Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Voices in My Head” (Season 5) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Voices in My Head” (Season 5) | Lifetime

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Voices in My Head” (Season 5) | Lifetime

  1. the thing is, if mellisa tells abby that it’s not fair on mackenzie the mums will say ‘oooh why did you say that just be happy for her!’ so I can see why she’s like in the middle the mums are forcing her to choose maddie or mackenzie which isn’t really fair

  2. I think she did a really great job on the improv. Alot of times their improv doesnt seem to go with the music; they are just trying to dance well. Kenzie seemed to really be dancing to the music

  3. Okay Melisa said she was happy for Mackenzie but she said putting
    Maddie in will make them win WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT LADY

  4. HOW DID ABBY’S GROUP GET SECOND AND MONSTERS UNDER MY BED GOT FIRST monsters under my bed only grabbed a toy and laughed and Abby’s group did an ACTUAL dance “sighs”

  5. Every time someone beats Maddie they get no credit or anything but if Maddie beats people it’s a huge parade and solos and trios and everything

  6. you could tell abby loves kenzie and didnt want to give it up but didn’t see the purpose. she went about it wrong but you could tell she really wanted it for her.

  7. Honestly I think Abby putting Maddie as the lead was a good choice I mean I love Mackenzie and she did the dance FLAWLESSLY but she needs to learn to use her eyes and her face, and by Abby saying that the dance just wasn't for Mackenzie was kind

  8. poor kenzie if kenzie would been the lead they would of won because shes the smallest and she be the center of attention

  9. It kind of makes me upset that Abby took away Mackenzie’s lead and gave it to Maddie. Although she was right about Kenzie’s facial expressions, I think she should’ve allowed Kenzie to have the lead.

  10. Guys did you know the only reason Mackenzie was lead ,is because the moms made the costume way to small for MADDIE and then the only person that could fit in it was Makenzie and that is why Abby and Melissa did not care at all




  12. Honestly I’m surprised that Melissa favouriting Maddie hasn’t completely destroyed their family. Like wow was kenzie actually used to this being her life that she didn’t even know what was happening 🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. Melissa:-putting maddie in the group our gurls nailed it like wth by putting everyone in they nailed it not just my maddie

  14. Why are they never happy about second place?? There's only 5 slots out of many groups i think its great

  15. I really like the flower headpieces in their hair and how they always have a variety of hairstyles and how they coordinate it makes them look like a really strong team

  16. I love how when someone else is the lead and the number places second Abby throws a tantrum but when maddie is the lead she’s just disappointed

    I mean she threw a TANTRUM at Paige when her HAT fell off but when a group dance places second with maddie in the lead she does nothing

    The favoritism jeez

  17. I do understand what Abby is talking about she wants to win and unfortunately Mackenzie doesn't have good faces and isn't front stage she thinks she's a back stage dancer. Of course years later she's not like that now

  18. I love kenzie but I understand what Abby was saying about her having to show more emotions but she usually shows emotion on the stage instead of in practice so she should give her a more chance

  19. I hate when they say maddie is favored by her mother if you were a mother and they told you that you'd say the same thing "I love them equally", so stop saying that

  20. 4:07 oopss! i spotted Maddie with cycled feet… Abby what are you gonna do about it? (not hating on Maddie)

  21. Melissa needs to understand that both of her kids are amazing dancers and she should love them equally. Also as a friend and sister I do not thnk Maddie should have accepted the lead of the dance.

  22. Anyways MDP’s dance was better. But I think Kenzie didn’t have good facials but she should have had a 2nd chance. I personally think that 2 nd place is pretty good

  23. Abby that is what you get by replacing Mackenzie with maddie you always give Mackenzie the same sassy jazz solos how do you expect her face to get better and Melissa shame on you for favoring maddie over mackenzie

  24. Im glad that maddie made the lead not because she is better than kenzie they are both amazing dancers but abby would have blaimed kenzie for the loss and she will bother her by saying oh if maddie did it we could've win

  25. If you were blind you would think Melissa only had one daughter because Maddies the only one she ever talks about

  26. Melissa: I don’t have favorites I love my daughters both the same
    If you did then you would stick up for Mackenzie you wouldn’t sit there and say you she’s to put your best foot forward
    I really don’t know how Mackenzie is as happy as she is today after everything her moms does for Maddie but not her

  27. Melissa: by putting Maddie in I think our girls nailed it
    Wow you really don’t have favorites do you Melissa

  28. Melissa and Abby didn't know it at that time, but they completely killed Kenzie's passion for dance, and her confidence that was once in her.

  29. Guys, Melissa loves her daughters equally. And you guys don't know what Melissa thinks, so you can't go around and just say "oh Melissa favours Maddie" you guys can't read minds!!

  30. melissa when mackenzie is the lead: oh wow! 😯

    melissa when maddie is the lead:….. yay!…

    poor kenzie, her mom doesn’t believe in her and she gets replaced by her sister 💔

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