From SoundCloud to Success with Post Malone: Noisey Raps

From SoundCloud to Success with Post Malone: Noisey Raps

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hey [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my lips are sealed say something [Music] what’s going on y’all this post Malone and you’re watching noisy raps turn up it’s a Habibi I used to be so cool and not looking back and he should be way cooler than I am this is me in my 83 Crown Victoria in high school Samia the large lobster mean a monkey my name is Austin Post I was looking for a name cuz I already had all these songs done and I was looking for a name and I couldn’t think of anything so I put my name in a rap name generator’ and I said post Malone and that’s where it is it’s just stuck that and I’m sitting down I’m 14 thinking like what’s dope my dad wanted me to go to school really bad and I just wasn’t digging in so I went to TCC Tarrant County Community College for like two months and I was secretly failing so I was just like this is not good I’m not good at school I’m failing my teachers suck ass this sucks ass and then Jason says hey I’m moving out to LA [Music] YouTube is an incredible platform for people to get their content out so he put out a lot of content and it was popping so he says hey I’m moving to LA with a bunch of my gamer boys and I said hey can I come like I don’t I don’t have any money I don’t have nothing can I just come and I promise I’ll pay you back and then he says yeah and then so I told my parents like two weeks before I was leaving then I’m not going to school no more and I’m moving to LA I’m sleeping in my friend’s closet for a little bit and I always would look through couches and open up Jason’s car and look inside see if there’s any quarters it’s just so I could go buy a pack of cigarettes but you know whenever I could get cigarettes it was sick but I say how am I gonna get money for cigarettes or B or something you know that’s important I was really heavily into gaming and staying at home I didn’t really go out a lot but then I really got into music you know did uh my dad and did a guitar hero and I went over to my friend Preston’s house he was like yo check out this game it was Guitar Hero 2 it’s like dude this is sick this is dope I started playing and I got good and I used to make videos of me shredding I put the camera right here on my little flip phone and just shredded the buttons and I thought I was the so I said let me pick up a real gets on [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is my collection you know I’m working on it I need the bigger orange amp nice Rickenbacker Louise beef telly I got a bad ass and Gibson Custom Shop cream SG triple pickup gold hardware it’s like what God would play if he played guitar Vox ac30 line six this just for around cuz I don’t have any pedals yeah I need to go get some I lost all mine he said Bruno Mars wanted it but I beat him to it sorry Britta love you did this is just my modest four times platinum plaque [Music] so why Thomason was actually pretty early on but nobody wanted me to put out white Ireson they just said wait wait like wait and I said I have time to wait I don’t have any money and I’ll have anything like what am I gonna lose you know and then I made the album art the original album art with the three and Iverson was in the background and I put it out the next day and then it just went bananas [Music] [Music] I put the song out butterflies in my stomach went to bed woke up Wiz Khalifa Mac Miller crazy plays everything like that I said that I was freaking out like I was going crazy i sat there next to the computer and refreshed and refreshed just to see all the views and chin Google my name and and see what’s happening and it was literally like the cheesy like montage movie come up scene I got lucky it’s fine you man and I love SoundCloud I think it’s such a dope medium for new artists who maybe don’t have the experience or any management or any team just so you know put something up and see what happens I knew it’s gonna be big I didn’t know this big I said y’all I’m having a meeting with record labels today mom and dad you know cuz the Republic gave me a lot of money yeah it is it’s triple platinum now so I need a bigger more ignorant flat stony platinum plaque congratulations three times platinum everything is great I’m a plaque collector now and I can’t wait to get some more and so they gave me this they gave me this fridge and they come and stock it up cuz Bud Lights the load me up and like this is Alec he’s the beer bong guy that keep around makes $1000 a day stupid beer bongs some of these cars this is my 92 Ford Explorer it’s badass a little weapon I wanted to make the swag mobile that’s how everybody comes in my house and they see this car and they know that I live here and they come bother me boom got him this is you know this is my everyday car well I want a Ferrari next she’s a little dirty but this is my 66 Lincoln Continental my dad always loved Lincoln he had the Continental growing up so I said basically my whole life is a competition with my dad to see who’s cooler he’s still waiting but I’m almost there I always just funky I always love like penny loafers and and rip pants and in high school I had my pants all the way down here and I’d get in trouble all the time and you know I won I went best dressed in high school and most likely to be famous in high school kids at school made fun of me but I’m all good because now I’m in GQ and [Music] at one point I was just like Puckett I’m just gonna rock what I like and if people don’t like it down so tell me why girl come on it’s a cow skull with two Eagles but I was too to finish the sides cuz it hurt like a top ten finesse rappers in the world according to BuzzFeed BuzzFeed you’ll never believe who’s number one I need to play who’s to say that I can’t make a hip-hop project and and make a guitar song at the same time who’s to say that everybody’s so closed-minded amongst all the successors always gonna be you know it’s definitely different coming into the game as you know a white guy then everybody’s like who the is this dude Charlamagne picked on me and and you know it’s whatever he don’t like me if you don’t like it don’t listen to it I don’t appreciate hip-hop that I’m really just I just appropriated the culture to get on and then I’m gonna do something else it’s nothing like that [Music] [Applause] [Music] I want to make great music I want to prove people wrong I want to turn up I want to show everybody what I’m about [Music] I can’t be one point [Music] people think I’m just taking advantage of everything but I love this like this is the that I love this is what I want to do I love the music I love making music I love the people that I’m around I love my friends and my family and other people that really stood by me whenever I took the leap to do what I wanted to do and you know no one can really say [Music] now I live with super little it was super good time it’s had a good song got super we’re so thank you guys for the love

