15 thoughts on “Dance, Sing, Girl Group Challenge 🍵 Drag Race UK RuCap: High Tea w/ Miz Cracker Ep 5 | Logo

  1. Who the fuck is this guy!!!!!
    How dare he say things like they should never sing again, pretty sure they can sing a hell of a lot better than you ever could.
    And then speaking about Alyssa Edwards as if she is above Blus ability to read her in some way?
    Get a fucking grip man, gladly never see you on any WOW or Drag Race content again….thankyou next.
    If your gunna pass criticism, at least have it be relevant and educated, not childish nasty comments that just make no sense and are said for the sake of a reaction, shocked these were actually allowed to be left in this, shameful and disrespectful.

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