Day in the Life of a Japanese Car Repair Worker in Toyota

Day in the Life of a Japanese Car Repair Worker in Toyota

100 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Japanese Car Repair Worker in Toyota

  1. Let me know what other jobs you'd like to see.
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  2. This is the life style in india too.light office work. Please show inside toshiba company. Hitachi. Tadano. National. Matshushita electric industrial companies history or their old factory and workers. Kanfusa. Yamaha. Where they are now.These companies with their technology amzed me.

  3. I love Erina and the amazing work she does, though I have to admit the title of the video made me expect her to work on an actual car.

  4. Working hours seem ok in this case….and the working culture seems to be similar to Germany they seem so precise and industrious

  5. that shop wont look the same after a couple of front end work on few fords from the midwest and the mechanics would rather line up at dunkin donut instead of that rajio taiso stuff

  6. sir,i also like to do a job in that toyota workshop.can you tell me how do i can contact this workshop boss.i just want only a sponcer letter.then i can come to japan and do the job..i am.. still training student of automobile..

  7. I watched 3 videos of the “Day in the Life” series, you earned a new sub I can’t wait to watch more. Keep doing your thing as I can tell by the comments we all enjoy this series

  8. Awesome videos what's the playrate there for a mechanic do they go to mechanic school I bet they never heard of a back yard mechanic like in other places love to live and work there so respectful no customers cussing you out like in other places

  9. She is literally every where in that car fix company, i felt like she is mother a house maker but coolest thing is that she is happy also getting back at home earlier having good time with her mother awesome video liked it..

  10. Excellent presentation in a low key style and respectful style. Great video. Arigatōgozaimashita
    FYI, three wheel cars, especially with one wheel in the front, are not made anymore because they easily tipped over in a turn.

  11. 超☆ホワイト中小企業


  12. seems like a depressing life with long hours.. no wonder japanese women arent getting laid.. send them all to me in that case 😉

  13. Okay but how do the mechanics get pay? is the way mechanic get pay differently than over here in a dealership? why focus so much on an office worker at a CAR MECHANIC SHOP!!!!

  14. it's nice to see them caring about their workers and making them warm up first, i had a internship of 5 months last year as a mechanic and well, the boss there really didn't give a shit about all of us and the workers didn't give a shit about me as well so i passed most of the internship trying to be useful to them but they kept pushing me away. This lead me to hate the mechanic job.

  15. Hey! Just discovered your channel. Yes I am very late..haha..but I love it. The day in the life of series so far is awesome! Please do more. Love from South Korea^^

  16. The company doesnt pay for cleaning, lets their staff do it in the morning.
    The company doesnt pay for lunch, lets their staff pay for it themselves.
    The company requires them to show up at like 7am, but wont officially start their wage day until 9am.
    What a stingy boss. Unbelievable.

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