Dwayne Johnson Reveals Super Private Wedding Details | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Super Private Wedding Details | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You hadn’t actually planned on being here. Your baby brother, Kevin Hart was, ’cause that’s what you call him, your baby brother. – I do. He was supposed to be here, but he was in a car accident weeks ago. So, everything’s good with him now, though, right? – Everything is good. – He’s in recovery? – I spoke with Kevin, I actually refer to him as my son. (Kelly laughing) (audience laughing) I connected with him today and you know what? These things happen in life. And thankfully, he was strapped in nicely to his car seat, so I think that everything, (Kelly laughing) (audience laughing) – Oh my God I love you. (Kelly and Dwayne laughing) (audience laughing) – Oh, no. I’ve decided. (audience cheering) – That’s real love. – That’s real love, guys. – It’s real love. That’s love. – Listen, I’m only kidding. We spoke to the pediatrician, and he said, (Kelly laughing) (audience laughing) – Oh, my God. – Okay, He’s doing very well. – Oh, my Gosh. – He was bummed he couldn’t be here, as you know. But, look, I love the guy. He’s one of my best friends. And honestly, I mean, thank God. It could’ve been a lot worse, so he’s a lucky man, and I’m so happy he’s, you know, yeah. (audience cheering) And he knows it, too, and I wish him the best and a speedy recovery, and I’m gonna see him soon. – And you two have the best chemistry. – We got a good chemistry going. – It’s, I mean, I love every film you’ve done together, like, I love y’all. – Thank you. – And “Jumanji,” I’m gonna be real with you, okay, Dwayne? – Oh, thank you. – When I saw the preview that they were doing another “Jumanji,” I was like, “That’s not a good idea.” (laughing) (audience laughing) ‘Cause, like, the original was so good. – [Dwayne] Yes. – But, yours was amazing! Thank you. – Like, I was, I freaked out. (audience applauding) (Dwayne laughing) – We have seen it– – Thank you so much. – We have seen it so much, my family and my kids. They love the part where the hippo eats Jack Black every time, but yeah. Yeah. (Dwayne laughing) It’s weird. (audience laughing) I don’t know why my kids like that. That’s weird, but– – All kids love that part by the way. – That’s so weird. – Yes, they love that part. – It’s a little Jeffrey Dahmer, but yeah, yeah. (Dwayne laughing) – It’s a little bit. – But you go with it. – Yeah, I go with it, but literally y’all are hilarious. So, we got some behind the scene footage – [Dwayne] Thank you. – for the sequel on your birthday, let’s see it. – [Man Recording] Yeah. (clapping hands) – Thank you, guys. – Nasir’s nervous. – What’s that? – Nasir’s nervous. – I’m blowing out the candles. – [Man In Background] CGI candles. – Thank you guys so much. I appreciate it. Pleasure to be here on set with everybody else in “Jumanji.” – [Kevin Hart] Put your face for a second down and eat it. – And I just want to say, – thank you to this hard-working crew. I love you guys, and to my favorite actors, Karen– – [Karen] Whoo! – Jack, and… – [Jake Kasdan] You don’t even know. I see how it is. (laughter) – [Yelling Man] Jake Kasdan. – Jake and Matt and Hiram, and the whole crew. Guys, honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. – [Man] I think that covers it. So, so much, it’s a pleasure to spend my birthday with you guys. Thank you. (guys laughing) (people cheering) – [Kevin] You smash his cake in his (beep) face! – Aww, in my shot, in my shot, – Smash the cake in his face! – in my shot, in my shot! – Smash the cake in his face! – Smash the cake in his face! Smash the cake in his face! (Dwayne laughing) (audience cheering) – [Kelly] That was awesome. We should mention that the new “Jumanji” movie, “Jumanji: The Next Level” comes out December 13th, and I’m totally coming to the premier, right? – You are! – Okay (laughs) – Totally coming to the premier. Yes, absolutely. – [Kelly] I never get a date night, and I never ask anything, but I really want to come. – You are coming as my guest. Not Kevin’s guest, – I love it. but my guest, yes. (audience laughing) – ‘Cause you showed up. (Dwayne laughing) No, I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. (audience laughing) I’m just kidding, Kevin, I’m kidding. (audience boos) (Dwayne laughs) I’m kidding. (audience laughing) I love him. I’m literally going to nerd out just as much, but y’all do really seem to connect and it’s amazing. but also, we recently, my family, we took our 12-year-old on a date night, my husband and I, and we saw Hobbs and Shaw, and that was number one for four weeks, the entire world – Thank you. – Thank you so much. Thank you very, very much. – [Kelly] It’s so great. – Well, you know what? With Hobbs and Shaw, thank you guys so much. You know, you make these movies, and you put your best foot forward, and you hope that people respond to them. And with Hobbs and Shaw, we wound up being, just this past weekend, we wound up being, the number one movie in the world again for four weekends in a row. – What? – And we broke a record, yes, it’s so cool. – That’s insane! – It’s insane. So, the previous record was held by Avengers and Captain Marvel and Spiderman. – You beat superheroes? – We beat the superheroes! So, it’s crazy. So, yeah, so thank you guys so much for the support. – Dang! I appreciate it, it’s very cool. (Audience cheering and clapping) – [Kelly] I feel like I want you to be a superhero. I love superhero films, and I love you, so I feel like everyone making superhero movies, somebody make him a superhero too, because I want– – One day. – I want you to do it, but anyway. – One day. – I’m sorry I took you away from your honeymoon, but it was a good honeymoon? – No, it was totally cool. – Were y’all having a good time? – It was the best, yes, it was. We had the best wedding. We got married in Kauai on a cliff. – [Kelly] I love Kauai. – [Dwayne] Kauai’s beautiful, yes. Oh, right there. My lovely bride, Lauren, we met probably about six weeks ago, and you know, it just– (Kelly laughing) No, I’m kidding, guys, I’m only kidding. (audience laughing) You’re like, “Okay, that’s gonna last.” – It’s gonna. You’re gonna make it. – Great, no, we’ve been together over ten years, but so, – That’s amazing. – It was a beautiful, beautiful wedding, and I gotta tell ya, with something like this, as you know, as you guys can imagine, it’s hard to keep something like that under wraps, but it was so private, and there was maybe ten people with our babies, and it was just the best wedding. – I’ll be honest with you. We totally ended up eloping. We had this big plan, and then, we just took our kids, and then, got married with this person we didn’t even know, but it was the most amazing thing under, like, a little barn, – That’s what you do. – on a river. – Yeah. – It was so beautiful, yeah. – Yes. – It’s cool that you made it intimate, because your life is always in the public eye. – Yeah, it’s like really, – it’s nice. It’s noisy, as you know, so with all that, we just figured we wanted to pivot and go the other way, and not do anything that was– – [Kelly] (gasps) I love that! – [Dwayne] Yes. – Here’s my favorite part of this picture is that you always look like the person that’s in the frame in the store. (audience laughing) (Dwayne laughing) – [Kelly] You’re, you know those perfect people when you’re walking through Home Goods, and you’re like, “What family looks like that?” Your family looks like that. (audience laughing) – Well, I mean, look, that by the way, is after 28 takes of me scrolling through my phone. No, no, no, no, no, no. – Oh, my God. Oh, perfect, great. – I know, but we usually, people don’t have even the one, Dwayne, but it’s fine. (Dwayne laughing) It’s fine.

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