Daviana (Season 7) | Lifetime

  1. I kind of agree with Davi, because Abby basically said you win or go home. If you think your solo is set up to lose and if you lose and go home, I would want to talk about my solo too.

  2. Honey boo you don’t even know what Kalani can do and I bet she can do the most things and even if your solo is “easy” at least think about talent and making it look graceful and beautiful no matter what just like how kalani does 😑😑😒 and when she said I don’t want to be set up to lose? And her mother saying she is very competitive she gets it from her brothers?? She is not she isn’t even trying to work with what solo type she has and at this point to me it feels like she is scared to lose but as this is only my opinion but it wasn’t right for her to be bragging of how “good” she is and making kalani seem like a nobody it’s just not right

  3. 3:04 this makes no sense at all! She is throwing a tantrum about her solo being too easy and then she says that she can do everything kalani does but kalani wouldn’t be able to dance her solo

  4. Jill-(eating chips)
    Jill in her mind- I don’t care about Kalani she lost two times so now can……….

    Kendall have a solo????

    😂 lol 😝

  5. Holly will always stick up for the underdog, because she's been there with Nia. She's by far one of the best moms, even when nobody sticks up for her kid.

  6. I don’t think this episode is real, I think she was kicked off by the producers because her mom didn’t make enough drama

  7. I think that maybe one of the reasons taht make Abby loves Maddie is because she never cryed for pressure or say something about her coreography, I dont know, that makes me think 🤔

  8. A bunch of lil, spoiled, crybaby brats. By the way….Abby is awesome! I just love her brutal honesty. She doesn't put up with these brats and their incompetent parents.

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