for KING & COUNTRY – burn the ships (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY – burn the ships (Official Music Video)

How did we get here? We’re cast away, on a lonely shore I can see in your eyes, dear It’s hard to take for a moment more We’ve got to Burn the ships Cut the ties Send a flare into the night Say a prayer Turn the tide Dry your tears and wave goodbye Step into a new day We can rise up from the dust and walk away We can dance upon the heartache, yeah So light a match, leave the past, burn the ships And don’t you look back Don’t let it arrest you This fear. This fear of falling again And if you need a refuge I will be right here until the end Oh, it’s time to Burn the ships Cut the ties Send a flare into the night Say a prayer Turn the tide Dry your tears and wave goodbye Step into a new day We can rise up from the dust and walk away We can dance upon the heartache, yeah So light a match Leave the past Burn the ships And don’t you look back So long to shame Walk through the sorrow Out of the fire into tomorrow So flush the pills, face the fear Feel the weight disappear We’re coming clean, we’re born again Our hopeful lungs can breathe again Oh, we can breathe again [Explosion] And step into a new day We can rise up from the dust and walk away We can dance upon the heartache, yeah So light a match Leave the past Burn the ships And don’t you look back (And don’t you look back) (And don’t you look back) “It is for freedom we have been set free.” © 2018 Word Entertainment LLC. A Curb Company

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  1. Just saw the origin of this song. The backstory of what I've always needed. I have a rough addiction and anytime I feel down and slumped, I play this song and push trough. Sometimes, it feels like God is trying to tell me He can help, this song has boosted His signal in His message. I'm proud to say that I'm off the curb and in the light. Thanks for teaching me that Burning My Ships was the solution to my prayers and my new life. Thank you For King And Country.

  2. This is such a life transforming song for me and our family. I listen to it daily along with God only Knows with my son on the way home from school. We hope to see you guys in concert one day. I’ve even shared this song in the car with my coworkers to open up a conversation about God. Congratulations and thank you!

  3. Hello there!!! We are a multicultural Praise Dance Ministry, and did a cover to a For King and Country song called Little Drummer Boy! Please click the link below to see! Glory to God alone.

  4. How I wish my siblings and I could sing beautifully like they do. Thank you for your kind of music. You are a huge blessing to us. Keep it up!

  5. Love you guys so much! Saw you for the first time at the Fox theatre in Atlanta and it was an amazing night and such a blessing! You guys are the real deal for our Lord and savior and that is rare in this world. Please come back to Atlanta soon!✝️💕✝️

  6. I have always used the analogy of my life's journey as being like a ship on the sea. I've been through alot in my life (bullying, loneliness, depression, war and PTSD, poverty, broken relationships, betrayal) and I am currently going through a divorce that I didn't see coming and don't want. God has always used music to comfort me in my darkest times, and yesterday God introduced me to this song.

    My ship has thirty-five years of despair and heartache, and it's time for me to burn my ship.

    Thank you for this song! It has given me the strength to endure this chapter in my life and "step into a new day."

    God Bless!!!

  7. Can we all take a minute and appreciate the creative artistic talents of their brother Ben Smallbone for making these videos so amazing. Also, everyone else on the production side! I feel like I'm watching a movie when I watch this video. I enjoy it so much each and every time.

    I sing this song around the house every single day. I never get tired of listening to it… Thank you Luke and Joel for all of the amazing songs.

  8. Oh, and if anyone listening to this hasn't heard the story behind this song, go look it up. Courtney Luke's wife's story is amazing, and after listening to her in one video you'll probably absolutly love her like I do. Seriously, I would love to have her as a best friend. Her and Jamie Grace. Yes.

  9. I love this song! Side note, though: THEY LOOKED BACK. Also, just curious, did they actually burn the ships? I am sure they had fire fighters nearby. I guess I am just curious.

  10. Don't you look back… so hard to do, we all have regrets and shame. Trust God – let Jesus touch your heart and lead you!

  11. So good. Even more impactful live. Initially (before seeing the video or giving the lyrics thought) didn't understand the song but when they explained it at the concert and I listened again… wow, just wow. I am impacted and encouraged by this song. I lost my husband and father to our young son to suicide 18 months ago and the huge amount of fear it instilled was just that, huge. I am encouraged by this song to seek refuge not in my own understanding. I look forward to future concerts and music!

