David Guetta – Play Hard (Behind the Scenes) ft. Ne-Yo, Akon

David Guetta – Play Hard (Behind the Scenes) ft. Ne-Yo, Akon

Hi there. We’re on location
in Santa Maria la Rivera. What will we have here? A DJ! David Guetta! It’s been an interesting
day in terms of logistics. We have three campers, one for each star. We have a make-up camper. Today there are a hundred of us in total: the crew, stars and extras. Today we started early. We were called in for 9. No one knows when we’ll stop. Those boots are
from Matehuala, Potosi, north of Mexico. At first, they were street wear. Then they spread little by little. And now, people wear them in Dallas and in most Hispanic areas in the US. It’s our second shooting day. And today there are, unlike yesterday, a hundred people plus extras. So, 185 people in total. Way in I’m training
at a dance school. I was asked to do an international casting, for an artist. And here I have
to show my style, dancing. Subtitling: C.M.C. – Paris

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  1. Ariel, the little dancer, says: "I'm training in a dance academy, and I was offered to take part in an international casting for 'an artist', and I'm here. I came to show my style in… this kind of dance".

  2. Chicas vean este video. Si no lo han visto DAVID GUETTA y amigos. Ven a nosotras tambien nos regalan imagenes de DAVID con tatuaje. Que lindo se ve. My Dj i love you.

  3. Well… I'm from Mexico, and this is not the Mexico perspective. I mean, it's like other countries, maybe can be like NYC, but this is not Mexico. And those boots are something that became kind of famous from a type of music, like tribal or something like that. I think is a great video. I love DG. And good job with the Video. Congrats!!

  4. Hay buenas escenas que no aparecen en el video clip, lo que me asombra son las modelos, la que se contorsiona (asuuu) ademas la modelo que corona a Ariel en la final del video, BUEN TEMA, BUEN VIDEO DE DAVID GUETTA

  5. who is that girl in the cheetah! damn i wanna marry her! LOL!

    Does anybody know the name of that girl? she has got to be on facebook.

  6. David Guetta, eu sou brasileira só tenho 11 anos, bom eu estou mandando está mensagem pra vc por que eu quero que vc realiza um sonho pra mim muito grande meu irmão vai fazer 14 anos em abril é eu quero que vc venha pra cá pro Brasil em julho ele mora em Curitiba é eu moro no Pará, ele sempre vem pra cá nas férias então eu queria que vc viesse pra cá pra vc realiza meu sonho é o dele de te conhecer ele é o seu fã ele gosta muito de vc, eu quero que esse presente seja o melhor de todos que ele já ganhou eu espero vc

  7. I still can't believe that Ne-Yo and Akon ONLY came up this late together to make a song !!!!
    I mean, they had the same way basically: At the beginning R&B and then Pop with huge steps in the dance territory…
    They even collaborated both with Pitbull & Flo Rida and ARE ON THE SAME WAY KNOWN BY THE PEOPLE WHO LISTEN
    TO american R&B/Hip Hop/Pop/Dance so they easily could've done it earlier if they weren't to busy to collaborate with
    everyone two times…
    Yeah, 2011, the time when every singer made a song with every rapper but now are the time's changin and obviously every 
    singer has already made a song with a suitable rapper so they found out that THEY had to come together

  8. David Guetta nesse ano o meu grande sonho é te conhecer … O meu nome é Isabely Mayrla e tenho 12 anos de idade e faço 13 em 15 abril : eu ficaria muito alegre se eu poder – se ver você bom seja como VC decidir

  9. Wow percect,excellent,amazing,cool and and ….. forever ….Davit Guetta ! You very perfect and hardworking a man . I can't speak engilish . I few know speak engilish

  10. you can find more about Natalie, the girl in cheetah on The Edge episode about this video, look fot their youtube channel. she is a professional ballet dancer.

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