hi guys I’m Yaode welcome back to my
channel finally I received my new RS4 bumper unfortunately it doesn’t fit
on my car I waited this bumper for almost half year due to the custom issues and then
I got it before Christmas I went to the two shops to install it but still
cannot fit the place where I got from the bumper they sold to this bumper to
Australia China Singapore all of their clients can fit this bumper but I am the
first person who bought this bumper in North America
I really cannot accept this result let me show you the reason as you can see
this is the new bumper it is RS 4 bumper with the abt spoiler and the canards as you
can see all of this carbon fiber when the shop was installed in this bumper
and the movement on this car it looks really awesome unfortunately it doesn’t
fit the only reason because of this the frame is really further other countries
the frame is backwards so this frame will hiting this area this why the
bumper cannot fit I’m not sure you can see here has a scratch because when we
push the bumper in and here this area is keep in touching the frame I
really don’t know what I can say to that however I took the new grille out to put
on my car because of the frame is further so when we put the grille in the sensor
also will touching the frame so shop 3d prints the brackets relocated
the sensor location to the lower piece at here and here and this
grille also come with this carbon fiber it looks really amazing because this rs
bumper have this honeycomb grillel for the ACC sensor I really want to the
air goes through not the block and I cut it all of this honeycomb as you can see
there will be more air goes through into the engine to help have a better cooling
and also have a breath same with this side I cut all of this out and by
the way there will be a new splitter will be here soon I think and also is
also from Karbel as well and also I got these things new as you can see this
bracket license plate bracket How cool is that when you go to a car meet or
when you park your car you can just push this one in when you driving this on the
road that you don’t want to pull over by the police you just pull it out before
you get in your car I really like this and also I got its carbon fiber frame
for the license plates because this frame is the silver the shop painted it to
the black so it will be not looks really awkward I feel really sad to this
bumper cannot fit I want this bumper for so long so this is it I didn’t
expect the result we’ll be like this and however we still
got the grille installed on and it also makes car looks much better
especially when the license plate going down by the way if you are in Victoria or
Vancouver British Columbia Canada and if you want to give a try this bumper to your car please let me know and you can just DM me in the Instagram and we
can set up a schedule to have a try for your car this will be end of this
video I hope you guys enjoyed it please let me know if you have any questions in
the comments below and the please subscribe to my channel and follow me on
Instagram as well thank you for your watching I will see
you next video

16 thoughts on “FACELIFTING AUDI A4 TO ABT RS4-R?!?!

  1. First!!!!!!!!!! Your car is amazing! I can’t wait to start modding mine! Great content! Keep the mods coming and keep spending money 😀

  2. Don't get rid of it!!!
    Non of the rs4 bumpers fit YOUR SUPPOSED YO CUT THE FRAME!!!
    BK motorsports bumpers need the same work

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