Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Chloe Moretz, AOA, Lee Donghwi (2016.03.18)

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Chloe Moretz, AOA,  Lee Donghwi (2016.03.18)

90 thoughts on “Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Chloe Moretz, AOA, Lee Donghwi (2016.03.18)

  1. I really like part clips children especially during part daehan minguk manse.. Still make me sad and cry when watch it.. Thanks for that moments and i also really like part 50 favourite ost.. Really miss the songs.. Cant wait for next list.. I remember one of my favourite ost from Purity drama.. Wonder if that song in the list? This episode really interesting.. Good job!!! ☺❤

  2. The new OST section is really brilliant! I love most of the OSTs in most of Korean Dramas that I've watched…so I really appreciate that section featuring the old and latest OSTs from old and latest dramas <3

  3. So inviting and welcoming. LMAO. That's hilarious. Most 외국인 can't get into restaurants over there. You're on TV, kid.

  4. I actually like the new MC, I always found myself fast forwarding the other MC's speaking parts. For some reason I just didn't like her at all.

  5. Chloe so kind, luv her 😍 and also AOA 💓 Mina is so cute as usual 😘 Can't for their new album, AOA Fighting~! ✊

  6. she said koreans are very kind people… but honestly they are not welcome for another Asian people with brown skin.. luckily she has white skin. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. waaa~
    Chloe, AOA, "Blood" ships irl, (random fx "Red light" in workout room), Kang Sora💪, cool guys, cute babies, awesome OST( Ailee, Dream High's IU, Suzi no Eunjung 😢, Full House, BOF+) and the list goes on…
    dang. 👍

  8. its always funny in their intro and i already fall in love with hyunjoon bcs of his reaction face when his pratner talk about him…and yes the reason i come here bcs him..

  9. Thank you! I've been waiting for the Kang Sora Guerilla Date translation. So happy! She's so charming, bright, lively and beautiful. 😀

  10. this is the same entertaiment show that like to give out rumors, just like when they talked about lee ming ho and suzy dating, now same for ku hyn sun, this is a bunch of crap because its all rumors, if hyn sun and ajhoo are dating then show the real them now if their dating.

  11. chloe moretz really a goddess, so friendly, she respond to the jokes really well, she really have a good response to pleased everyone, I fell for her so much ><

  12. 어떻게 백인이라면 한국사람들은 어쩔줄울 모르까….:( 한심해요…. 저르니 백인들이 지가 체고인질줄알고 당연하게 대우반내요. 백인과으 미와 동양인의 미 그리고 흑인도 다 각자에 미가있는데….. 한심하다…….

  13. Aaaahhh so they love Chloe as I love Kim Yoo Jung. I just never understood why, and also I found an old video on Arirang where they compared them and I was like uhm ok? Now I get it. Okay, now I wish Kim Yoo Jung would do a show over here (US).

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