100 thoughts on “From SoundCloud to Success with Post Malone: Noisey Raps

  1. We join Post in LA to talk about his rapid rise to stardom, his love for music, and his attempts to out-cool his own father.

    WATCH MORE NOISEY RAPS: Fetty Wap, Vince Stapes, Mayhem Lauren, and more –

  2. I'm an old fart. But my 24 year old girl friend told me I sound like Post Malone when I sing so here I am checking him out. I love his Music! What a talented and genuine young man. We do have a similar sound… But he is also a great songwriter and musician, me not so much haha

  3. That’s what makes post Malone a good artist. He isn’t a close minded set in 1 genre type of guy. Rock , rap , pop and whatever else he wants to do he does it and doesn’t care about what jealous artist think of him. What he is doing is work and everyone has been enjoying it. Especially the last 16 months he has blown up extremely fast and he comes off extremely genuine and a nice guy

  4. You know what, fuck all that famous and popularity bullshit. Honestly, I'd want to chill and be post-Malones homie in a world where he wasn't famous or something, like he's the most wild but fun af guy I think anyone's going to meet no cap

  5. YOUR Dad is my age so cool love his music .. know I know blasting Post Malone through the house just might inspire my young grandsons I'm raising cause they lost there mom last year .. your great kid .. Grandmom just keeping current loved me some Beastie Boys back in the day dmc then snoop dog and my neighbor would complain now her kids trying to hit a record deal up here in Maine.. well he would like to mix it up for you I'm sure .. One day one of the great musicians will come out of Maine instead of retiring here lol ..And his name will be on it Micheal Fletcher worked for Marta steward up here setting up her sound system stuff guess it was for Snoop

  6. Having that kind of ideas lead us to Hollywoods Bleeding and master pieces like take what your want. I dont like trap or hiphop, but man, i follow post malone since a couple years ago just cuz i like his stile and the fact he loves it to.

  7. Hope he’s smart with his money and doesn’t blow it all. He’s got talent and he’s obviously a pretty cool dude. I’m not even a fan of rap/hip hop.

  8. To say {Post grew on me is a understatement, I love the dude and his art/music, plenty of personality…what's not to like haters? lol

  9. I'm not a fan, I don't really like rap though I do appreciate the skill some rappers have and their wordplay(no mumble and that trash about pussy and money).
    I respect Post Malone. Don't like his hairstyles, tattoos etc. but hey, it's his body, he probably wouldn't like mine either xD
    I'm glad he made it big and that he can prove the negative fuckers in his life wrong, good for you bro, I hope you make BILLIONS.

  10. I love how he said “and that’s my line 6 but it’s just for f***** around” lmao

    This artist knows his stuff and I love him 💕

  11. I never realized how much I relate to Post Malone.
    He and I both don't like college
    He and I both play guitar
    He and I both have uploaded videos of us playing guitar on Instagram
    He and I both love the Metal genre
    He and I both stepped away from trying to make Metal, to make something completely different

    Maybe this is a sign I need to be even more dedicated to being a musician. I'm releasing an album around spring of 2020, and I've been recording for a while. It'll be on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. I'll be moving to Santa Monica, California here soon with my friend where he and I both will have more ways of promoting our music, and better chances of having our music be heard by more people. Hopefully something good can come out of it like how something good came out of what Post Malone did.
    Please send prayers and/or positive energy to my friend and I, we'll both need it!!

  12. I followed Post on Instagram a few months before he released White Iverson. I had no idea he was a musician until I heard it. I just liked his style.

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