Dance Moms: Whose Solo Is This? (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Whose Solo Is This? (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

– Kendall is JoJo’s working on her solo,
Nia is learning JoJo’s routine, and Brynn is learning
her routine as well. I don’t want them sitting. Those days are over. Very nice.
Very good. That’s great. What’ll happen
if the other kid does the solo
better than the kid that’s supposed to be doing it? This season, dance comes
first before anything else. I want my girls training
every minute that they’re not learning choreography. If Brynn and Nia can
learn their solos faster and better than JoJo
and Kendall, then maybe I have new soloists. Stars don’t rest. Stars rise. Watch, that foot’s
working weird. And, you know, last week at the
competition, she did a solo, and the judges said you
didn’t invite the audience in. There was no connection. So that’s why I’m
saying all eyes on me. I went them up. I went looking. WOMAN: Yeah Now we
got to make them look. You’ve got to make them look. Right. All right, let me
see Kendall do it. Yeah.
[music playing] Ha, nice. Ha, and head. Whoa.
– You know what? I love Kendall doing
a sassy jazz number. They don’t always
come out on top, but it shows her versatility and
her flexibility as a performer. WOMAN: I’m really happy she’s
having Brynn learn the solo. She’s really good at this style,
and I think, I don’t know. Here it comes.
Go ahead. She’s the best at it. It’s gonna show– it’s gonna
show a side of Brynn that you guys don’t think she has. She didn’t give Brynn a solo. You heard what she
just said, though. What happens when the
other kid does it better? WOMAN: She didn’t
give her a solo. Abby just said that just
to get people like riled up. Kendall’s solo is
Kendall’s solo. JoJo’s solo is JoJo’s solo. No one’s taking anybody’s solo. That’s like crazy. Teammates don’t do that. Abby, I was just
curious as to why Kendall has a solo and not Brynn
when she did pretty well the first week that we came? She did great. WOMAN: I know she really
wants another one. All right, well she’s
in there learning one now. Maybe she’ll do it
better than Kendall. She can do this one. OK. All right, let’s
see what we have. I can’t stand Ashlee thinking
Bryn is the next Maddie. Kendall K has been groomed
to be the next star. There’s a pecking order here
at the ALDC, and sister, you’re on the bottom. I’m not going to sit here
and let you take away everything we’ve worked for. Not today, Satan. WOMAN: I think Bryn
should be dancing behind Kendall, not in her way.
Just saying. I think she thinks she’s
off to the side, honestly. WOMAN: Well– She’s dancing
up by the teacher. I think she just thinks
she’s off to the side. She should be in the
back, out of Kendall’s way. Look.
Here goes Kendall. Brynn’s right in front of her.
– Look at her. Why doesn’t she just move
and like Kendall like dance? Go sit down where Kendall sat. It’s wrong. WOMAN: Look at what Nia’s doing. Nia is off in the corner. WOMAN: Nia can’t even see
herself in the mirror. Is Abby and the
choreographer both in there? Yes. If there was a problem,
they would tell her, don’t you think? I think so. I think if Brynn had
a brain in her head, she would know to back off. Do not call my child stupid.
WOMAN: –brain in her head. If she had a
brain in her head– I don’t have to sit here
and listen to you bash my kid. Bye. I am getting no end of hate
because Brynn is in the front instead of being in the back. If they wanted her to move,
you guys would tell her, am I right?
– That’s right. Thank you very much. Abby, this is Kendall’s
solo, not Brynn’s, am I right? ABBY LEE: Yes. OK, so why is Brynn on
Kendall’s side in her way when she’s trying to dance? Making a mockery of her? Jill, she wasn’t making
a mockery of anyone. That’s very vindictive. She wasn’t doing that. OK, wait. I just want to
get this straight. Do you want Brynn
to do this solo? ABBY LEE: Jill– You’re going to
stick up for Brynn. I’m sticking up
for the child that’s in the room that’s helping. Are you kidding me? You never trained that kid. You never taught
her a [bleep] thing. Why can’t Kendall just
open her own mouth and say, you’re in my way.
Move. Why can’t Brynn have a
brain and sit in the back? The real reason
that Jill is angry is that Kendall has invested
five years into this team, and doesn’t have a whole
lot to show for it. And Jill feels like
Brynn coming here is going to take
away from Kendall. The reality is, maybe
Kendall already had her shot. Brynn, this has
nothing to do with you, but you need to learn when the
kids are learning their solos, you stay out of their way. I know, but I wasn’t
dancing in front of her. Honey, don’t talk back
to a grown-up, just say, OK, I’ll stay out of her way.
Got it? Are you guys yelling at Brynn?
WOMAN: Now. Are you yelling at Brynn? Go ask your kid what I said. MACKENZIE: You can’t
yell at a kid like that. Who was yelling at you?
What happened? – Jill was yelling.
– Why, what did she say? Because she said it was
dancing in front of Kendall, and I wasn’t. She said you don’t talk
back to a grown-up, and I wasn’t even
dancing in front of her. I know. Kenzie, come here.
Come here. What is wrong with you? [drums beat]

