Dance Moms: Full Dance – Stone Faced (Season 8) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Full Dance – Stone Faced (Season 8) | Lifetime

Let’s welcome entry
number 84, “Stone Face.” [applause] [music playing] (SINGING) There’s a
hurt within your smile. Filled with regret when
we had better times. After all the pain is gone,
the truth can still remain. And in the final passing hour,
everything you carry here can rise above it all. [vocalizing] I can break your heart of stone. I can break a heart of stone. Face the truth and now you know. Face the truth. Now you know. It’s fine with me. All right to be– to be alone. It’s fine with me. A perfect fallen angel. Tell me no lies. Hold me in close like
it’s the last time. These omens keep passing. And all is done, and
still we’re here. And though it’s hard,
the strength is clear. I can break your heart of stone. I can break your heart of stone. Face the truth and now you know. Face the truth and know. It’s fine with me. All right to be alone. Alone. A perfect fallen angel. [applause]

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Full Dance – Stone Faced (Season 8) | Lifetime

  1. I love this angle, please, dear god lifetime leave it like this for at least the full dances you post online. I can’t take anymore crazy camera angles.

  2. Post Hannah's solo Stigmata along with her other solo Daydreamer also post Pressley's solo Resurrection Mary along with Savannah's solo It's not my fault, also Lilly and Pressley's duet Light Into The Darkness, Sarah's solo Rapunzel, and GiaNina's solo Big Shot.

  3. i love hannah so much, she and ellie are my favorites. but i have to admit, towards the end when her mask was removed, her expressions weren’t really good and look awkward. she did amazing throughout the dance though just that ending part.

  4. Love this full dance and great angle. Keep up the good work lifetime, just don’t forget about the unaired dances or bonus scenes we haven’t seen!

  5. Yay a longer version! 🙂 🙂 I prefer this song (Fallen Angel) to True Colours, Fallen Angel is more dramatic and moving. I like the lyrics in True Colours though.

  6. I’ve kinda stopped watching Dance moms since Savannah left and because I don’t really care about the drama of people just insulting each other and picking on each other I only care about the drama after the results like with who wins and losses

  7. Lifetime, please post the unaired dances. Also, the fans want more of rehearsing their dances or dancing in general than the drama.

  8. Interesting after seeing the full dance, I thought Hannah did phenomenal during her solo and duet parts but she fell a little flat during the group choreo. I think she’s a solo performer and not a group performer which is odd since most people are the opposite

  9. I didn't see it in the descriptions or comments, but the song is Clarity Music 'Perfect Fallen' featuring Shani Rose

  10. I thought Hannah was meant to be the lead, but Brady seems it. Not complaining though, he is amazing. I just thought she would have more of a lead part

  11. Stone faced love this dance and outfit. Sara has the same oufit in her dance but just in blue. But same exact dress and makeup mask.

  12. Holy smokes….this is probably my favorite dance they've done. Ever. As a group. Abby knows what's she doing; she tapped into Hannah's super quiet nature and allowed her an opportunity to escape her overbearing mother's grasp for a few minutes and drum that emotion to the surface. Kid CRUSHED this number. Everyone did a phenomenal job. These girls and Brady are an unreal talent. (the mothers leave a little to be desired….except JoAnn. I actually dig her lol).

  13. Honest input: Abby knows what she’s doing and what she’s talking about. In the original show before this new season 8 came out, the girls were not as advanced. They’d have cool dances, but not at all much like this bc, yes, everyone, BUT Maddie was lacking technique and skill. But this team is better than the last, I think. I mean they gotta get their heads out of the gutter, and learn to like eachother and be a team, but each individually shows EXQUISITE skills. By far my favorite dance i dance mom’s history.

  14. I remember the first few episodes of this season it was made to paint a picture of Hannah being a bad dancer .. and she’s really not she’s really good and she did really well with this piece this was actually one of my favorites from this season 🖤🥰

  15. It's interesting to me how petty and childish Abby can be – especially when her authority is challenged. Her treatment of Michelle is so vicious because she can't stand Studio 19 – and she can't realistically do anything about Michelle OR Studio 19! Petty, petty, petty! Who calls a child's mother garbage in front of the child? That's NOT in any way shape or form "preparing a child for a future in the arts" Realistically, what it's doing is creating a neurotic child who will probably develop an eating disorder or something.

  16. When Lilly did her solo with the straight jacket – her facial expressions were insane – double meaning intended! Hannah did the same with her lead part in this episode – and you couldn't even SEE her face. Everything she felt – came through in her dancing. Bravo Hannah! Bravo! Oh and Mom – "we" weren't the lead – HANNAH was….. Get the point of the challenge!

  17. This dance is one of my favorite dances of season 8 so far, and that’s not just because of the AMAZING song. The choreography was so much more interesting than some of the other dances that were packed with tricks and turns. It had story and personality and the intensity grew and grew until the end. This was AWESOME.

  18. did they win first place with this group dance? i love how hannah dance and also brady, would like a duet of both of them

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