Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Yu Seungho, god, Lee Honey (2016.01.01)

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Yu Seungho, god, Lee Honey (2016.01.01)

40 thoughts on “Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Yu Seungho, god, Lee Honey (2016.01.01)

  1. Seungho and Ara would be such a cute couple in real life. I really wanna see Joseon Magician as soon as it's available in the US!

  2. that moment Kim Junho hugged and kissed Byeongman's hands is just.. I can't xD and Daehui is not in gagcon anymore ;-; more of the seniors left omg I'm too afraid of this moment. I know Junho will leave soon to but please let that 'soon' be years later lmao seriously tho. Seeing all the gagcon members again is just the best♡ I hope gagcon will do special like this again. The ratings for that episode rised because of all the ex-gagcon appearance and proved that what the viewers want to see are all the seniors and the ex-members to be in the show again. who doesn't miss them even I do! I started watch gagcon for not even 2 years lmao but I just miss them so much >< either way, I just wish the best to all the comedians♡

  3. I'm sorry, but not sorry…That blackface has got to go! Starting from this new year of 2016, hopefully, Gag Concert won't EVER do such a thing anymore.

  4. I wish they talked about the rising boy groups too like they did with girl groups! that would help promote them as well

  5. KBS World TV I am a big fan of Kim Hyun Joong, and I won't like anything bad to happen to him or his family. When I read the text message on the media. I didn't believe it at first. But if all those text message I read is what exactly happened, I think he should apologize to Ms. Choi and if the baby will be his, he should just take the responsibility like other father and stop making things complicate. As he fan I'm not disappointed in him, I mean things happen in life as you live and he is not the first person this happen to him. I just hope he take everything slowly and be able to live his life again as he used to.

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