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Whose Solo Is This? (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

  1. How much I hate Ashlie but still Jill keeps on saying that Kendall should have this Kendall should have that and I hate it
    I think brynn is the next Maddie Jill always did all of this because she was Abby to pay attention to her daughter

  2. I love how holly said "kendalls solo is kendalls solo and jojos solo is jojos solo" even though nia was learning jojos solo and nia probably wanted to do one.

  3. Jill why are you blaming Ashlee when she never said I think brynn should be the best.Your saying she will be a star

  4. Kendall's Mom was obviously jealous. Kendall is good, but she's not Maddie good. Now she's not even 2nd best. Not everyone can be on top. Get over it.

  5. All Ashlee had to say was “I’m happy Brynn gets to learn from Kendall a bit” and then it’s sweet and they’re teammates, not competitors

  6. holly's my favorite. i assume they forced her to fight sometimes for ratings but she seems to car about the kids more

  7. Jill has got a problem, the daughter wasnt even making fun or purposely dancing infront of kendall…just dancing. And kendall is obviously not happy with her mum about this and talking to other kids like that.

  8. I kinda agree with Jill on how Brynn was dancing up with the teacher when she's just like back learning it but like saying like stuff about her not having a brain is like rude..

  9. Jill: Ashley you are the newest member your kid doesn’t deserve anything!

    Jill when she first joined the ALDC: ok so she’s insured I’m gonna get Abby to have a solo! GIVE ME A SOLO

  10. I really hate Ashlee because she thinks that just because her kid didn’t get a solo that she can get Kendall’s . Also Ashlee does really think Bryn is the next Maddie . Finally Kendall’s best style is jazz and she was doing just fine . SO ASHLEE BACK OFF!!!

  11. Kendall isn't good, so Jill is mad that Abby has Brynn to understudy her. Periodt (that's my opinion, I've never liked Kendall. She seemed too bratty and obnoxious)

  12. i feel so bad abou brynn and brynns mom becuase everyone doesnt like brynn and when brynn cause it makes me wanna cry

  13. nobody:
    me: breathes

  14. i just like that when ashlee said something about kendall ALL the parents went and comforted kendall and said bad stuff about ashlee but, when jill does it the tables turn

  15. Jill:”I can’t stand to think that she thinks that brynn is the next Maddie. Kendall K has been groomed to be the next star. There is a pecking order here at the AL DC and sister you’re on the bottom.”
    Me: Nia is a OG and she should have been the next star. Abby treats nia like she is garbage and now that nia has left ALDC she is better

  16. Its called being an understudy. It was kendalls solo. Brynn and Ashlee are wrong. Its kendalls solo. Brynn is the UNDERSTUDY

  17. Why did the moms hate brynn so much. I get Ashlee was mean sometimes but sometimes the other moms got mad at nothing and it cause a bunch of drama over nothing. And 4:31 watch holly be the only nice one

  18. I’m not the biggest fan of Ashley but this time Jill was in the wrong, you don’t say infront of a kid if you had a brain you would do blah blah blah. Also if your not the parent or guardian of a child you have no right to yell at them.

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