Dance Moms: Kendall and Brynn CAN’T COMPETE with the Minis (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Kendall and Brynn CAN’T COMPETE with the Minis (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

Girls, so I have two duets
competing this weekend. Whoever the highest score is– whichever duet
scores the highest, those two girls will
have solos next week, OK? She’s just told the
girls that the winning duet will guaranteed
have solos next week. ABBY LEE: So this
is “Each Other.” We’re going to take
care of each other. We’re going to be
there for each other. We’re going to love each other. Yes? It’s pretty– it’s lyrical. The words are nice. But I don’t want two girls
onstage doing two solos standing beside each other. All right, let’s do it. Where’s your other– Brynn, we
need to see your other hand. Your other hand needs
to be hanging behind you on the first part of it. Abby laid down the gauntlet. The highest-scoring duet
gets a solo next week. I want Kendall to have
a solo every week. I love when Kendall dances. I want her to win
the duet with Brynn, and I want Kendall and Brynn
to have solos next week. But I’m a little concerned
about Brynn’s emotional state since her mother’s going out
of town this week to deal with a custody case
with her children, and we can’t have her
be distracted by that. I like this duet. Do you like it? I do like it a lot. I think the girls look good. So she’s not going to be
nervous without you here? No, she’ll be fine. She is kind of a private kid. She doesn’t like to wear
her emotions on her sleeve. She doesn’t like
to let people in. But that’s the nice
thing about the name of the duet, “Each Other.” And when you think about
it, especially teenagers, they want their friends more
than they want their parents. They’ve all been through
hard stuff together, so this is perfect. Yeah. [music playing] (SINGING) Trust in each other. Love in each other. Hold on. We can survive. Hold on. [applause] ABBY LEE: Nice. Good job, girls! Woo! Woo! [inaudible]. Oh my God. Wow. – That’s pretty.
– They were together. – [inaudible].
– I though they were together. It was good. It was good. That was the best
one we’ve done. Yeah, we couldn’t have
done anything different. I’m so happy right now. Me too. ANNOUNCER: In second
place, we have entry number 35, “Each Other.” Really? I can’t believe Kendall
and Brynn were second. If those minis beat these
girls, we’re really in trouble. ANNOUNCER: And our first
place duo trio of the day goes to entry number
33, “Oceans 2.” [applause] We got beat by the minis, so
we don’t have solos next week. I really didn’t expect that.

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Kendall and Brynn CAN’T COMPETE with the Minis (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

  1. Who else is just scrolling through the comments trying to find something funny and relatable???? Probably just me ok bye now

  2. So Abby doesn’t have a problem with Brynn’s nails but she had a problem with Brooke and Paige’s nails and told Kelly to get them soaked off

  3. Am I the only person you died of laughter when the minis were standing next to Kendall and Brynn they legit looked like ants XD

  4. I feel bad for Kendall and Brynn but I kind of expected it, we all know that Lilliana and Elliana are one of the best dancers in the country, although Brynn is also really good there is a big skill difference with those three girls and Kendall, they are just not on the same level, and I lowkey feel like Kendall dragged down Brynn. I don’t hate Kendall but it is what it is. I feel like Abby did this on purpose because she knew they the minis would win, so it would kind of knock the junior elite team down a peg (especially Jill), as to send a message that they are no better than the minis.

  5. Abby:brynn bring me food!
    Abby:*eats brynn*
    Kendall:*in shock*
    Jill:now that Abby ate brynn my little Kendall can have a solo!

  6. Notice how abby didn’t say ANYTHING about their nails specifically Brynn’s french tips unlike how she did with Paige

  7. Abby-we have to love each other to Kendall and brynn
    Jill-no you need to only love my little Kendall because I love when she dances

  8. the “jill: this would be a great opportunity for my kendall” comments are not that funny anymore. everyone’s making that comment and now it’s just irrelevant.

  9. But minis and juniors are scores different, so I don’t think that’s really fair. Either way I think Each Other was much better and cleaner.

  10. Jill: Well this is an amazing opportunity for my little Kendall to shine
    Also Jill: I want Kendall and Brynn to have solos
    Me: ik u dont want Brynn to have a solo
    Especially against ur Little Kendall

    No hate on Kendall

  11. I would probably be in jail if that lady talked to my kid the way Abby talks to these kids, my wife would go country crazy on that lady , might knock some mean out a her though

  12. I’m a high school junior wearing size thirteen Nike’s MENS size thirteen Nike’s
    yA bUt mY LiTtLe KeNdAlL—

  13. brynn and kendall’s chemistry is really strong in this dance. love seeing them happy together doing what they love

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