Ghost Hunters: Dancing Ghosts Haunt Ballroom (Season 1) | A&E

Ghost Hunters: Dancing Ghosts Haunt Ballroom (Season 1) | A&E

oldest theater. [suspenseful music] GRANT WILSON: Wow. This building just
keeps charming me. So, paranormal-wise, what do
people report seeing in here? A dancing couple that
dance in this theater on the dance floor. The woman wears a blue dress. And then, that same
couple going in and out of the theater
on separate occasions have been seen. DAVID JOHNSON: I was
coming up the steps and then happened to see a
couple who had come through. And the doors were
open, and they walked right through the theater. And I said, excuse
me, excuse me. They didn’t answer. I said, excuse me, we’re closed. They just skip right in. So I’m coming up the steps. I just follow them in. And I was in the theater. And they just, all of a
sudden, just vanished. CRAIG MINCE:
Vanished, right there. You saw them– Vanished. [suspenseful music] GRANT WILSON: All right, guys. Night two. Besides Brandon and Mustafa,
we’ve got zero interaction. So I thought, you know what? If I’m an intelligent
entity here, what’s really going
to get my attention? This place was designed
to entertain, right? [suspenseful music] So what we need
is entertainment. So I’ve arranged for a string
quartet to come here tonight– Shut up. GRANT WILSON: –and
play in the theater. That’s cool. Hm.
GRANT WILSON: OK? I want us all in there. We can set the mood. But we’re going to
hit it with equipment. BRANDON ALVIS: Mhm. Brandon, start thinking about
how you want to arrange this. Oh, yeah. GRANT WILSON: And let’s see if
we can get some interaction. [string quartet playing] [heavy breathing] Yeah. A black shadow just
walked right this way. MUSTAFA GATOLLARI:
Are you serious? GRANT WILSON: That’s
why I ran up here. The only way down
would be there. And if someone
went through there, there would be a motion light. But there’s no one here. [heavy breathing] [shuffling] MUSTAFA GATOLLARI: (WHISPERING)
I thought I heard something. GRANT WILSON: What did you hear? MUSTAFA GATOLLARI:
I heard some creaks, but I thought it was
coming from up above me. And then that’s why when you
came running, I was like, oh my god, I can’t
be the only one. GRANT WILSON: Really?
– Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. I had no idea you
were experiencing that. I was literally
sitting there, and I was like, if I were to go
and watch this performance, like, I would–
I would– GRANT WILSON: You’d be up here!
– Yeah! That’s what I was–
and I was telling– GRANT WILSON: Yes! That’s why I was looking
up here the whole time. That’s crazy. [suspenseful music] Up on the balcony, there’s a
door that goes to the offices where Craig’s office is. And there’s a railing
in front of that. And on the railing, something
moved quickly to the left, which makes tons of sense. I mean, that’s where
we had these reports of a shadow figure moving over
there and turning on the light. [suspenseful music] Craig, it’s good
to see you again. CRAIG MINCE: Sir.
Good to see you as well. Yes. So you reached out to us because
this is a job that you love. Mhm. But there’s an aspect to
it that you didn’t really know you were getting into. These stories you’ve heard
from people about activity in the building is something
that’s got you on edge. Definitely. So our main goal
was to figure out if there was activity in here. Mhm. GRANT WILSON: And if there was,
we’d help you feel comfortable. So we had these reports of
this couple coming in dancing. How are they going
to resist this? BRANDON ALVIS: Yeah. So we kind of just lit
the whole place up. And hopefully, we’re going to
be able to document something– Yeah. BRANDON ALVIS: –during
this quartet plan. GRANT WILSON: So
they’re playing. CRAIG MINCE: Mhm. And I noticed, right
outside your office door, it looked like something
was blocking the railing. And then it walked to the left. I shot like a rocket, and
Mustafa took off after me. And he told me that he was
hearing noises from up there. There’s no one here. We couldn’t find anybody. I’m sitting down
here on the first tier. I keep seeing movement up here. There’s something that keeps
pacing in front of that door up there. I saw this pulsating gray or
white mass between the doorway and this rail here. GRANT WILSON: So while
all this was going on, Brandon pointed out we had
a trap camera up there. CRAIG MINCE: OK. This is one of those
things you put in the forest, and it doesn’t record
until it detects something. This is the very
first time that, since we’ve been
using these cameras, that we got footage
without us in it. It only did that in the area
where we were seeing things. We also hear things. It sounds like someone is
standing right by the camera. CRAIG MINCE: OK. So, go ahead and play that. BRANDON ALVIS: So you see how
that starts out really dark. CRAIG MINCE: Dark. That gives me chills. So, we were all just
elated with how that went. And Brandon and Mustafa,
who had originally made contact with this
woman, started to reach out. BRANDON ALVIS (OVER RADIO):
So let’s just make this clear again, are you Dr. [inaudible]? If you’re– yes, it is. It’s cool, right? A resounding yes. That’s pretty amazing.

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    Now I will watch again, canceled my cable and didnt know he was back!

  2. I believe in ghosts because there are things called demons, people can bring them out with certain things like witch craft and other occult things. No one should ever do anything unless they know what they are doing. These people have equipment to catch them on camera and people to help them if they go to a place that has demonic activity.

  3. Ghost is real, never say no to something you never see with your eyes yet the world is big and small at the same time. if you want to see real ghosts then go to Africa like west Africa Sierra Leone. Nigeria go to does small villages asked the locals they will help you find out you will see them with your two eyes.

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