DWTS Season 17 Dancing with the Stars 2013 2014 parody spoof video the end? Season 18 cast

DWTS Season 17 Dancing with the Stars 2013 2014 parody spoof video the end? Season 18 cast

Dancing with the Stars has been on
quite a few years and we’ve used up
all the stars. Basically every star that could be on the
show, has been and we’re down
to one. Yes, there is only
one star I am famous
to a few people Dancing with the Stars?
I would consider that a mistake. It’s painful
to watch. Well in some ways it feels like it’s been going on too long After this season it’s done.
I see the show as in its infancy. I mean people wave at me and sometimes
I’m not even sure who they are and I figure I must have talked to them at
some point, so yeah, I’m famous– Dancing with the Stars is another one of those
many meaningless distractions. Just let me learn
one routine You got how many people on the planet:
7 Billion, 8 billion? You got 8 billion shows. star material!
Eatin’- uh- eating stars and spitting out success So, it’s all going to come down to the choreographers
battling for the mirror ball. Yay! Some of them have absolutely no chance I think I’ve got a shot at…..winning? I feel like I’m just throwing myself on the
floor (laughing) There IS no dance part to this.. it’s just slam
yourself on the floor till it really hurts Let’s make this happen You’re just telling me “Try it again,
Try it again,” but it hurts. Like, I don’t understand what you want me
to do

18 thoughts on “DWTS Season 17 Dancing with the Stars 2013 2014 parody spoof video the end? Season 18 cast

  1. Hurrah, PIMSY! We might have a better chance if you Dragon Sushi Rolls were changed to a Lobster or Queens roll. *eyes Pimsy suspiciously* If somehow this doesn't work, I blame your poor sushi favorites. 😉

  2. I highly recommend throwing yourself on the floor. It is painful, but if you're not getting any decent choreography, at least it adds interest and looks rather energetic. 🙂

  3. Thanks Tricia and xx|1laax – if they need me to be more starry, I could run around in circles throwing silver glitter and screaming " twinkle, twinkle" but that might take away from any potentional classiness they may want on the show ;)r

  4. This is the VERY BEST!!! I LOVE THIS!!! I definitely want to see more throwing yourself on the floor moves!!!! Right ON!!! Thank you and yes this has made my whole month! Vote her IN!!! YESsssss xoxoxooxo

  5. I'm not sure if you're showing enough enthusiasm, Sonja! LOL
    I think YOU should also throw yourself on the floor (actually the move was supposed to be balancing on one shoulder with my feet bent over my head. OUCH!!)
    I'm still working on that one. Obviously.

  6. I'm afraid you missed the point. I made the video because I love the show. A parody is a compliment to the original. Don't you ever watch SNL?

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