Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Broadway Baby Tribute” (Season 3) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Broadway Baby Tribute” (Season 3) | Lifetime

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Broadway Baby Tribute” (Season 3) | Lifetime

  1. anyone else think it’s weird af that abby stuffed her pet dog and said she shoulda put her in commercials

  2. It's not always about maddie Melissa. Also Melissa maddie would of loved to do a tribut to baby
    Edit: every girl would of loved to

  3. Mackenzie is so sweet when she was complementing nia 💞 honestly maddie and Melissa don't deserve her the way they treat her how are they related…

  4. Leslie- Why can Payton have a solo.
    Abby- I get to pick who doing a solo.
    Leslie- I don't understand why Payton don't have a solo.
    Abby- Because she needs more work.
    Leslie- I want Payton to have a solo she came here to dance not stand there and listen to you talk.
    Abby- She maybe a great dancer but I don't want her doing a solo.
    Leslie- Whatever I don't care about who gets a solo or not.
    Payton cry's.
    Abby- Do you want your kid get? kick off the team.
    Leslie- No.

  5. Abby:she had a good life………but I should have put her in commercials…..


  6. i feel like maddie or chloe should’ve done the tribute because they have better technique and nia really wasn’t good technique wise. at least she tried her best but it wasn’t enough.

  7. I hate how Melissa always compares others to her kids and make it about hers just like Melissa goes “Maddie would love to do a tribute to baby too” and I’m like YEAH ALL GIRLS WANT IT TOOOOOO AHHHH

  8. ugh I just hate Kristi ,"these moms are too much", well I mean if it is important to nia and holly then they will feel pressure

  9. Abby: doesn't give Nia a solo for 7 months
    Also Abby: gets mad when she doesn't have good technique like what do you expect?

  10. Kristie is so annoying, she’s like holly stop being like that and I’m like SHUT UP THIS IS GOING TO BE A HARD DANCE

  11. Everyone is happy for nia she gets to do a special solo for baby, wait Mellissa has to make it about maddie, I think Mellissa forgets that she has two children

  12. if u heard the score she actually got 280 points, which is really good, higher than some group numbers that have come in first

  13. Melissa isn’t even happy for nia she wants Maddie to do it first of all 🙄

    Christy is like always talking trash about the moms

  14. Jesus Melissa its not all about you. Nia is happy about it too. Maddie doesnt need to have every pretty emotional solo.

  15. You could tell Maddie and melisa wear salty when she didn’t get to do the Broadway baby routine

  16. Yeah Melissa Maddie would’ve loved it but she can’t always have her way and you should be happy for Nia Melissa like come on

  17. Although this is edited and Melissa was happy for Nia l keep seeing people say “ why cant she be happy for Nia” and honestly…. nobody is ever happy for Maddie when Maddie gets things. Shes SUPPOSED to want the best for her daughter. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. Malisa should be happy for nia she’s amazing Maddie is good to and would be a good fit but nia is amazing dancer and made the top ten at least

  19. Melissa’s so rude. Maddie gets a solo every single week and wins easily and mackenzie isn’t far behind her. Shes the mom to Abby’s favorite kids in the studio. But when ONE kid gets ONE solo for the first time in forever she can’t be happy for them to have a chance at succeeding like her daughters do.

  20. Mellisa shut up you stupid woman first of all let nia have a chance. Also what about idk um didn’t you have another child wait hmm oh yeah MACKENZIE she could do it. Seriously it’s not all about your child🙄

  21. i love how everyone just labels holly as the mature, knowledgeable mother; which, in respect, she is very intelligent and a very classy woman. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. but, asia’s mother had a wonderful point that i feel like a lot of people missed. holly (or the other mothers in whatever situation) are begging for their children to have solos, but the moment that it is given to them, it’s almost like they’re painting it as more pressure rather than opportunity. i don’t know, maybe i’m just a bit crabby as i write this, but i just can’t agree with everyone saying that holly is the best mother. yes, she’s a strong independent woman and i commend her for what she has accomplished, but i feel as if it’s often exaggerated in the community. asia’s mother was totally right in this scenario. sorry if this offended anyone, i’m just giving my opinion on the matter.

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