Father John Misty – “Total Entertainment Forever” [Live in Columbus]

Father John Misty – “Total Entertainment Forever” [Live in Columbus]

♫ Bedding Taylor Swift ♫ Every night inside the Oculus Rift ♫ After mister and the missus ♫ Finish dinner and the dishes ♫ Now the future’s definition ♫ Is so much higher than it was last year ♫ It’s like the images
have all become real ♫ And someone’s living my life
for me out in the mirror, no ♫ Can you believe ♫ How far we’ve come ♫ In the New Age ♫ Freedom to have what you want ♫ In the New Age, we’ll all be entertained ♫ Rich or poor ♫ The channels are all the same ♫ You’re a star now, baby ♫ So dry your tears ♫ You’re just like them ♫ Wake on up from the nightmare ♫ Na na na na na na na na na na ♫ Na na na na na na na na na na na ♫ C’mon ♫ Oh, oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh-Oh-Oh ♫ No gods to rule us ♫ No drugs to soothe us ♫ No myths to prove stuff ♫ No love to confuse us ♫ Not bad for a race of demented monkeys ♫ From a cave to a city
to a permanent party ♫ C’mon ♫ Oh, oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh-Oh-Oh ♫ When the historians find
us we’ll be in our homes ♫ Plugged into our hubs ♫ Skin and bones ♫ A frozen smile on every face ♫ As the stories replay ♫ Damn, this must have
been a wonderful place

6 thoughts on “Father John Misty – “Total Entertainment Forever” [Live in Columbus]

  1. Dude had a full beard in the video posted 2 days ago and between when that was posted and this was posted he shaved and it's already grown in T H I C C

  2. As long as there is government and religion there will be wars… police and soldiers are demons robbing and murdering humanity and materialism is the key to war against humanity … as long as there is intermission fee there will be hatred and poisoning … it is nice that father john misty has all his music free on the internet along with most entertainment because the price of a good connection is VERY expensive and electricity is unstable as is cryptocurrency as the stupid sell themselves to slavery to NOTHING! "rock on" Josh Tillman!

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