  12. When we “burn the ships” and “leave the past” behind us, we become this enlightening, renewed, person. Every one of us here have 1 weakness that keeps holding us back from bonding with God, and to get rid of it, we must burn the ships to our life to move ahead to the path that Jesus has created specifically for us. Although me and my friend are still friends, after she got mad at me, I just don’t feel the same friendly feeling anymore. It’s a grudge I try to let go of but cant. It’s like im drowning in sorrow and pain (because i dont talk to much people, usually her I talk to) and when she just got mad and doesnt really talk to me much(we’re still friends she just has other friends) i feel betrayed and lonely because I always help her with mental stuff and i made a little joke that we always make as friends, that we’ve been making since last year too. i need to realize that i have family, and most importantly, Jesus, by my side always. Also, music is holding me back. I always know I should be listening to music like this, but instead, I ignore my conscience and listen to other music. I have to work on my ignorance as a person and especially as a Christian. We all can do better as Christians, as people, as human beings. This journey is a large one to embark on, but if we, as christians, dont stand united, then we shall fall apart. Please pray for me as I also embark on this journey to Heaven and that we all stand strong all the way ‘till the end, and even beyond that. As Mandisa sings, and I quote, “Let’s stand united, let’s stand united!” Thank you for listening to my life story 🙏 😊 Please comment your story below ⬇️ may God Bless all of you and have a wonderful day/night/afternoon everybody. And remember to keep fighting against the devil and to burn the ships in your life to move forward, because that weight will not hold us Strong Christians down!💪👍

  13. Are addictions/ substance abuse so easy to turn away from as burning a ship, waving goodbye, walking away, cutting ties, etc? I have a hard time believing it is merely contingent on the person's one decision/ 1 prayer.

  14. Good picture of what we should do with our ships. I remember the day I decided to burn my ships and I also haven’t looked back. God has brought me to a place of redemption. He has saved me and abundantly pardoned me.

  15. I just saw them on the 26th of october in sacramento. I never cried at a concert in all of my 42 years of life…..until this one. Absolutely amazing

  16. I can’t explain how much this song speaks to me! I thank God so much for bringing such beautiful souls and song writers into the world.

  17. not bad song , lets we all burn our own old ships and start over again shell we? waiting for more!

  18. The words to this song are powerful and moved me greatly. Sometimes we have to move on from things we may not be ready to leave, but if we want to stay with the Glory cloud it is necessary. Thank you!

  19. Yesterday is in the past. Today is Now, Do not get them confused.
    Do not look behind you…you are not going in that direction!

  20. I love this song. I never knew the story behind the song until now. I choose to "burn the ships" of my past addictions that I have been struggling to stay clean from for the last 10 years

  21. I love this song so much it speaks to me and i love that they did this because they’re basically saying leave your past burn the ships and love God with all your heart has gotten me through my tough times thank you forkingandcountry

  22. I think we ALL have fears and struggles and feelings of incompetence and inadequacy. Life is hard. When we try to measure up to the “world” we always lose. That’s because we were meant to ENJOY our life not compete with other (imperfect) human beings. We are here to love each other and love God. Not look to others for comparison… but to thank God for the simple things. To GLORIFY HIM…. not try to match up to another fallen and imperfect human being. God is good. God is LOVE. HE will OPEN your eyes and give you a heart, bursting with joy, if you submit to him and LOOK to Him. The world will never love you it God will- He already does.

    God bless you all- through ALL of your struggles. I know how it feels to be hurt, badly by another human being, but God is bear to the broken hearted. Look to Him, always. Ask Him for guidance and WISDOM.

    Sending love to you ALL, through Jesus Christ.

  23. I love this song!! Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!! Leave the past!! Burn the ships!! I remind Satan daily of what his future is!! No plan of redemption for him… But I have Jesus!!!!!!!!

  24. I love this band. Saw them at home alive back in 2004. Unfortunately I cannot watch them again unless they have an outdoors song due to the strobes. Awesome band

  25. THANKS for this great song. I'll be praying for your wife to take it day by day into more strength to battle the good fight . Here is a new rehab in Nashville you guys may like to get involved in…

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