Deafening Bass-Mobile Boasts 62 Speakers | RIDICULOUS RIDES

JAY JONES: When I play my music, everybody enjoys it. They get behind my truck, they dance and I let them get in, take pictures. That’s what it’s about man. It’s about kids. JAY JONES: Hi, I’m Jay Jones and my truck is the Infinity Tahoe. JAY JONES: And the reason why they call me Joka is J-O-K-A not E-R? It stands for, ‘Justified Over Known Adversities.’ I have doors; they are made of infinity glass. I’m the first person that’s ever done infinity mirror doors. Couple of 10’s sponsored by DS18, custom seats with custom pillows done. With my Joker face on here, I can hook this one up. It’s the Joker, it was custom made. Turn his head, turn the bass up, turn the bass down, and everything is custom. Custom console made up, it lights up and has the Pac-man clock with two EQ’s in it; and I see my little joker running across the screen. I have my wall full of 18’s, sponsored by DS18. I have 62 total speakers in this truck. JAY JONES: I have four 18-inch treble makers behind the seat in a flat wall. JAY JONES: Then in the back stunt wall, I have 16 tweeters, I have 16 horns and I have eight 10’s in the back. Then in the doors, I have two 10’s, eight tweeters and one horn, each door. And then in the A-pillars, it’s speakers. It’s tweeters in the A-pillars, everything is DS18. The highest dB’s I have got in this truck, it’s maybe a 162.8, that was outlawed and sealed. The highest I got was like a 160.6. JAY JONES: It’s a ghost, got a ghost of Joker in here, custom JOKA license plate. Over here is more Amps with the Harley Quinn yeah, what else I got? Of course you see me on here with the little speaker. I got the little chrome pieces say Ha-Ha-Ha. I got this truck on my birthday, probably four years ago. It was just a plain truck, it was like a dark blue. It had nothing on it, it was just clean. Right here, I have 30-inch rims Star Judge, and here I have the wheel lights. I have digital LED creation lights. Down here, I have a plate cut out that says, ‘Infinity Tahoe’, it lights up, that’s all I got. Oh, this has got a Joker face on the hood. The engine is just a 5.3 V8. I put a air intake on it to make it faster. JAY JONES: It ain’t no race car or nothing, but hey if you pull up beside it, I think I can get you. JAY JONES: It took three and a half months to do the audio build. It took the guy a year to do my paint. I’ve had a passion for cars mostly all my life, because my dad did car shows when I was little, and that work really made me want to be in the car scene as I got older. I use this truck mainly to go and do the shows. This helps me deal with the death of my dad; my dad passed away three and a half years ago. When I go to the shows and I win, it does something to me, it messes me up. Like when I leave after I get my trophies, I ride in the truck by myself and play my music, you know, I shed a tear because I feel like my Dad is watching me. JAY JONES: Every weekend I do shows, it might be two to three shows every weekend and I got 169 trophies. The last show that I just went to last week, I end up winning nine trophies. When I go to shows and people hear me turn the truck on, shoot they get to dancing. JAY JONES: They come over here with cameras or they come over here with phones, they you know, they talk to me, they enjoy my truck like, the kids they love it. But when they are sitting on the inside, the first thing they do, they grab their ears. No don’t grab your ears. What you need to do is to learn how to control your breathing, because the bass will pull your breath and I tell them, ‘Hold on to your hat because it’s a bass.’ It blows your hair and it makes towels float, it makes bags float, it can knock your glasses off and they love it like they love it. JAY JONES: I focus on audio because I like to please the crowd, so I like to get the crowd moving, I like to see the kids dancing around, even old people you know. JAY JONES: When it gets dark, this truck really comes to life. JAY JONES: It’s probably like a big disco ball. You might think it’s actually Christmas. JAY JONES: I have roughly, probably like 60,000 in this truck; too much. JAY JONES: I think I would consider selling the truck, if the right money come along, I’ll let it go. Even though I put a lot of hard work into it, I’d sell it and do something bigger. I would have to do something to top it and yeah, I don’t know how much the right money is yet. What you have to do is come to me and say, ‘Look I want to get this truck.’ Bring a bag and just dump the money on the hood and then we can go from there. Bring me the money, then we can talk.

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