Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Kim Taehyung, Park Seojun, Park Hyungsik [ENG/CHN/2016.12.05]

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Kim Taehyung, Park Seojun, Park Hyungsik [ENG/CHN/2016.12.05]

100 thoughts on “Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Kim Taehyung, Park Seojun, Park Hyungsik [ENG/CHN/2016.12.05]

  1. Awww Tae. He looks so small. I don't know much about Korean dramas and stuff, because I only know about Korea from being a fan of bts, but everyone seems so friendly. All the actors are so sweet to him. I just really missed seeing the boys (Jungkook, Suga, RapMoster, Hobi, Jimin, Jin) with him. I'm really happy Tae is doing what he loves, and I'm glad the boys are winning all these amazing awards. Fighting.

  2. well these guys finally know what it feels like for us ladies who have long hair while eating. The struggle is real, tho I'm not the kind who ties their hair. Just not about that life 😂

  3. Ok now i know what to do toda at night coz who need sleep ;D
    I watch it for V and Minho but i already liked the rest ones so i want to know them better ^_^

  4. Why you guys have omitted Lee Seo Jin's interview at 27:35?
    Shame on you!

  5. Of course Tae would be the one who changes the most. xddd If only they could see his on-stage persona, phew. <3

  6. they got me smiling like a crazy person the whole entire video. why dont they make a variety show with all of them on it.

  7. Y'all here for hyungsik and have finished hwarang and have started strong woman do bong soon, does anyone know where I can find the interview for that dramas cast???? I've seen mini snippets here and there but can't seem to find the full interview??.?.?.

  8. I am a very simple, innocent girl. I see my husband Tae, and I click to watch the full video. 🙂

  9. V so ADORABLENESS he's the youngest n so cute the other men are also handsome but V he's the ADORABLENESS one

  10. Can we talk about the fact that in every interview ever with hyungsik and seojun sitting beside each other when something's funny they somehow end up looking at each or having a physical contact while laughing. I love their bromance.<3

  11. Came here to see why I see the names Taehyung & hyungsik are noticed for the looks while the most hadsome and manly looking are Park Seo Joon and Minho. All the others I think fall in the "cute" category.

  12. Great drama! All the actors are beautiful and talented.
    Korea is a wonderful and beautiful country with talented and hardworking people.

  13. Iam here in 2019 . Started to watch it for taetae my bias❤❤❤❤ now i started to fall for Park Hyung Sik 😘😘😘….. Whatever happens I'm always with BTS my love …. ARMY😉😉😉

  14. كاست هورانج اشتقت لهم ياليت لو يرجعون مع بعض مرة ثانية بمسلسل

  15. Change your title! Shame on you for trying to make viewers watch your video using the names from Hwarang's cast.

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